Best Mouse Bungee and Mouse Cord Holder

Mouse bungees aren’t well-known but they prove to be really useful. Maybe you tried making your own mouse cord holder by building a DIY mouse bungee out of tape to anchor your mouse cord. None of this is necessary any more. If you like the idea of experiencing the feel of a wireless mouse while actually using a wired mouse then these products are for you. They will improve your overall mouse movement making it easier to use it accurately. If you also encounter problems with your mouse cord getting stuck somewhere on your desk. Then you should consider buying one of these.

Razer Mouse Bungee


Movable spring arm
Simplistic design


Anti sleep feet can’t be moved once set
When the cord is set into the spring arm it is immovable

The provided anti slip feet aswell as the weighted base grant really good stability. Beyond that the compact measures and the design also add to saving space on your desk. In addition to that the Razer mouse bungee looks really great while taking up a minor capacity. Furthermore the spring arm allows for a mouse drag free gaming experience. All in all a very solid product when you have drag problems with your mouse.

Thermaltake Tt Galeru


High mouse cord travel reach
Good quality and performance
Easily disassembled thus easy to carry it around



The rubber cable holder aswell as its rubber feet allow for a drag free and solid mouse cord environment. On top of that the bungee also grants a good grip on the desk which is thanks to the weighted base. This item works well with all sizes and forms of mouse cables. The Tt Galeru is a high quality product which will most likely fulfill your expectations.

Enhance Mouse Bungee


Looks fancy over-all good design
Turn ON/OFF button for the LED lights
Rarely moves around


Lights often seem to not work after a while

This bungee acts as an USB hub with 4 x USB 2.0 ports. The silicone arm and the weighted main part create a strong basis. Therefore the mouse will feel weightless allowing light and fast mouse movements. All things considered the enhance is a fancy looking item which improves your gameplay at the same time.

Roccat Apuri


Blue lights look add to the atmosphere
Powers itself
No lag even with all USB slots occupied


Could be weighted down more
No ON/OFF switch for the LED lights

Three rubber feet and the weighted base build a stable foundation. Aswell as the enhance the A has blue led lights which adds to the appearance quite a bit. This mouse bungee also serves as an USB hub with 4 x USB 2.0 ports. Additionally, the flexible bungee makes it feel like you are using a wireless mouse. Overall a well designed and firm product which allows an improved mouse feel.

Das Keyboard Division Mouse Bungee


About the size of a mouse
Cords stay in the handle very well
Nice simple look



Anti slip feet lead to a very substantial footing. The rock solid and tight design makes for a solid performance boost. Thus increasing the quality of your gaming experience by allowing drag free mouse movement. To sum it up this is a high quality mouse bungee which is worth its money.

Are Mouse bungees worth buying?

Even if it doesn’t seem like much at first glance mouse bungees can make a brilliant addition to your gaming setup. They are cheap and the improved mouse feel can make a big difference especially when playing fps games. This way you don’t need to DIY your own mouse cord holder.

In summary, every single one of the mentioned mouse bungees do their job. But the Das Keyboard Division Mouse Bungee and the Thermaltake Tt Galeru are the best by a convincing margin because of their simplistic style and because of their exceptional quality. The other mouse bungees loose in light of these products because of their bulkiness and their overall worse quality. On top of that USB hubs on mouse bungees are generally useless when you can instead use the faster USB ports behind your computer. In conclusion mouse bungees are definitely worth buying and one of the two best ones should be your choice.


My mom said my eyes would turn into rectangles from playing too much PC. Joke's on her though, they are in glorious 16:9 now.

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10 Responses

  1. Rickster says:

    If you’d replace the Das Keyboard Bungee with BenQ Camade you would get the top 4 bungees of all time in my opinion. I think the best mouse bungee is the Apuri. Sure, it’s the most expensive but it has the most functions and is of the highest quality. The Enhance bungee also has the USB ports and the LED but it looks a lot worse, almost like a toy, pluss you can see the quality is way lower when you get to compare them in person. If you just want a bungee and don’t need all the extra noise around it then just go for the Razer bungee. The classic design won’t fail you!

  2. SwingM8 says:

    got the zowie’s “imitation” from aliexpress.
    Replaced my old one, very good dope !

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  5. EtechUps says:

    Things suck if you’re gaming seriously or competitivel so that’s actually a downside. More latency and the potential for batteries to die

  6. MaryPickford says:

    This design is perfect, it helps me have a very good experience when participating in the matches in the famous basketball stars sports game. I am quite surprised with what this mouse brings.

  7. Henry Larry says:

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