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Stick Street Fighter

Not your typical Street Fighter. Sticks and stones don’t break Laura’s bones.

The Street Fighter series might possibly be responsible for the death of thousands of sticks and controllers. And EVO might be the graveyard of Street Fighter Sticks. We are gonna have a look at the sticks of the pros and show you what to pick.

Finding the best Street Fighter stick or best Street Fighter Controller can be difficult. Most of us just read reviews and get recommendations in forums and decide on a stick or a controller after that. For everyone that wants to get competitive with Street Fighter 4 or 5, we look what the professional players are using. The pros are winning tournaments, championships and the Capcom Pro Tour. So they must be doing something right.

The Street Fighter pros chose a variety of different sticks and controllers. Pros like Infiltration, Daigo, Justin Wong, Phenom, Julio Fuentes or Chris Tatarian rely on different gear and have various expectations of these products. Most of these players even modify their gear with different buttons and sticks to get a further edge on their opponents. Whether you are playing on XBOX or PS4 most of these items are available for both consoles and/or PC. Even if they arent, you can always use an adapter like this.

In this list we try to figure out which players are using which controllers and sticks for which character. So if you play a particular character you are able to figure out quickly which stick or controller is best for you. Additionally, if you have a specific pro player you can see which stick and character they are using as well. This list sortable so you can quickly have an overview over the gear or characters different teams are using as well. We focused on the 20 most active and most beloved players. Remember though, everyone is different. You should always try before you buy. Make sure you are comfortable with a particular stick or controller before you pay for these expensive products.

This list is also a work in progress so please feel free to tell us anything that is wrong in the comments. If you want us to add your favorite player please tell us as well. We really appreciate your help.

NameCountryTeam / SponsorSF 5 - CharacterSF 4 - CharacterStick / Controller
Alex ValleUnited States of AmericaLURyuRyuHori RAP 4
AlucardUnited States of AmericaF3NecalliMadCatz TE2 (custom)
BonchanJapanRed Bull eSportsRyuSagatMad Catz FightStick TE2+
Brook|MisterioChileKarinPlaystation 4 Controller
Chris TatarianUnited States of AmericaKenKenMad Catz FightStick TE2+
ChrisGUnited StatesTempoNYNash, CammyMadCatz TE2 - Chun Li Ed.
Daigo UmeharaJapanRed Bull eSportsRyuEvil RyuMad Catz FightStick TE2+
DoguraJapanHMM. BisonHori VLX
EitaJapanKenMad Catz FightStick TE2+
Filipino ChampUnited States of AmericaPGDhalsimDhalsimMad Catz FightStick TE2+
FilipinomanUnited States of AmericaChun LiMadCatz TE2
FuudoJapanRazerMikaFei LongMad Catz Street Fighter V Arcade FightStick TES+
GamerBeeTaiwanAvermediaNecalliAdonMad Catz FightStick TE2+
GO1-3151JapanTeam Hail MaryChunMad Catz FightStick TE2+
HaitaniJapanYouDeal / MajesticNecalliMakotoHORI Real Arcade Pro 5 - Hayabusa
InfiltrationSouth KoreaRazerNashAkumaRazer Atrox (Custom)
Julio FuentesUnited States of AmericaTeam Echo FoxKenYunMad Catz FightStick TE2+
Justin WongUnited States of AmericaEvil GeniusesKarinRufusMad Catz TE 2 - Guilty Gear Ed.
K-BradUnited States of AmericaEvil GeniusesCammyCammyMad Catz TE2+
KazunokoJapanGodsgardenCammyYunHORI Real Arcade Pro 5 - Hayabusa
LuffyFranceRed Bull eSportsMikaRosePlaystation 4 Controller
MagoJapanKarinYangMad Catz FightStick TE2+
MomochiJapanEvil GeniusesKenKenMad Catz FightStick TE2+
NuckleDuUnited States of AmericaLiquidNashGuilePlaystation 4 Controller
PhenomNorwayTeam BX3NecalliM. BisonXbox 360 Controller
PR BalrogUnited States of AmericaEvil GeniusesNecalliBalrogMad Catz TE2+
Problem XUnited KingdomM. BisonC. ViperHori FC 4 Controller
Ricki OrtizUnited States of AmericaEvil GeniusesChun LiRufusMad Catz FightStick TE2+ - Chun Li Ed.
Ryan HartUnited KingdomKenSagatMad Catz FightStick TE2+
SabinUnited States of AmericaTSDhalsimDhalsimHori VLX
SakoJapanHoriElenaHORI Real Arcade Pro 5 - Hayabusa
ShineUnited States of AmericaGoukenHori RAP 4 Hayabusa (modded)
SmugUnited States of AmericaKarinDudleyXbox 360 Controller
Snake EyezUnited States of AmericaRed Bull eSportsZangiefZangiefMadCatz Arcade FightPad - Street Fighter x Tekken
TokidoJapanRazerRyuAkumaMad Catz FightStick TE2+
WolfkroneUnited States of AmericaLauraC. ViperPlaystation 4 Controller
XianSingaporeRazerFangGenRazer Atrox Prototype
XiaohaiChinaQanbaCammyEvil RyuQanba Q2-Pro (custom)


My mom said my eyes would turn into rectangles from playing too much PC. Joke's on her though, they are in glorious 16:9 now.

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  2. anon says:

    Any chance of an updated list? As this one is from 2016

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