Valorant Pro Settings and Setups List

When Riot games initially revealed their plans to release a competitive shooter that was, for all intents and purposes, meant to challenge games such as CS:GO a lot of people had their doubts. The developer has no experience with the genre at all, and the tactical shooter crowd is a notoriously hard one to please. With the game being out for more than a year, it’s become clear that Riot definitely knows what they are doing.

Valorant has a thriving esports scene, with the game’s popularity steadily growing on streaming platforms and social media.The game has many strengths: people love the fact that it’s (slightly) more accessible than some other tac shooters out there, for example, but that doesn’t mean that the skill ceiling isn’t insanely high (as has been proven by the professionals) either. There’s also the fact that the anticheat seems to work well and that there’s a steady flow of new content in the form of skins and, more importantly, new agents and maps.

If all of this sounds alluring to you then there’s nothing stopping you from trying it out for yourself since Valorant is completely free to play.If you’re new to the game and/or you are someone who wants to finetune their gear and settings you’ve come to the right place. Here we’ve gathered the gear and settings (such as DPI, sens, resolution, …) of the world’s best players so that you can see what the professionals are doing and use that as a basis for your own settings and setup.As always with gaming it’s important to go with settings and gear that’s comfortable for you, but obviously the pros won’t be using anything that makes them play worse so it can be a good idea to check out what they’re doing.

TeamNameMouseHZDPISensitivityeDPIScoped SensitivityMonitorMonitor HZGPUResolutionMousepadKeyboardHeadsetPlayer Pages
SentinelsTenZEndgame Gear XM1R1,0008000.4853881.000BenQ XL2546240RTX 30901920x1080Artisan Zero (XL/Soft)HyperX Alloy Origins CoreHyperX Cloud IITenZ Valorant Settings
SentinelsShahZaMLogitech G703 HERO1,0004000.5302121.000BenQ XL2546240RTX 2080 Ti1920x1080Logitech G640KBD8X MKII CustomHyperX Cloud IIShahZaM Valorant Settings
SentinelsSicKLogitech G9001,0008000.2351881.000BenQ XL2546240RTX 2080 Ti1920x1080Logitech G640HyperX Alloy FPS ProHyperX Cloud IISicK Valorant Settings
Sentinels (B)SinatraaLogitech G Pro X Superlight Black1,0008000.3873091.000OMEN by HP 24.5"240RTX 30801920x1080Logitech G640Logitech G Pro X Mechanical KeyboardJBL Quantum ONESinatraa Valorant Settings
SentinelszombsLogitech G Pro X Superlight Black1,0004000.5402161.000BenQ XL2540240RTX 2080 Ti1920x1080Logitech G640Logitech G Pro X Mechanical KeyboardLogitech G Pro Xzombs Valorant Settings
SentinelsdaprLogitech G Pro Wireless1,0004000.6602641.000BenQ XL2546240RTX 2080 Ti1920x1080Zowie G-SR-SE Tyloo EditionHyperX Alloy FPS ProHyperX Cloud IIdapr Valorant Settings
LiquidScreaMFinalMouse Ultralight 25004000.7853141.000BenQ XL2546360RTX 30801920x1080SteelSeries QcK HeavyHyperX Alloy FPSSennheiser GAME ZERO SEScreaM Valorant Settings
LiquidL1NKZowie EC2-B Divina Edition1,0004000.4401761.000BenQ XL2546240GTX 1080 Ti1600x900SteelSeries QcK HeavyHyperX Alloy FPSLogitech G Pro XL1NK Valorant Settings
LiquidKRYPTIXVAXEE OUTSET AX1,0004000.4711880.800BenQ XL2540240GTX 10701920x1080Xraypad Aqua Control+Corsair K65HyperX Cloud IIKRYPTIX Valorant Settings
LiquidsoulcasZowie EC2-B Divina Edition1,0004000.5142050.880BenQ XL2546240GTX 1080 Ti1920x1080Zowie G-SR-SEHyperX Alloy FPSHyperX Cloud IIsoulcas Valorant Settings
LiquidJamppiVAXEE OUTSET AX1,0008000.3172531.009ASUS ROG XG258Q240RTX 2080 Ti1440x1080Logitech G640 ENCE EditionLogitech G Pro Mechanical KeyboardLogitech G Pro X Wireless HeadsetJamppi Valorant Settings
TSMBraxLogitech G Pro X Superlight White1,0004000.4401761.000BenQ XL2546S240RTX 2080 Ti1920x1080Razer Goliathus SpeedLogitech G Pro X Mechanical KeyboardSennheiser GAME ZEROBrax Valorant Settings
TSMWARDELLLogitech G Pro X Superlight Black5004000.6532611.200BenQ XL2546240RTX 20801920x1080Logitech G640Logitech G Pro X KeyboardLogitech G Pro XWARDELL Valorant Settings
TSMSubrozaLogitech G Pro X Superlight White1,0008000.2772211.000BenQ XL2540240RTX 20801920x1080Logitech G640Logitech G Pro X Mechanical KeyboardLogitech G Pro XSubroza Valorant Settings
TSM (B)reltuCLogitech G Pro X Superlight Black1,0008000.3002401.000BenQ XL2546240GTX 10801920x1080Logitech G640Logitech G Pro X Mechanical KeyboardLogitech G Pro XreltuC Valorant Settings
TSMhazedLogitech G Pro X Superlight Black1,0008000.4003201.000ASUS ROG Swift PG259QN360GTX 10801920x1080Logitech G640Logitech G Pro X Mechanical KeyboardLogitech G Pro Xhazed Valorant Settings
TSMDroneLogitech G Pro X Superlight Black1,0008000.3402721.000BenQ XL2540240GTX 1080 Ti1920x1080Logitech G640Logitech G Pro X Mechanical KeyboardLogitech G Pro XDrone Valorant Settings
100THikoRazer Orochi V21,0001,6000.3605761.000Alienware AW2521H360RTX 30901920x1080Zowie G-SR-SEHyperX x Ducky One 2 Mini RGBJBL Quantum ONEHiko Valorant Settings
100Tnitr0VAXEE ZYGEN NP-015004000.7503001.040BenQ XL2546K240GTX 1080 Ti1920x1080Zowie G-SRCorsair K70 RGB MK.2JBL Quantum ONEnitr0 Valorant Settings
100TsteelLogitech G7031,0008000.5004001.000BenQ XL2546240GTX 10801920x1080HyperX FURY S Pro X-LargeLogitech G915 TKLJBL Quantum ONEsteel Valorant Settings
100TAsunaRazer DeathAdder V21,0001,4000.2954131.000BenQ XL2546K240RTX 2070 Super1920x1080Razer Goliathus ControlCorsair K-70 RGBHyperX Cloud IIAsuna Valorant Settings
100TEthanLogitech G Pro Wireless1,0004000.8003200.914BenQ XL2540240RTX 2080 Ti1920x1080Razer GigantusRazer BlackWidow LiteHyperX Cloud IIEthan Valorant Settings
G2mixwellLogitech G7031,0004000.6902761.000AOC AG251FZ2E240RTX 2080 Ti1920x1080Logitech G440Logitech G Pro X Mechanical KeyboardLogitech G Pro X Wireless Headsetmixwell Valorant Settings
G2pythLogitech G Pro Wireless1,0001,6000.1702721.050AOC AG251FZ2E240GTX 1080 Ti1920x1080Logitech G640Logitech G Pro X Mechanical KeyboardLogitech G Pro Xpyth Valorant Settings
G2PatitekLogitech G Pro X Superlight Black1,0004000.8203281.000AOC AG251FZ2E240RTX 2080 Ti1920x1080Logitech G640Logitech G Pro X Mechanical KeyboardLogitech G Pro XPatitek Valorant Settings
G2ardiisLogitech G Pro Wireless1,0004000.5902361.140AOC AG251FZ2E240RTX 20801920x1080Logitech G640Logitech G Pro X Mechanical KeyboardLogitech G Pro Xardiis Valorant Settings
G2ZeekLogitech G Pro Wireless1,0004000.7102840.883BenQ XL2540240RTX 20601280x960Logitech G640Logitech G Pro X Mechanical KeyboardLogitech G Pro XZeek Valorant Settings
FPXANGE1Zowie ZA121,0004000.7853141.000BenQ XL2546240RTX 2080 Ti1920x1080Zowie G-SRRazer BlackWidow X Chroma MEHyperX Cloud RevolverANGE1 Valorant Settings
FPXShaoLogitech G Pro Wireless1,0004000.5502201.000BenQ XL2546240RTX 2080 Super1920x1080Zowie G-SRHyperX Alloy FPSHyperX Cloud IIShao Valorant Settings
FPXZyppan1,0004000.4801921.000GTX 1080 Ti1920x1080Zyppan Valorant Settings
FPXShadoWFinalMouse Ultralight 25004000.4081631.000BenQ XL2546240RTX 2080 Super1920x1080SteelSeries QcK+Logitech G Pro X Mechanical KeyboardLogitech G Pro XShadoW Valorant Settings
FPXdimasickLogitech G Pro X Superlight Black1,0004000.6302521.000BenQ XL2546240RTX 2080 Super1920x1080Logitech G640HyperX Alloy OriginsHyperX Cloud Alphadimasick Valorant Settings
Cloud9 BluemitchZowie EC2-B Divina Edition1,0008000.3002401.000BenQ XL2540240RTX 2080 Super1920x1080HyperX FURY S ProDucky One 2 Mini RGBHyperX Cloud Alphamitch Valorant Settings
Cloud9 BluePoizLogitech G Pro X Superlight1,0008000.4503601.000BenQ XL25462401920x1080HyperX FURY S Pro
Cloud9 BluexetaLogitech G Pro X Superlight Black1,0004000.5802320.850BenQ XL25462401920x1080HyperX FURY S ProHyperX Alloy FPS ProSennheiser GAME ZEROxeta Valorant Settings
Cloud9 BluefloppyLogitech G Pro X Superlight Black1,0008000.3452761.000BenQ XL2546240RTX 2080 Super1920x1080HyperX FURY S ProHyperX Alloy Origins CoreSennheiser GAME ZEROfloppy Valorant Settings
Cloud9 BlueleafLogitech G Pro X Superlight White1,0004000.5102041.000Alienware AW2518H240RTX 30801920x1080Logitech G640HyperX Alloy FPS ProSennheiser GAME ZEROleaf Valorant Settings
FnaticDerkeLogitech G Pro X Superlight Black1,0004000.7402961.000BenQ XL25462401920x1080Ducky One 2 TKL RGBFnatic REACT
FnaticMagnumLogitech G Pro Wireless1,0004000.5002001.227Samsung C24RG50144RTX 20601280x1024SteelSeries QcK+Fnatic MiniSTREAKLogitech G Pro Gaming Headset
FnaticBoasterVAXEE ZYGEN NP-011,0004000.5202081.000BenQ XL25462401920x1080HyperX FURY S ProFnatic MiniSTREAKFnatic REACT
FnaticDomaLogitech G Pro X Superlight1,0008000.3502800.750BenQ XL2546240RTX 2080 Super1920x1080Xtrfy GP4Fnatic MiniSTREAKFnatic REACTDoma Valorant Settings
FnaticMisticLogitech G Pro Wireless1,0004000.7002800.875BenQ XL25462401920x1080Zowie G-SRFnatic MiniSTREAKFnatic REACTMistic Valorant Settings
NiPrhymeVAXEE ZYGEN NP-011,0004000.5002001.000BenQ XL2546240RTX 30801280x960Zowie G-SR-SE Deep BlueXtrfy K4-RGB TKLHyperX Cloud IIrhyme Valorant Settings
NiPchiwawaZowie S2 Divina Edition1,0004000.8903561.000BenQ XL2546240GTX 1660 Super1920x1080Zowie G-SRZet Blade ProHyperX Cloud II
NiPHyPXtrfy M4 White1,0008000.4503601.000RTX 2080 Ti1920x1080
NiPCREAZowie EC2-B Divina Edition1,0008000.3452761.000BenQ XL25462401920x1080Zowie G-SRCorsair STRAFEHyperX Cloud Alpha
NiPEx6TenZZowie FK21,0004000.6912761.000AOC AG251FZ240GTX 1080 Ti1440x1080Logitech G640Logitech G Pro Mechanical KeyboardLogitech G Pro Gaming Headset
FaZeCoreyLogitech G Pro Wireless Pixel1,0008000.4863881.000OMEN by HP 24.5"240RTX 2080 Ti1920x1080Zowie G-SRCorsair K-70 RGBLogitech G Pro XCorey Valorant Settings
FaZeZachaREEELogitech G Pro X Superlight White1,0008000.5004001.000ASUS ROG Swift PG258Q240RTX 2080 Ti1920x1080Logitech G640Varmilo VA87MSennheiser G4ME ONEZachaREEE Valorant Settings
FaZebabybayFinalMouse Air58 Ninja CBR Edition1,0008000.2441951.000BenQ XL2546240RTX 20801920x1080Logitech G640Logitech G Pro X Mechanical KeyboardHyperX Cloud Alphababybay Valorant Settings
FaZeMarvedZowie ZA121,0008000.3062441.000BenQ XL2540240RTX 20601920x1080Zowie G-SRSteelSeries Apex Pro TKLHyperX Cloud IIMarved Valorant Settings
FaZeRawkusLogitech G9031,0008000.4003201.000OMEN by HP 24.5"240RTX 20801920x1080ROCCAT TAITORazer BlackWidow Chroma V2Turtle Beach Elite Pro 2
HereticsnukkyeLogitech G Pro X Superlight1,0008000.4503601.000BenQ XL2546240RTX 20801920x1080Logitech G640Logitech G Pro X Mechanical KeyboardLogitech G Pro Xnukkye Valorant Settings
HereticslowelLogitech G Pro X Superlight Black1,0004000.5662261.000BenQ XL2546240RTX 2080 Ti1920x1080Zowie G-SR DGLogitech G Pro Mechanical KeyboardLogitech G Pro X Wireless Headsetlowel Valorant Settings
HereticsRUBINOVAXEE ZYGEN NP-011,0004000.6202481.000BenQ XL2546240RTX 2080 Ti1920x1080Artisan FX Zero XSoftLogitech G Pro X Mechanical KeyboardLogitech G Pro X Wireless HeadsetRUBINO Valorant Settings
HereticsAvovALogitech G Pro X Superlight Black1,0008000.3002401.000BenQ XL2546240RTX 30801920x1080Artisan FX Zero XSoftLogitech G Pro X Mechanical KeyboardLogitech G Pro X Wireless HeadsetAvovA Valorant Settings
EnvycrashiesLogitech G Pro Wireless1,0008000.2502000.875BenQ XL2546144GTX 10801920x1080Zowie G-SRCorsair K-70 RGBHyperX Cloud IIcrashies Valorant Settings
EnvyVictorLogitech G7031,0008000.2832261.000BenQ XL2546240RTX 20801920x1080Logitech G640Logitech G513Sennheiser GAME ZEROVictor Valorant Settings
EnvykabooseZowie EC2-A1,0004000.8173261.000BenQ XL25402401600x900SteelSeries QcK HeavyHyperX Alloy FPS RGBHyperX Cloud Flight S
EnvymummAyLogitech G7031,0004000.5152060.900BenQ XL2546S240RTX 2080 Ti1920x1080PureTrak TalentCorsair K95 RGBCorsair Virtuoso
EnvyFNSCorsair Dark Core RGB SE1,0004000.5502201.000Acer Predator XB272240GTX 10801920x1080Corsair MM350 Champion SeriesCorsair K95Corsair VOID Pro White
forZeCoffeeSteelSeries Rival 3001,0001,6000.2403841.000BenQ XL2430T144GTX 10601920x1080SteelSeries QcK+ NiP EditionHyperX Alloy FPSHyperX Cloud Revolver S
forZezeddyZowie FK21,0008000.3002401.000BenQ XL2430T144GTX 10601920x1080Zowie G-SRHyperX Alloy FPS ProHyperX Cloud I
forZeArt1stZowie EC2-A1,0001,6000.1412251.000BenQ XL2411144GTX 10601920x1080Zowie G-SRHyperX Alloy FPSHyperX Cloud Alpha
forZeSUYGETSULogitech G Pro X Superlight1,0008000.5504401.000BenQ XL2411144GTX 10701920x1080Logitech G640Logitech G Pro Mechanical KeyboardLogitech G Pro X
Version 1vanityLogitech G Pro X Superlight Black1,0008000.2832261.100BenQ XL2546240RTX 20701920x1080Logitech G640HyperX Alloy FPSHyperX Cloud IIvanity Valorant Settings
Version 1effysLogitech G Pro Wireless1,0004000.6282511.000BenQ XL24111441920x1080Logitech G640SteelSeries 6Gv2HyperX Cloud II
Version 1zellsisLogitech G Pro X Superlight White1,0008000.2962360.900BenQ XL2546240GTX 10801920x1080Zowie G-SR-SEHyperX Alloy Origins CoreSennheiser GAME ZEROzellsis Valorant Settings
Version 1wippieZowie EC11,0008001.5721,2570.948BenQ XL2546K240RTX 2070 Super1024x768Artisan FX Zero XSoftHyperX Alloy OriginsLogitech G Pro X Wireless Headsetwippie Valorant Settings
Version 1pennyHyperX PulseFire Dart1,0008000.410328HyperX FURYHyperX Alloy EliteHyperX Cloud Earbuds
VikingsgtnRazer Viper1,0004000.5802321.000AOC G2460PF144GTX 16501920x1080Razer Gigantus Team Razer EditionRazer BlackWidow Chroma TE V2HyperX Cloud Stinger
VikingsfrzLogitech G Pro Wireless1,0008000.3002401.000Alienware AW2518HF240RTX 2070 Super1920x1080HyperX FURY S ProLogitech G Pro X Mechanical KeyboardLogitech G Pro X
VikingssutecasRazer Viper Ultimate1,0008000.4003200.800BenQ XL2546240RTX 20701920x1080Glorious MousepadCorsair K70 RGB MK.2HyperX Cloud Alpha
VikingsSaadhakZowie EC1-B1,0008000.4003201.000Alienware AW2518H240RTX 20801920x1080HyperX FURY S ProLogitech G Pro Mechanical KeyboardHyperX Cloud II
VikingsSacyLogitech G Pro Wireless1,0008000.4853881.000AOC AG251FZ2E240RTX 20601920x1080SteelSeries QcK HeavyHyperX Alloy EliteHyperX Cloud Alpha S
T1SkadoodleLogitech G Pro X Superlight Black5004000.6002401.000BenQ XL2546240RTX 20801920x1080Zowie G-SRLogitech G Pro X Mechanical KeyboardLogitech G Pro XSkadoodle Valorant Settings
T1DaZeDLogitech G Pro Wireless1,0004000.5502201.000BenQ XL2540240GTX 10801920x1080HyperX FURY S Pro X-LargeRazer BlackWidow TESennheiser HD 600DaZeD Valorant Settings
T1SpyderLogitech G Pro HERO1,0001,0000.3393391.000OMEN by HP 24.5"240RTX 20801920x1080Zowie G-SRDucky One 2 Mini RGBHyperX Cloud ISpyder Valorant Settings
T1autimaticLogitech G Pro Wireless1,0004000.5882351.000BenQ XL2546S240RTX 2080 Super1920x1080Artisan FX Zero XSoftHyperX Alloy Origins CoreLogitech G Pro X Headsetautimatic Valorant Settings
T1curryLogitech G Pro Wireless1,0008000.3452761.000BenQ XL2540240RTX 2080 Super1920x1080Artisan FX Zero XSoftDucky One 2 TKL RGBLogitech G Pro X Wireless Headsetcurry Valorant Settings
Gen.G (B)HuynhLogitech G Pro Wireless1,0008000.3142511.000BenQ XL2546240GTX 9701920x1080Zowie G-SRHyperX Alloy FPS RGBLogitech G Pro X
Gen.GgMdLogitech G Pro Wireless1,0004000.8003201.00001920x1080SteelSeries QcK HeavyLogitech G Pro X Mechanical KeyboardHyperX Cloud Flight
Gen.GMkaeLRazer DeathAdder V2 Pro1,0008000.3002401.000GTX 1080 Ti1920x1080Ducky One 2 Mini RGBLogitech G Pro X
Gen.GShawnLogitech G3051,0001,2000.5006001.000BenQ XL24111441920x1080Zowie G-SRRazer Huntsman MiniCorsair VOID
Gen.GKoostaLogitech G7035001,6000.1412251.000OMEN X 27240GTX 10801920x1080Razer Gigantus Team Razer EditionHyperX Alloy FPSCorsair VOID
ImmortalsGenghstaRazer Viper Ultimate1,0001,6000.1151841.000BenQ XL2546240GTX 10801920x1080Zowie G-SRHyperX Alloy FPS ProHyperX Cloud II
ImmortalsShoT_UPLogitech G502 Proteus Spectrum1,0008500.3112641.000BenQ XL24111441920x1080SteelSeries QcK HeavyRazer BlackWidow UltimateHyperX Cloud II
ImmortalsKehmicalsLogitech G Pro X Superlight Black1,0008000.3803041.000BenQ XL2546S240GTX 10701920x1080HyperX FURY S Pro X-LargeLogitech G Pro X Mechanical KeyboardHyperX Cloud II
XSETthwifoLogitech G Pro Wireless1,0008000.3002400.900Alienware AW2521HF240RTX 20701600x900SteelSeries QcK+SteelSeries Apex Pro TKLSennheiser G4ME ONE
XSETWeDidLogitech G7031,0001,6000.1802881.000Acer XB240H240RTX 20801920x1080Razer BlackWidow Chroma V2Logitech G432
XSETBcJGlorious Model D-1,0008000.3702961.000ASUS ROG Swift PG279Q240RTX 20801440x1080SteelSeries QcK LargeSennheiser G4ME ONE
AcendcNedZowie ZA121,0008000.3202561.000ASUS VG259QM280RTX 2080 Super1920x1080SteelSeries QcK HeavySteelSeries Apex 5HyperX Cloud IIcNed Valorant Settings
NuturnPeriGlorious Model D1,0004000.5252100.800BenQ XL2540240RTX 2080 Super1920x1080Razer Goliathus ControlDeck Francium Lite
ANDBOXviceLogitech G Pro Wireless1,0008000.2451961.000BenQ XL2546240GTX 1080 Ti1280x960HyperX FURY S Speed EditionLogitech G915 TKLHyperX Cloud Revolver Svice Valorant Settings
NRG Esports (S)aceuFinalMouse Ultralight 25008000.4703761.000BenQ XL2546240RTX 2080 Ti1920x1080Zowie G-SR-SE Tyloo EditionDucky One TKL WhiteApple EarPodsaceu Valorant Settings
NRG Esportss0mLogitech G Pro X Superlight Black1,0004000.7392950.900BenQ XL2546240GTX 1080 Ti1920x1080SteelSeries QcK LargeRazer Huntsman QEHyperX Cloud IIs0m Valorant Settings
NRG EsportsdapsLogitech G Pro Wireless1,0004000.5352141.000OMEN X 27240GTX 10801920x1080SteelSeries QcK HeavyHyperX Alloy Origins CoreBeyerdynamic DT 770 Pro
NRG EsportsANDROIDZowie FK21,0008000.2972371.000BenQ XL2546240RTX 20801920x1080Razer GigantusLogitech G915HyperX Cloud II
NRG EsportstexLogitech G Pro X Superlight Black1,0008000.380304ASUS VG248QE1441920x1080SteelSeries QcK HeavyHyperX Alloy FPSHyperX Cloud II
NRG Esports (S)EthosLogitech G Pro X Superlight Black1,0004000.6902760.690BenQ XL2546240GTX 1080 Ti1920x1080Zowie G-SR-SEDucky MIYA Pro
JUPITERLazvellLogitech G Pro Wireless1,0008000.4003200.800BenQ XL2546240GTX 10601920x1080Zowie G-SR-SEFilco Majestouch StingrayShure SE215
JUPITERcrowLogitech G Pro Wireless1,0004000.4471781.000BenQ XL2546240RTX 2080 Super1920x1080
JUPITERReitaLogitech G Pro Wireless1,0008000.4403520.900BenQ XL25462401920x1080Zowie G-SR-SELogitech G Pro X Mechanical KeyboardLogitech G Pro X
JUPITERtakejLogitech G Pro Wireless1,0004000.4341730.820BenQ XL2546S2401280x960Logitech G640Logitech G913Logitech G Pro X
BIGgob bLogitech G Pro Wireless1,0008000.3142511.000BenQ XL2540240GTX 1080 Ti1920x1080Logitech G640Corsair K-70 RGBCorsair VOID Pro White
BIGAslaNZowie EC2-B Divina Edition1,0004000.6002401.000BenQ XL2546240RTX 2070 Super1920x1080Zowie G-SR-SE Divina Blue EditionHyperX Alloy FPS ProHyperX Cloud Flight
BIGUltimateZowie ZA111,0004000.7002801.000BenQ XL24111441920x1080Zowie G-SRCorsair K-70 RGBHyperX Cloud Flight
GiantsFitinhoXtrfy M4 Black1,0004000.6302521.000BenQ XL25462401920x1080Corsair MM350 Champion SeriesXtrfy K2-RGBHyperX Cloud II
GiantsMeddoXtrfy M4 Black1,0008000.2401921.000BenQ XL2546240RTX 2080 Super1920x1080SteelSeries Arctis Pro WhiteMeddo Valorant Settings
GiantsjonbaZowie FK1+1,0004000.6002401.000BenQ XL2540240GTX 10701920x1080Zowie G-SR-SEHyperX Alloy FPS ProHyperX Cloud Alpha
GiantsYuriiLogitech G Pro Wireless1,0004000.5502201.000RTX 2080 Super
GuildYacineLogitech G Pro Wireless1,0008000.4003201.000BenQ XL2546240RTX 2080 Ti1920x1080QPAD FX-50Xtrfy XG1-R LEDHyperX Cloud Alpha
GuildbonkarRazer Viper1,0008000.3843071.000ASUS ROG Swift PG258Q240GTX 10801680x1050Xtrfy XTP1 Volcano EditionXtrfy XG1-R LEDHyperX Cloud Alpha
GuilddrakenLogitech G Pro Wireless1,0004000.5632250.819ASUS ROG Swift PG259QN360GTX 1080 Ti1920x1080Xtrfy GP1 draken EditionXtrfy K4-RGB TKLHyperX Cloud II
GuildSayfLogitech G4031,0004000.8003201.000BenQ XL2546240GTX 1080 Ti1920x1080Razer Goliathus SpeedHyperX Alloy FPSHyperX Cloud II
LGthiefZowie EC2-A1,0004000.5002001.000BenQ XL2540240GTX 10801920x1080Zowie G-SRCorsair STRAFEHyperX Cloud II
LGaprotoRazer DeathAdder V21,0008000.3002401.000BenQ XL25462401920x1080SteelSeries QcK+Ducky One 2 Mini RGB Pure WhiteHyperX Cloud II
LGYaBoiDreLogitech G Pro Wireless1,0008000.3142511.000Alienware AW2518H240GTX 1080 Ti1920x1080HyperX FURY S Speed EditionLogitech G Pro Mechanical KeyboardBose QC20
LGmoosePwnage Ultra Custom1,0004000.6282511.000BenQ XL2546240GTX 10801920x1080Logitech G640CM MasterKeys Pro SHyperX Cloud II
BBGBjorLogitech G Pro Wireless1,0004000.5802321.000Alienware AW2518H2401920x1080Zowie G-SR-SEMassdrop x Sennheiser 6XX
BBGPOACHZowie FK1 (Custom)1,0008000.3803041.000Alienware AW2518H240RTX 20801920x1080SteelSeries QcK+SteelSeries Apex Pro TKLBeyerdynamic DT 990 Pro
LGstellarLogitech G Pro Wireless1,0008000.3502801.000BenQ XL25462401600x900Zowie G-SRLogitech G Pro Mechanical KeyboardHyperX Cloud II
GambitChronicleLogitech G Pro X Superlight1,0008000.2502001.000ASUS TUF VG279QM2401920x1080Zowie G-SRAnne Pro 2HyperX Cloud AlphaChronicle Valorant Settings
Gambitd3ffoZowie FK11,0008000.5484381.000BenQ XL2546240GTX 9701280x960Zowie G-SR-SE Divina Pink EditionHyperX Alloy FPSHyperX Cloud Alpha
GambitSheydosLogitech G Pro X Superlight White1,0004000.8003201.200BenQ XL2546K240RTX 2080 Super1280x960SteelSeries QcK+Logitech G Pro X Mechanical KeyboardLogitech G Pro X HeadsetSheydos Valorant Settings
GambitSunsetFinalMouse Ultralight 25008000.5004001.000BenQ XL2420Z144RTX 2080 Super1920x1080Logitech G440Vortex Pok3r WhiteSennheiser GSP 370
GambitnAtsZowie S21,0008000.4903921.000ASUS MG248Q144RTX 2060 Super1280x960Zowie G-SRHyperX Alloy FPS ProHyperX Cloud II
Wave EsportsnicoLogitech G Pro Wireless1,0004000.4041611.000Alienware AW2518H240RTX 2080 Super1280x1024Glorious 3XLLogitech G Pro X Mechanical KeyboardLogitech G Pro X Wireless Headset
Wave EsportsmuriiG-Wolves Hati Black1,0006000.100601.000ASUS ROG Strix XG248Q240RTX 2070 Super1798x1080Glorious 3XLDucky MIYA Pro SakuraLogitech G430
Wave EsportsZikZowie EC1-B1,0004000.6282511.000BenQ XL25462401600x1024SteelSeries QcK+CM Storm QuickfireXtrfy H2 Pro
Wave EsportsCarcassLogitech G Pro Wireless1,0004000.5342131.000BenQ XL2540240GTX 10601920x1080SteelSeries QcK HeavyASUS ROG Strix FlareBeyerdynamic DT 770 Pro
Wave EsportsLadiffLogitech G Pro X Superlight Black1,0004000.7853141.000BenQ XL2411144RTX 2070 Super1440x1080HyperX FURY S Pro SE X-LargeCM MasterKeys Pro LHyperX Cloud Alpha S
T1 KR10XLogitech G Pro Wireless1,0001,6000.7001,1201.200BenQ XL2546240RTX 2080 Ti1920x1080Artisan Hayate OtsuLogitech G913 TKLLogitech G Pro X
T1 KREsperanzaZowie EC2 Tyloo Edition1,0008000.2702161.000BenQ XL2546240RTX 2080 Ti1920x1080Corsair MM350Logitech G Pro X Mechanical KeyboardLogitech G Pro X
T1 KRSundayLogitech G Pro Wireless1,0004000.5972380.880BenQ XL2546240RTX 2080 Ti1920x1080
T1 KRROK3TLogitech G Pro Wireless1,0008000.3002401.000BenQ XL2546240RTX 2080 Ti1920x1080Zowie G-SRLogitech G Pro X Mechanical KeyboardLogitech G Pro X
T1 KRAnaksRazer Viper Ultimate1,0004000.2951181.010GTX 1080 Ti1920x1080Zowie G-SRLogitech G Pro Mechanical Keyboard
C9 KRBazziZowie EC2-B1,0001,6000.1702720.750Alienware AW2518H240RTX 20801920x1080Logitech G640Logitech G Pro X Mechanical Keyboard
C9 KRMoothieZowie S11,0004000.4251700.764BenQ XL2546240RTX 2070 Super1920x1080Artisan Zero (XL/Soft)Filco Majestouch2 TKL
C9 KRMunchkinLogitech G Pro Wireless1,0008000.2001601.0001440x1080HyperX FURY S ProLeopold FC750R
B4 EsportsFuzariZowie ZA121,0008000.7455961.000AOC G2460PF144GTX 1050 Ti1920x1080Redragon Kunlun ControlMotospeed CK104Razer Kraken TE
B4 EsportspANcadaZowie EC2-B1,0004000.6002401.000Alienware AW2518HF240GTX 10601440x1080Razer GigantusMotospeed CK104 WhiteHyperX Cloud II
FURIAxandRazer Viper1,0001,6000.2504001.000BenQ XL2540240RTX 2070 Super1280x960Zowie G-SRZowie Celeritas IIHyperX Cloud Alpha
NortheptionSeoldamLogitech G Pro X Superlight Black1,0008000.4703761.000BenQ XL25462401920x1080Artisan Zero (XL/Soft)Deck Francium 87 ProCorsair VOID Pro Wireless
GamelandersmwzeraLogitech G Pro Wireless1008000.4703761.000AOC AG251FZ240GTX 10601920x1080GFallen PanteraHyperX Alloy FPS ProGFallen Morcego
coLC0MLogitech G Pro Wireless1,0008000.2502001.000BenQ XL2546240GTX 10601680x1050Logitech G640Logitech G610HyperX Cloud II
coLohaiLogitech G3051,0004000.4701881.000Alienware AW2518H240RTX 2080 Ti1920x1080SteelSeries QcK HeavyDucky One 2 Mini RGBASTRO A40
China NguyenDcopLogitech G Pro Wireless1,0008000.6004801.000GTX 10701920x1080Gigabyte Aorus AMP500Logitech G Pro X Mechanical KeyboardHyperX Cloud II
China NguyenDXNRazer Viper Ultimate1,0004000.6202480.820BenQ XL2546S2401600x900Cooler Master MP510Ducky One 2 Mini RGBSennheiser PC37X
EntropiqarchXtrfy M4 Retro1,0004000.5802321.000BenQ XL2546240GTX 10701920x1080Xtrfy XTP1 f0rest EditionXtrfy K2-RGB White EditionHyperX Cloud Alpha PE
ProdigyJEROMELogitech MX518 Legendary1,0008000.4713761.000BenQ XL25462401280x960SteelSeries QcK+HyperX Alloy FPSHyperX Cloud Earbuds
VSstaxZowie EC21,0004000.4301721.000BenQ XL2546S240RTX 2080 Ti1920x1080SteelSeries QcK HeavyLogitech G Pro X Mechanical KeyboardSennheiser GAME ZERO
VSk1NgZowie EC2-B1,0004001.0004000.900BenQ XL2546S240RTX 2080 Ti1920x1080Zowie G-SRCorsair K-70 RGBHyperX Cloud II
VSRbLogitech G Pro Wireless1,0008000.4853881.000BenQ XL2546S240RTX 2080 Ti1920x1080HyperX FURY S ProLogitech G Pro X Mechanical KeyboardLogitech G Pro X
QSGODLIKESteelSeries Kinzu V21,0004000.6912761.000BenQ XL2546S240RTX 2080 Ti1920x1080SteelSeries QcK+Varmilo VA87M Sakura PinkHyperX Cloud Revolver S
QSEfinaZowie EC21,0004000.4501800.920BenQ XL2546S240RTX 20801920x1080SteelSeries QcK HeavySteelSeries Apex M500
Project SWiDexZowie EC2-B1,0008000.2441951.000BenQ XL25462401920x1080Zowie G-SR-SEDucky MIYA Pro SakuraHyperX Cloud Alpha
INTERPOLdeM0Logitech G Pro Wireless1,0004000.6242490.624BenQ XL2411144GTX 10601920x1080HyperX FURY S ProHyperX Alloy FPSHyperX Cloud Alpha PE
INTERPOLDiMASXtrfy M4 Black1,0008000.4503601.000BenQ XL2411144GTX 16601920x1080Logitech G640
INTERPOLcry0Zowie EC11,0004000.4711881.000BenQ XL2540240RTX 2070 Super1920x1080Zowie G-SRLogitech G513Sennheiser GSP 500
Team CotchRe1easeRazer Viper1,0004000.6002401.000Alienware AW2518H240RTX 2070 Super1920x1080SteelSeries QcK+CM Storm QuickfireSony MDR-1000X
Team CotchritchZowie FK1-B5004000.4001601.000Alienware AW2518H240GTX 1080 Ti1920x1080SteelSeries QcK HeavyDucky One 2 Mini RGBLogitech G Pro Gaming Headset
Team CotchHughsyLogitech MX518 Legendary1,0004001.1204481.000Alienware AW2518H240RTX 2070 Super1920x1080Razer Goliathus ControlRazer Huntsman MiniBeyerdynamic DT 990 Pro
Team Cotchfxy0Xtrfy M4 White1,0004000.9423761.000BenQ XL2546240GTX 10801920x1080SteelSeries QcK HeavySteelSeries Apex Pro TKLHyperX Cloud II
Team CotchmaouXtrfy M4 White1,0008000.3102481.000BenQ XL2540240GTX 10801920x1080Zowie G-SRZowie Celeritas IIHyperX Cloud II
RiseShanksZowie FK11,0004000.4501801.000BenQ XL2546240RTX 2060 Super1920x1080Zowie G-SRLogitech G Pro X Mechanical KeyboardHyperX Cloud II
AllianceluckerrrxXtrfy M4 Black1,0004000.9133651.000BenQ XL2546240RTX 20801920x1080Glorious XXLAnne PRO 2Sennheiser HD 599
AllianceFearothLogitech G Pro Wireless1,0004000.6902761.000BenQ XL2546240GTX 10601920x1080Zowie G-SRCorsair K-70 RGBHyperX Cloud Alpha
BeastCoastKOLERLogitech G Pro Wireless1,0004000.7583031.000BenQ XL25462401920x1080Zowie G-SRCorsair K63 RGBSennheiser GAME ZERO
T1 AcademyZerGLogitech G9031,0008000.4003201.000Alienware AW2518H240GTX 1080 Ti1920x1080AJAZZ AK33
SSGinskyFinalMouse Ultralight 21,0004000.5852341.000BenQ XL2546240GTX 10801366x768SteelSeries QcK+SteelSeries Apex Pro TKLSteelSeries Arctis Pro Wireless
KeydpatochovskRazer DeathAdder V21,0004000.6002401.000AOC AG251FZ240GTX 1660 Ti1920x1080HyperX FURY S ProRazer BlackWidow Chroma TE V2GFallen Morcego
KeydFLG1Glorious Model D Matte Black1,0004000.5702281.000AOC AG251FZ240RTX 20601440x1080Zowie G-SRHyperX Alloy Origins CoreGFallen Morcego
KeydGTFAFMXRazer DeathAdder Elite1,0008000.9007201.000AOC AG251FZ240GTX 1080 Ti1920x1080Artisan Hayate OtsuCorsair K70 RapidfireSennheiser PC 363D
BBLaimdllZowie S2 Divina Edition1,0004000.5202081.000ASUS VG259QM280RTX 2060 Super1280x960Zowie G-SRRazer BlackWidow EliteHyperX Cloud IIaimdll Valorant Settings
PartyParrots7ssk7Logitech G Pro X Superlight White1,0008000.2902321.000BenQ XL2546240RTX 2080 Ti1600x900Zowie G-SR-SE Deep BlueSteelSeries Apex Pro TKLSennheiser GAME ZERO
PartyParrotsdinkzjZowie S2 Divina Edition1,0008000.4103280.800BenQ XL2540240RTX 2070 Super1920x1080Zowie G-SRRazer BlackWidow Chroma TE V2
ROYALSDPSZowie S21,0008000.1771411.000BenQ XL25402401366x768Corsair MM350Turtle Beach Elite Pro
ROYALSnephZowie EC2-B Divina Edition1,0004000.6002401.000BenQ XL24111441366x768SteelSeries QcK HeavyDucky Shine 5 YOTGHyperX Cloud II
ROYALShypeLogitech G Pro Wired1,0004000.5502201.000BenQ XL25402401920x1080Zowie G-SR-SE Divina Pink EditionRazer BlackWidow X Chroma TEHyperX Cloud II
ROYALSleakeNZowie EC21,0004000.5302121.000BenQ XL25462401280x960Zowie G-SRTurtle Beach Impact 100Logitech G Pro X
AAAKongaredZowie EC2-B1,0004000.3901561.000BenQ XL2546240GTX 10701920x1080Razer GigantusRazer BlackWidow Chroma TE V2HyperX Cloud II
AAAPTCLogitech G Pro Wireless1,0008000.6004801.000BenQ XL2546240RTX 2070 Super1920x1080
AAAJinNyLogitech G Pro Wireless1,0008000.3002401.000BenQ XL2546240GTX 10801920x1080Zowie G-SRSteelSeries Apex ProSennheiser Momentum In-Ear
AAAwannaflyZowie FK1+1,0008000.3502801.000BenQ XL2546240RTX 2070 Super1920x1080Zowie G-SRZowie Celeritas IIBeyerdynamic MMX300
AAAAcetisZowie FK21,0008000.6505201.000BenQ XL2546240GTX 1070 Ti1920x1080
FinestkpizZowie S1 Divina Edition1,0008000.2602081.000BenQ XL25462401440x1080Zowie G-SR-SE Divina Pink EditionGK64HyperX Cloud II
VALORANDOrAxGlorious Model O Matte Black1,0004000.6292511.000BenQ XL2546240RTX 20801920x1080Logitech G640Ducky One PBTSennheiser G4ME ONE
NaVi (S)s1mpleLogitech G Pro X Superlight White1,0004000.9743890.974BenQ XL2540240GTX 10801920x1080HATOR INTBSLogitech G Pro X Mechanical KeyboardLogitech G Pro X
Liquid (S)EliGELogitech G Pro Wireless1,0001,6000.2333720.800Alienware AW2518H240GTX 1080 Ti1680x1050Zowie G-SRMassdrop ALT High ProfileSennheiser PC37X
Liquid (S)Stewie2kGlorious Model O Wireless White1,0004000.6702681.000Alienware AW2521H360RTX 2080 Ti1920x1080SteelSeries QcK+HyperX Alloy OriginsHyperX Cloud II
Liquid (S)MendoLogitech G Pro Wireless OP5004500.5502471.000Alienware AW2521H360RTX 2080 Ti1440x1080Logitech G640Tofu 60% Zealios 67g Switchesbeyerdynamic DT 1990 ProMendo Valorant Settings
T1 (S)Selly55Logitech G Pro Wireless1,0004000.8803521.000BenQ XL2546240RTX 20801920x1080SteelSeries QcK HeavyDucky One 2 Mini RGB WhiteLogitech G Pro X
TSM (S)MythLogitech G7031,0007000.2251570.554ASUS ROG Swift PG258Q240RTX 2080 Ti1920x1080Logitech G840Logitech G Pro X Mechanical KeyboardLogitech G Pro XMyth Valorant Settings
Blaze EsportspAuraZowie S21,0004000.4001601.000BenQ XL2546240RTX 2060 Super1920x1080HyperX FURY S ProHyperX Alloy FPS ProLogitech G Pro X Wireless HeadsetpAura Valorant Settings
FAAZKLogitech G Pro Wireless1,0004000.6282511.000BenQ XL2540240GTX 10801920x1080Logitech G640Logitech G Pro X Mechanical KeyboardLogitech G Pro XAZK Valorant Settings
FAec1sVAXEE ZYGEN NP-011,0008000.3142511.000BenQ XL2546240GTX 1080 Ti1920x1080Zowie G-SR-SE Sweden EditionLogitech G Pro X Mechanical KeyboardLogitech G Pro Xec1s Valorant Settings
FATennerRazer Viper1,0008000.3002400.6501920x1080
FAdavidpLogitech G Pro Wireless1,0004000.5802321.000AOC AG251FZ2E240RTX 20801600x900Logitech G640Logitech G Pro X Mechanical KeyboardHyperX Cloud IIdavidp Valorant Settings
FAcadXtrfy M4 Pink1,0004000.5502200.920Alienware AW2518H240GTX 9701920x1080SteelSeries QcK HeavyMotospeed GK82GFallen Morcego
FANurfedLogitech G Pro Wireless1,0004000.5902361.000BenQ XL25402401920x1080Zowie G-SR
FARelyksLogitech G Pro Wireless1,0004000.7903161.000BenQ XL2540240RTX 2080 Super1920x1080Artisan Zero (XL/Soft)HyperX Alloy FPSHyperX Cloud IIRelyks Valorant Settings
FApsalmLogitech G Pro Wireless1,0008000.3142511.000Alienware AW2518H240RTX 2080 TiZowie G-SR-SE Divina Pink Edition60% Custom KeyboardBose SoundSport
FADeNaroRazer Viper1,0004000.5202081.000Acer Predator XB252Q240GTX 1050 Ti1920x1080Razer GigantusHyperX Alloy FPSRedragon SCYLLA
FAshinobiZowie EC2-B Divina Edition1,0004000.6502601.000BenQ XL2546240RTX 2080 Super1024x768SteelSeries QcK HeavyCorsair K65HyperX Cloud IIshinobi Valorant Settings
FADiceyLogitech G Pro X Superlight Black1,0008000.2301841.000Alienware AW2521HF240RTX 2080 Ti1920x1080HyperX FURY S ProDucky One 2 Mini RGBSennheiser G4ME ONEDicey Valorant Settings
FAjcStaniZowie ZA111,0008000.4003201.0002401440x1080Logitech G640Leopold FC750RAudio Technica M50x + modmic
FAraraLogitech G7031,0004000.6282511.000ASUS ROG Swift PG258Q240RTX 20801280x960Logitech G640HyperX Alloy FPS ProHyperX Cloud II
FAVeneratedLogitech G Pro Wireless1,0008000.2802241.000Alienware AW2518H240RTX 2080 Ti1920x1080Zowie G-SR-SECorsair K65Sennheiser HD 598
FAFreakazoidVAXEE ZYGEN NP-011,0004000.5822321.000BenQ XL2546240GTX 1080 Ti1920x1080Logitech G640Massdrop ALT High ProfileHyperX Cloud II
FANaturELogitech G Pro Wireless1,0001,0000.5085081.0001920x1080
StreamershroudLogitech G Pro X Superlight Black1,0004500.7803511.000Alienware AW2721D240RTX 30902560x1440Logitech G840 SELogitech G Pro X Keyboard SELogitech G Pro X Wireless Headset SEshroud Valorant Settings
Streamersummit1gFinalMouse Air58 Ninja CBR Edition5004000.4151661.000Samsung Odyssey G7240RTX 2080 Ti1920x1080Corsair MM500Corsair K70 RGB MK.2Audio Technica ATH-AD700Xsummit1g Valorant Settings
Streamern0thingLogitech G100s Custom1,0004000.6452581.000BenQ XL2546240RTX 2080 Ti1920x1080Logitech G440HyperX Alloy EliteLogitech G533n0thing Valorant Settings
StreamerONSCREENLogitech G Pro Wireless1,0004001.0004001.000BenQ XL2740240RTX 2080 Ti1920x1080Logitech G Pro X Mechanical KeyboardBeyerdynamic DT 1990 Pro
StreamerdizzyZowie ZA135008000.3352681.000BenQ XL2546240RTX 2080 Ti1920x1080Zowie G-SR-SESteelSeries Apex Pro TKLApple EarPodsdizzy Valorant Settings
StreamerNinjaLogitech G Pro X Superlight Black1,0004000.5502200.700Alienware AW2518H240RTX 30701920x1080HyperX FURY S Pro SE X-LargeSteelSeries Apex Pro TKLBeyerdynamic DT 1990 ProNinja Valorant Settings
StreamerKephriiASUS ROG Gladius2,0004000.5002000.650ASUS ROG Swift PG258Q240RTX 2080 Ti1920x1080Glorious 3XLSteelSeries Apex Pro TKLTurtle Beach Elite Atlas Aero
StreamerMuMiNoZowie EC2-B1,0004001.0004000.810AOC AGON AG241QG165GTX 1080 Ti2560x1440Zowie G-SR-SEHyperX Alloy EliteHyperX Cloud II
StreamerSadovnikLogitech G Pro Wireless1,0004000.8003201.000BenQ XL2540240RTX 2080 Ti1920x1080HyperX FURY S Speed EditionRazer Huntsman TEHyperX Cloud II
StreamerPLAYER1Logitech G Pro Wireless1,0008000.4003201.000BenQ XL24111441920x1080SteelSeries QcK+
StreamerN1KOLAXtrfy M4 Black1,0008000.3702961.000BenQ XL25462401920x1080Logitech G640Ducky One 2 Mini RGBSennheiser CX 3.00
StreamerJASONRLogitech G Pro X Superlight Black1,0004000.6192471.000BenQ XL2540240RTX 2080 Ti1920x1080SteelSeries QcK+Logitech G915Razer AdaroJASONR Valorant Settings
StreamerMorgausseFinalMouse Ultralight 25008000.2502001.000BenQ XL2540240RTX 2080 Ti1920x1080Zowie G-SRSteelSeries Apex Pro TKLSennheiser HD 599 SE
Streamern0tedFinalMouse Ultralight 25008000.4713761.000BenQ XL25462401920x1080The Mousepad CompanySteelSeries Apex Pro
RetireddafranZowie EC2-A1,0004000.8003201.000OMEN X25f240RTX 30901920x1080Logitech G640Corsair K65Sennheiser GAME ZEROdafran Valorant Settings
Retired1mpalaZowie FK2 White Edition1,0001,6000.4937881.000ASUS ROG Swift PG259QN360GTX 10701920x1080Zowie G-SR-SE Divina Pink EditionDucky One 2 RGBHyperX Cloud Alpha Purple
RetiredKurtLogitech G Pro Wireless1,0001,6000.1442301.000Alienware AW2518H240GTX 1080 Ti1920x1080Zowie G-SRDucky One 2 TKL RGBSennheiser HD 598


My mom said my eyes would turn into rectangles from playing too much PC. Joke's on her though, they are in glorious 16:9 now.

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  1. duck life says:

    The typical Valorant pro uses a mouse resolution of 400 or 800 dpi, and their API scores are in the 400–500 range. This is due to their Valorant’s sensitivity, which ranges from 0.3 to 0.6.

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  5. moto x3m says:

    Is there a way to install lag-free gaming for low-profile devices?

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  7. Alex says:

    Great info, thx

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