Fortnite Pro Settings and Setups List – The Best Fortnite Settings

Best Fortnite SettingsSince the professional esports scene in Fortnite is still very young, we have been focusing on getting you the best fortnite settings of streamers in addition to established teams like Luminosity Gaming and Team Solo Mid. Please feel free to check out the best fortnite settings of popular players like Ninja, Myth, Tfue and others.

Fortnite exploded onto the scene this year and there is no slowing down in sight. At close to 50 million players it has become a global phenomenon. Of course we couldn’t wait to bring your our list of the best fortnite settings of professional players as well. In this article you will see how the best Fortnite Setup looks like. We take all of our information from ProSettings.Net. This is where you can find the most frequently updated Fortnite Pro Settings around.

Fortnite is an incredibly fast-paced and skill-intensive game. Especially settings like sensitivity, ADS sensitivity and a good refresh rate monitor can make a big difference in your battle for #1. As you can see in the list below, all Fortnite pros have something in common. They all play with low sensitivity settings. You have probably wondered how their tracking aim is so smooth or how they land some ridicilious flicks with the sniper on such a consistent basis.

Obviously these players are incredibly talented and train a lot. However, their settings allow them to play as well as they do. If you take a look at their video settings you can see that most pros prefer to have them on low-medium. However all of them have their View Distance on far-epic. This is incredibly important to be able to spot enemies that are far away. If you have a high-end PC we recommend Ninja’s Fortnite Settings. If your PC is on the lower-end we recommend shroud’s Fortnite Settings

Please let us know in the comment what you personally consider the best fortnite settings. As always, if you find any mistakes, write a comment and we will fix it in no time.

Thank you for reading.

TeamPlayerMouseMouse DPISensitivity XSensitivity YADS SensitivityScope SensitivityMonitorMonitor HZResolutionMousepadKeyboardHeadsetVideo Settings
Luminosity GamingNinjaLogitech G502 Proteus Spectrum8000.0800.0800.60.4Alienware AW2518H2401920 x 1080HyperX Fury S ProLogitech G810Beyerdynamic DT-990Ninja Fortnite Settings
Luminosity GamingSypherPKLogitech G Pro Wireless4000.0900.0900.750.65Samsung C32HG701441920 x 1080SteelSeries QcK+Corsair Gaming K95Sennheiser HD 598SpyherPK Fortnite Settings
Team SoloMidMythLogitech G70313000.0300.0300.70.6BenQ XL2411Z1441920 x 1080Logitech G640 TSMLogitech G513 Carbon LinearLogitech G Pro HeadsetSpyherPK Fortnite Settings
Team SoloMidDaequanLogitech G6006000.0700.0700.750.75ASUS ROG PG258Q2401920 x 1080Logitech G640 TSMLogitech G213Logitech G Pro HeadsetDaequan Fortnite Settings
Team SoloMidCaMiLLsLogitech G502 Proteus Spectrum18000.1100.1100.50.65ASUS ROG PG258Q2401920 x 1080Logitech G640 TSMLogitech RGB G910Logitech G533CaMiLLs Fortnite Settings
Team SoloMidHamlinzLogitech G7037000.0700.0700.70.7ASUS ROG PG258Q2401920 x 1080Logitech G640 TSMLogitech G213Logitech G Pro HeadsetCaMiLLs Fortnite Settings
Team SoloMid StreamerdakotazLogitech G502 Proteus Spectrum24000.0700.0700.710.77ASUS ROG PG258Q2401920 x 1080Logitech G640 TSMLogitech G Pro Mechanical KeyboardLogitech G933dakotaz Fortnite Settings
Team SoloMid StreamerHighDistortionLogitech G502 Proteus Spectrum16000.0700.0700.790.7ASUS ROG PG258Q2401920 x 1080Logitech G640 TSMLogitech G Pro Mechanical KeyboardSennheiser HD 650HighDistortion Fortnite Settings
Team SoloMid StreamerOPscTZowie EC2-B4000.0800.08011BenQ XL25402401920 x 1080Logitech G640 TSMLogitech G Pro Mechanical KeyboardSennheiser HD 700OPscT Fortnite Settings
FaZe ClanSpaceLyonLogitech G90016000.1500.1500.750.75BenQ XL25402401920 x 1080Logitech G640Razer BlackWidow UltimateLogitech G430SpaceLyon Fortnite Settings
FaZe ClanCloakRazer DeathAdder 20134000.1000.10011ASUS VG248QE1441920 x 1080HyperX Fury S ProRazer BlackWidowHyperX Cloud IICloak Fortnite Settings
FaZe ClanJaomockCorsair M458000.1500.1500.80.6601920 x 1080SteelSeries QcK+Razer OrnataJaomock Fortnite Settings
FaZe ClanTfueFinalMouse Ultralight Pro4000.1000.1000.70.55ASUS ROG PG258Q2401920 x 1080 Shine One TKLSennheiser HD 700Tfue Fortnite Settings
NRG EsportsSvennossSteelSeries COD Black Ops II8100.1000.10011AOC G2460PQU1441920 x 1080Corsair STRAFEAstro A50Svennoss Fortnite Settings
Streamersummit1gFinalMouse Ultralight Pro4000.0900.0900.750.85ASUS VG248QE1441920 x 1080
Corsair MM200 XL
Corsair K-70 RGB RedsAudio Technica ATH-AD700Xsummit1g Fortnite Settings
StreamershroudLogitech G3034000.1400.1400.90.56BenQ XL25402401920 x 1080HyperX Fury S ProHyperX Alloy FPSHyperX Cloud Flightshroud Fortnite Settings
StreamerDrLupoFinalMouse Ultralight Sunset8000.0400.0400.50.5ASUS ROG SWIFT PG279Q1652560 x 1440Logitech G840Cooler Master Storm Rapid-iBlue Ella PlanarDrLupo Fortnite Settings
MilleniumXSOOZowie FK28000.0700.0700.750.8ASUS VG248QE1441920 x 1080SteelSeries QcK HeavyOzone Gaming Strike ProSennheiser GAME ZERO
MilleniumTeeqzyFinalMouse Ultralight Pro4000.1200.1200.80.8BenQ XL25462401920 x 1080SteelSeries QcK HeavyDucky Shine 6HyperX Cloud I
MilleniumNeiruZowie FK24000.0900.09011BenQ XL24111441920 x 1080SteelSeries QcK HeavyCorsair STRAFEHyperX Cloud II
MilleniumRobi62Logitech G Pro Gaming Mouse8000.0700.07011BenQ XL24111441920 x 1080SteelSeries QcK HeavyRazer BlackWidow ChromaRazer Kraken Pro
MilleniumNokSsRazer DeathAdder Elite18000.0500.0500.410.39BenQ XL24111441920 x 1080Razer GigantusDucky One 711Beyerdynamic MMX300
MilleniumAzrodRazer DeathAdder Chroma4000.0800.0800.450.75BenQ XL2411Z1441920 x 1080Perixx XXLRazer BlackWidow ChromaRazer Kraken Pro
MilleniumVerrmaxSteelSeries Rival 1105000.0400.0400.80.7BenQ XL24111441920 x 1080SteelSeries QcK+MOTOSPEED 104HyperX Cloud I


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    Tfue uses the Steelseries Sensei 310.

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    SyptherPK now use Logitech G Pro Wireless

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    Tfue uses the Finalmouse Ultralight pro

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    What’s windows sensitivity have teeqzy? Thanks <3

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    Tfue isn’t in Faze anymore

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