CS:GO Cheat or Skill? Top 10 Suspicious Pro Moments

There have been a lot of sketchy plays over the past years in CS:GO. CS:GO cheat tools appear to be everywhere, even in pro matches. Although they started showing up a lot less since the major organizers started controlling the pro players setups. With players like flusha and Ex6tenz leading the pack as most accused players, a lot of professionals got accused in recent years. Interestingly, even a lot of pro players from other teams accused flusha of being a cheater.

Excuses are made aplenty of course. From people blaming their mice (like the Razer Deathadder being ‘too light’ and prone to hit the side of the keyboard) to players just being “lucky I guess”. These accusations were made by players and community members alike. Even some famous esports persona criticized the pros.

Lycan spoke out on this matter on twitter this year but deleted his tweet after facing an incredible backlash. Reddit moderators also seem to be suppressing information about cheating in the pro scene. His reddit post got deleted shortly after and he followed up with an apology. Which was probably his only choice.

Lycan Tweet Pros Cheating

The reddit post that got sort of deleted. (Doesn’t appear in the reddit search engine anymore)

For better or for worse, here are our Top 10 suspicious CS:GO moments:

1: Flusha

2: Ex6tenz

3: Skytten

4: k0nfig

5: Flusha

6: koosta

7: Rickeh

8: Ex6tenz

9: Dennis

10: Fallen

Of course, it’s hard to prove anything. Let’s just give everyone the benefit of the doubt and assume these are some amazing shots.


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