CS:GO Guide: How to Warm-Up Effectively

steamworkshop_webupload_previewfile_271277161_previewWarming up is probably the best thing you can do to improve your play. Doing it will not only prepare you for the day but improve your aiming and movement skills in general. Strafe shooting is effortlessly trained while warming-up on custom maps like Aim Botz. Crosshair placement can be efficiently trained while deathmatching.

I think that most players can agree that warming-up is probably everyone’s least favourite part of the day. You should never rely on your motivation to take you through your warm-up routine. Don’t count on your motivation to do all the work for you. Discipline is what keeps you doing what you have to do after you have lost your motivation. It’s that important.

The following warm-up routine should be done until you feel ready. Everyone’s different, try to find find your own pace. We start off with Aim_Botz. After that we will head into deathmatch. Recoil Master is a great map as well and can be used depending on your needs. I would recommend to warm up for 20-40 minutes.

Aim Botz

As said earlier we are starting off on Aim_Botz. Enter the map and join the t-side.
Now you open your console and write the following:
bot_kick all t
(5x) bot_add ct

Set up your map as shown on the following screenshots. Shoot at the green lights to turn them red. This will spawn walls to your right, left and behind you so you only have enemys in your field of view:

Shoot the green lights to turn them red

Shoot the green lights to turn them red

Try different ranges.

Try different ranges

Don’t use this map for spraying. Here, we will focus exclusively on tapping. You can train this with and without movement. Both techniques will help you greatly!

In the following two videos you can see how it should look like:

Aim Botz – without movement

Aim Botz – with movement

Deathmatch (DM)

The second part of our warm-up is jumping into DM. Don’t use Valve deathmatch since it is 64-tick and not free for all. It is also not possible to play modes like headshot only deathmatch.

These 128-tick servers are the best in their respective regions:

EU: Brutalcs.nu deathmatch server list
NA: fragshack.esea.net deathmatch server list

Join a free for all server. Our goal in this part of the warmup is to work on crosshair placement and spraying. (Still aim for the head of course) Don’t just randomly run around and spray people down. Always try to work on your crosshair placement even when deathmatching to make it as effective as possible. Try to keep a balance between AK-47 and M4a1-s/M4A4 Kills and try to pick up the AWP aswell.

If you feel like you want to work on your tapping even further you can also consider joining a headshot only deathmatch server.

These two warm-up exercises should be an integral part of your daily routine. There are literally hundreds of different workshop maps available.

To fine tune your spraying game you can also use this map: Recoil Master
A fun map to spice up your warm-up: Training_Aim_Csgo2

Thanks for reading!


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