Relative Zoom Sensitivity for CS:GO and Overwatch

Consistent aim and trained muscle memory are a key to success in competitive FPS. Relative zoom sensitivity has been a key term we have heard more and more frequently over the last few months. So let’s go over the important bits real quick: The default zoom sensitivity does not match the normal (or unscoped) sensitivity in Overwatch or CS:GO. Or in plain english: Your scoped and unscoped sensitivity are different by default. To better train ourselves to aim consistently, some of us might want to match both. Now, if you want to have the same relative sensitivity while scoped and unscoped we have to do some calculations. Thankfully, this was already done by people much smarter than us. In short it reads like this:

AWP Zoom Sensitivity

The relative zoom sensitivity in CS:GO is “0.818933027098955175” and was calculated by the reddit user uhufreak here.

So, if you want to match your zoom sensitivity to your normal sensitivity, you can do this by opening your console and copy pasting this: zoom_sensitivity_ratio_mouse 0.818933027098955175

Players like Niko from mousesports use zoom sensitivities very similar to this. He is considered a rifler and has spectacular awping ability – which might be attributed to his relative zoom sensitivity.

Widowmaker Zoom Sensitivity

The relative zoom sensitivity in Overwatch is 38 and was calculated by the reddit user Skwuruhl here.

This only applies to short range flicks though, if you are doing longer range flicks 50 becomes more accurate. 38 is more advisable though, since good players mainly do short flicks due to their perfect crosshair placement – these values seem to be roughly around the average of professional Overwatch players as well.

You can change this in your Overwatch menu under Options -> Controls -> Ana / Widowmaker under all Heroes -> Widowmaker / Ana -> Relative Aim Sensitivity While Zoomed

Obviously if you main the AWP in CS:GO or Widowmaker / Ana in Overwatch you will test out a variety of zoom sensitivies until they fit you perfectly. Using the relative zoom sensitivity, however, is great for main riflers that usually don’t pick up a sniper rifle. You’re basically using the muscle memory from your normal sensitivity which can help you become a more versatile player.

I hope this helped. If you need any more help feel free to contact us in the comments.


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24 Responses

  1. mahdad says:

    Hi plz answer I play overwatch on console I use 100 sensitivity. Im a mccree player if I set my relative sense with widow to 38 would it be the same as 100 sensitivity without scope?

    • Max says:

      It’s impossible to have the same sensitivity. From the article: “38 only applies to short range flicks, if you are doing longer range flicks 50 becomes more accurate”. I would stick with 38 though since you will want to make short range flicks due to good crosshair placement. Hope this helps.

  2. Tain says:

    I looked this up because I needed it, but I didn’t expect anything to really come up… Thank you so much!

  3. nikodem jaros says:

    Heard it is actually supposed to be 36 instead of 38. The calculations were done on 51.
    On 51.5 fov instead of 38 it becomes 36

  4. Scarecrow says:

    Is 51.5 fov the default one when scoped and should I use 36 scoped sens then? If so, why were the calculations done on 51 fov anyways?

  5. Skazzy3 says:

    >Yes, use 36. The 38 calculation is from the release of the game.

    This doesn’t make any sense. I’ve done a good amount of searching and I haven’t found anything that confirms or denies that the scoped FOV is 51.5 instead of 51. Perhaps contacting Skwuruhl on reddit would actually clear that up? He goes as far as to include screenshots and posts in his reddit thread which leads me to believe that the scoped FOV is indeed 51, and not 51.5, and therefore the best Scoped FOV is 38 for microflicks. Not 36.

    Either way, I’m not 100% about the 36 figure.

  6. Skazzy3 says:

    I even found a reddit thread that directly references this article as misinformation:

    A quote from reddit user Skwuruhl himself (who you reference in the article) : “I would guess 36 is a typo because they reference my post and also I don’t know of any math that would lead to 36. Even if it is 51.5 it would still come out to 38 relative sensitivity.”

    I respect your website, but I really urge you to double-check instead of going off of whatever the latest comment says here.

  7. lumos says:

    How about the Ashe?

  8. Odin says:

    So if my normal csgo sense is 2.72, what does my zoom sens have to bee to match it as perfectly as possible?

  9. Docon says:

    Are there any similar calculations for Apex Legends?

  10. woodoku says:

    Thank you for ensuring that I had the right value!

  11. drift boss says:

    There isn’t a single mouse sensitivity that suits everyone; instead, it primarily comes down to personal preference.

  12. bing maps says:

    But, in a solitary life, there are rare moments when another soul comes close to yours, as stars do once a year. He was like a constellation to me.

  13. contexto says:

    I knew this information before because I always find out the information related to CS:GO

  14. Rahul says:

    Nice article helpful for me

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