BenQ ZOWIE ZONE Review: The Best Table and Gaming Solution

BenQs newest product, the ZOWIE ZONE, is the first dedicated, complete gaming table solution on the market. It looks clean and combines everything you need in your battlestation. It really does offer you “The Best e-Sports Experience” which is BenQ ZOWIEs way to advertise it. Due to the integrated high-end computer and monitor on top of all the other amazing features this might just be the best table for gaming. Let’s have a look:

The BenQ ZOWIE ZONE weighs 85 kilogram with dimensions of 1.22 meters x 0.73 meters. The table is fully adjustable from 0.76 meters to 1.41 meters height. This means that it can either be used while sitting or while standing to give you the most comfortable experience.

It features BenQ ZOWIEs newest 240 Hz Monitor, the BenQ ZOWIE XL2540. The monitor is mounted on an adjustable monitor stand. Unfortunately there are no specifications of the PC that is used available yet. BenQ ZOWIE guarantees reliable and consistent in-game performance. We can assume that it will be good enough to power the BenQ ZOWIE XL2540 in competitive games like Overwatch or CS:GO where performance is key.

Zowie Zone Front View


Adjusting your game is super easy. You can change your monitor settings like brightness, contrast, gamma and black equaliser in seconds. Changing your audio settings like treble and bass is just as easy and is possible without leaving your games at all.

BenQ ZOWIE is offering a clean and modern product just like you would expect from them. The table is built from solid metal. The desk adjustments are fluid and don’t make any sound. The PC is integrated on the back of the table which leaves a lot of free space under the table.

Interestingly, the ports of the pc aren’t accessible at the front where the PC is located. They are integrated throughout the table which is great for easier accessibility.

On the front left you can find inputs for your headset, microphone, volume controls and buttons to change from headphone sound to speaker sound or the other way around.

Zowie Zone Speaker Hub

ZOWIE ZONE Speaker Hub

You can adjust the height of the table on the front right. The On/Off button and the button for the in-game option menu can also be found there.

Zowie Zone Up Down On Off


On the top left are four USB Hubs and two electrical outlets which can be used to power the monitor. Close to that is a cup holder which makes sure you dont spill your drink over your gear. In front of that is a station that recharges your phone at an angle that still allows you to see what is going on on your phone in an comfortable angle.

Zowie Zone USB Hub


You can also plug your speakers, keyboard and mouse into the inputs that are placed in the top right.

Zowie Zone Speaker Keyboard Mouse

ZOWIE ZONE Speaker Keyboard Mouse

The BenQ ZOWIE ZONE is probably every competitive gamers dream. Once you own the BenQ ZOWIE ZONE there is nothing to worry about. Everything in one place with top notch equipment. We still have to wait for the final pricing of the product but so far this is a perfectly executed product and a must buy once it comes out.


I like to play competitive video games.

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