The Best CS:GO Workshop Maps To Help You Improve

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CS:GO isn’t the easiest game to become good at. You obviously get better by just playing (you can check out our beginner’s guide here) but certain weaknesses in your game are better worked on in isolation. If your spray control is bad, for example, you don’t want to wait until you get those few opportunities to spray down multiple enemies in a real match. You’ll most likely just get killed (because those other players do know their spray) which can lead to frustrations and it’s not an effective way to practice. Luckily we’ve got the Steam Workshop. In this article I’ve listed the best CS:GO workshop maps that’ll help you improve your game without the fear of losing that crucial fight in a real match.

Recoil Master – Spray Training


You will never be a complete CS:GO player if you don’t know how to control the spray of your favorite guns. Even onetap gods such as ScreaM sometimes have to resort to the old ‘spray and pray’ tactic, so you need to know how to burst and spray on your favorite guns as well.

By far the best map for this is Recoil Master – Spray Training by Mr. uLLeticaL. It’s a dedicated practice range with tons of options for you to master the spraying pattern of every weapon in the game. In my opinion this really is one of the best CS:GO workshop maps out there in general, and it should be an automatic download for every serious beginner or intermediate player.


This is something that lots of players ignore, and they really shouldn’t in my opinion. You obviously don’t have to know how to smoke or popflash every inch of the map, but learning a few of the basic smokes (for Mirage A site, for example) really makes you a much more complete teammate, and it can make life a lot easier for your team and for yourself. If you’re new to the game it’s also a good idea to get to grips with how nades perform in this game to prevent those embarrassing moments where you accidentally drop an HE on three teammates.

You can use either Dolnma’s training maps or Yprac’s map training scenarios. I like to use a little bit of both, combined with some experimentation on my own and YouTube videos.

Yprac Train Guide


Correctly peeking angles (and prefiring some of them) when entering a bombsite is an extremely valuable skill that, once mastered, will net you a lot of kills that get you a ‘HOW?’ response from enemies. It’s not always easy to know where exactly you have to position your crosshair or how many angles you’re exposed to in a certain position, so Yprac’s training maps have dedicated scenarios to practice just that.


There really are tons of aim training maps out there (and even software dedicated to it) but I have to link the two classics here, which are training_aim_csgo2 by _kataS and Aim Botz – Training by Mr. uLLeticaL. These can also be used to warm up, so even if you feel like your aim is already up to par it’s a good idea to add these maps to your collection. For a more reflex-oriented experience with actual player models you can check out Fast Aim / Reflex Training by yolokas.


Having fluid moves not only looks cool, but it can also help you get to certain position faster or even reach spots that can surprise your enemy and net you an easy kill or two. Having reliable movement in CS:GO is very important, so having a map such as Jumps Training by whiskeyo in your workshop portfolio can really aid with that. Some of the jumps in this map are outdated (due to map remakes) but even so it’s a great map to get to grips with CS:GO’s movement system.


In a recent update Valve included more accessible customization options for your crosshair, but crashz’ Crosshair Generator v3 is still a very useful map. You can use it to check out what kind of crosshair the pros are using, as well as create your own in real time. It also features a long list of unusual crosshairs created by users over the years, so it’s definitely worth checking out if you’re still rocking default.

Crashz’ Viewmodel Generator


Just like with crosshairs your viewmodel is something personal. Editing all of this through the console or in your config can get confusing quickly, so crashz’ Viewmodel Generator is incredibly useful to check out what all of the different options do and come up with your own personal favorite.


Almost everything in CS:GO is customizable, and so is the HUD. With the Hud generator map by Distroir you’ve got an easy way to tune your HUD to fit your preferences. If this is your first time customizing your HUD I’d recommend setting your inventory to be always on and zooming out your radar so you can get more info from your map ingame, but of course this is down to personal preference.


One of my personal favorite workshop maps is Training Center 1.5c by ZooL. It’s got a bit of everything, ranging from a grenade practice range to a (Dust 2) mid doors AWP training scenario, so it’s one of the best CS:GO workshop maps to have in your arsenal, whether you just want to warm up a bit or you want to finetune your grenade mechanics.


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