What is this?

on-winning.com is a website for everyone who wants to get good at video games

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We are a small team of video game addicted basement-dwellers who have played far too much games in their lives and want to make your time playing easier and more successful.

All of us have played at the highest ranks of their respective games.

We have seen a destinct lack of good guides and advice for the gamers that are just starting out, so we focus mostly on introductions to the fundamentals of winning in gaming.

After about 10 years of playing games we have noticed that most beginners really have no decent place to start learning about the games they love.

We are a small team of Hearthstone Legends, CS:GO Global Elites, WOW Gladiators and League of Legend Diamond 1s. We focus on the fundamentals, on the basics that every great player knows but most don’t share.

We are trying to give you the best, most simple and effective advice you can get.

Just what works, none of what doesn’t.You can support us as well. Any help is appreciated.