Shroud Blackout Settings – Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Battle Royale

We have received a lot of requests to share Shroud Blackout settings. We are taking our information from who have already done the hard work of collecting all the information.

The Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Blackout Beta is over and one person has already showcased who does it best. Of course it’s Shroud. He is the biggest PUBG Twitch streamer and he has shown a lot of interest in Blackout due to the similarities between both games. He is a former CS:GO pro that has a ton of achievements under his belt. Before switching to full-time streaming in 2017 he was already one of, if not the most watched CS:GO streamer. Shroud has already shown that he wants to cement his #1 spot throughout the Beta. The only person rivaling his spot was Ninja.

Shroud’s sensitivity settings are similar to the ones he uses in PUBG. This in addition to his extremely high game sense in Battle Royale games made him able to dominate right off the bat.

Shroud Blackout Settings:

1. Mouse Settings

DPI: 400
Mouse Sensitivity: 9.80
Vertical Sensitivity Multiplier: 1.00
ADS Mouse Sensitivity: Relative
ADS Horizontal Sensitivity Multiplier: 1.00
ADS Vertical Sensitivity Multiplier: 1.00
Monitor Distance Coefficient: 1.33
Invert Vertical Look: Default
Mouse Acceleration: 0.00
Mouse Filtering: 0

Shroud Blackout Sensitivity Settings

Shroud Blackout Sensitivity Settings

2. General Settings

Field of View: 113
ADS Field of View: Affected
Automatic Weapon Switch: On
Weapon Cycle Delay: 250

Shroud Blackout Settings

Shroud Blackout Settings

Shroud Blackout Video/Graphics Settings:

1. Display

Display Mode: Fullscreen
Monitor: 1
Refresh Rate: 239.760hz
Display Resolution: 1920×1080
Render Resolution: 100
Aspect Ratio: Automatic
Vertical Sync: Off
Framerate Limit: Custom
Custom Framerate Limit: 250
Menu Custom Framerate Limit: 250
HDR: Off
Display Gamma: Computer (sRGB)
Display Adapter: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 Ti

Shroud Blackout Video Settings

Shroud Blackout Video Settings

2. Details & Textures

Texture Quality: Very High
Special Effects Quality: High
Texture Filtering Quality: High
Model Quality: High
Screen Space Reflection: On
Small Object Culling: High

Shroud Blackout Video Settings

Shroud Blackout Video Settings

3. Shadow & Lighting

Special Effects Shadows: On
Shadow Quality: Very High
Dynamic Shadows: All
Weapon Shadow: On

Shroud Blackout Video Settings

Shroud Blackout Video Settings

4. Post Processing Effects

Anti-Aliasing Quality: Medium
Ambient Occlusion Quality: High
Motion Blur: Off
Motion Blur Quality: Disabled
Subsurface Scattering: On
Order Independent Transparency: Medium

Shroud Blackout Video Settings

Shroud Blackout Video Settings

Shroud Blackout Keybinds:

Reload: R
Next Weapon: Mousewheel Up
Previous Weapon: Mousewheel Down
Switch to Primary Weapon: 1
Switch to Secondary Weapon: 2

Equipment: E
Health Kit: X / Mouse 4
Special Ability: Q
Interact: F
Jump/Stand/Mantle: Space
Change Stance/Slide: C
Crouch (Hold): L-Ctrl
Prone (Toggle): Z
Steady Aim/Sprint (One Way): L-Shift
Melee/Zoom: CapsLock
Auto Run: H
Pick Up Attachements: ?
Map (Toggle): ?
Inventory (Hold): ?

Shroud Equipment:

Mouse: Logitech G303
Mousepad: HyperX Fury S Pro
Monitor: BenQ XL2540
Keyboard: HyperX Alloy Elite
Headphones: HyperX Cloud Flight

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