CS:GO Pro Settings – The Best Sensitivity, Config, Mouse, Monitor, Keyboard, Headset, PC, Chair and Setup Used by Professional Gamers

CS GO SETTINGS MOUSE KEYBOARD CHAIRFinding the best CS GO mouse can be difficult. Have you ever wondered which gaming mouse or monitor KennyS, Forest or Pasha are using? Or what sensitivity Scream or Get_Right use to get those sweet shots? We have gathered the CS GO config, sensitivity, settings, mouse, keyboard and other hardware of all players of the 16 teams of the last Major for you. The table is even sortable by player name, team or sensitivity. This can be an incredibly valuable resource if you want to get your CS:GO game to the next level.

We have provided sources for you as well, just in case you want to check yourself. This table is updated every major Counter-Strike: Global Offensive tournament. Please feel free to comment if we got something wrong.

You can quickly reach this post under our subdomain at http://csgosetup.on-winning.com Any information on the settings, sensitivity, resolution, mice, keyboards, chairs or other gear of teams and players is very much appreciated. We will reply to you as soon as possible.

In general, checking out what the pros are using is a good start to find the perfect CS GO config, settings and hardware for you. You should always try to find the CS GO config, settings and hardware you personally are most comfortable with. Every player is different in his play style, which means that AWPers often play with a really low sensitivity, lurkers tend to have a comparatively high sens.

Interestingly, not every pro is using a flawless mouse sensor. Please refer to our Flawless Mouse Sensor List to check.

You should also try to find a mouse that fits your hand, there are many different grips that you have to try out for yourself. Until then you won’t know what mouse fits you. A 144hz monitor is a noticeable advantage over other players in CS GO, but if you are a new player 60 HZ are just fine. Also look at the mousepads the pros are using in CS GO. Most Pros use suprisingly big mousepads in CS:GO. If you are completely lost, start at 2 sensitivity and 400 dpi. Then just fine-tune it until it’s perfect.

You might also want to have a look at ProSettings.net. You can find some interesting analysis on the best monitors and gaming mice in their CS:GO Best Monitor and Gear Guide.

PlayerTeamMouse DPIHzWindows sens.sens. / zoomMouse accel.Raw inputResolution MonitorHzMouseMousepadKeyboardHeadsetComputerChairSource
dev1ce / deviceAstralis400100062.5 / 1011024x768 / 4:3 / black barsBenQ XL2411T144Zowie EC2-AZowie G-SRZOWIE GEAR CeleritasTurtle Beach Elite ProiBuyPower#1
KjaerbyeAstralis40050061.8 / 1011024x768 / 4:3 / black barsASUS VG248QE144Zowie FK1Zowie G-SRCorsair STRAFE RGBTurtle Beach Elite ProAlienwareAK Racing#1
Xyp9xAstralis80050061 / 1011680x1050 / 16:10 / black barsBenQ XL2420T144Zowie FK2Logitech G640Logitech G610Turtle Beach Elite ProiBuyPower#1
gla1veAstralis400100062.2 / 1011280×960 / 4:3 / stretchedBenQ XL2430T144Razer DeathAdder ChromaSteelSeries QcK+SteelSeries 6Gv2Turtle Beach Elite Pro#1
dupreehAstralis400100061.7 / 1011280x800 / 16:10 / stretchedBenQ XL2411T144Zowie FK2Zowie G-SRRazer BlackWidow Tournament EditionTurtle Beach Elite ProiBuyPower#1
Stewie2kCloud9450100061.85 / 0.83011024x768 / 4:3 / black barsBenQ XL2430T144Logitech G Pro Gaming MouseLogitech G640Logitech G810HyperX Cloud IIAlienwareNeedforSeat#1
autimaticCloud9400100061.9 / 1111280x960 / 4:3 / stretchedBenQ XL2430T144Logitech G403Logitech G640Logitech G Pro Mechanical KeyboardLogitech G433AlienwareNeedforSeat#1
SkadoodleCloud980050061.4 / 1011024x768 / 4:3 / black barsBenQ XL2430T144Logitech G Pro Gaming MouseLogitech G640Logitech G810Logitech G433AlienwareNeedforSeat#1
RUSHCloud9400100063.35 / 1011024x768 / 4:3 / stretchedBenQ XL2420T144Zowie FK1SteelSeries QcK HeavyRazer BlackWidow StealthCorsair H2100#1
TarikCloud9800100061.1 / 1011024x768 / 4:3 / stretchedASUS VG248QE144Logitech G400sSteelSeries QcK HeavyRazer BlackWidow ChromaSennheiser PC 350iBuyPowerNeedforSeat#1

ShroudCloud9 (bench)400100062.1 / 1011920x1080 / 16:9BenQ XL2430T144Logitech G303Cloud9 Zoom MousepadLogitech G Pro Mechanical KeyboardLogitech G533AlienwareNeedforSeat#1
n0thingCloud9 (bench)40050061.7 / 1011024x768 / 4:3 / black barsBenQ XL2430T144Logitech G100sLogitech G440Logitech G810Logitech G430AlienwareNeedforSeat#1
NBKG2 Esports80050061 / 0.9001280x720 / 16:9 BenQ XL2411Z144Razer DeathAdder EliteZowie G-SRXtrfy K2 RGBHyperX Cloud Revolver SDX Racer#1
apEXG2 Esports400100061.91 / 1011600x900 / 16:9BenQ XL2411Z144Zowie EC2-AZowie G-SRXtrfy K2 RGBHyperX Cloud RevolverDX Racer#1
kennySG2 Esports40050062.2 / 1011024x768 / 4:3 / black barsBenQ XL2540120Razer DeathAdder EliteRazer GigantusXtrfy K2 RGBHyperX Cloud IINeedforSeat#1
shoxG2 Esports400100053 / 1001024x768 / 4:3 / black barsBenQ XL2411T144Razer DeathAdder EliteZowie G-SRSteelSeries 7GHyperX Cloud Revolver S#1
bodyyG2 Esports40050062.6 / 1011024x768 / 4:3 / stretchedBenQ XL2411Z144Zowie EC2-AZowie G-SRDucky Mechanical KeyboardHyperX Cloud II#1
SmithzzG2 Esports (coach)400100061.89 / 0.8001024x768 / 4:3 / black barsBenQ XL2411Z144Razer DeathAdder 2013SteelSeries QcK HeavyDucky Year of the GoatHyperX Cloud II#1
FalleNSK Gaming400100062.2 / 1.1011024x768 / 4:3 / black barsBenQ XL2420Z144Zowie EC1-AMionix SARGAS 450 SKHyperX AlloyRazer Kraken Pro V2CyberpowerPC#1
coldzeraSK Gaming80050061.1 / 1001280x960 / 4:3 / stretchedASUS VG248QE144Zowie ZA12Mionix SARGAS 450 SKHyperX AlloyRazer Kraken Pro V2CyberpowerPC#1
ferSK Gaming40012562.5 / 1011152×864 / 4:3 / stretchedBenQ XL2420T144SteelSeries Rival 300HyperX FURY ProHyperX AlloyRazer Kraken Pro V2CyberpowerPC#1
TACOSK Gaming400100061.9 / 1011280×1024 / 5:4 / stretchedBenQ XL2411Z144Zowie FK2Zowie G-SRHyperX AlloyRazer Kraken Pro V2CyberpowerPC#1
felpsSK Gaming40012562.2 / 1011280x1024 / 4:3 / stretchedBenQ XL2420Z144Zowie EC2-AHyperX FURY ProHyperX AlloyRazer Kraken Pro V2#1
GuardiaNFaZe40050061.3 / 1.200800x600 / 4:3 / black barsBenQ XL2420T144SteelSeries Kinzu v1 [Sudden Attack]Zowie G-SRHyperX AlloyHyperX Cloud IIDX Racer#1
NiKoFaZe400100061.42 / 0.8011024x768 / 4:3 / stretchedBenQ XL2540240Zowie EC2-AZowie G-SRZOWIE GEAR CeleritasHyperX Cloud II#1
kioShiMaFaZe400100062.2 / 1001280x720 / 16:9BenQ XL2540240Zowie ZA12Zowie G-SRXtrfy K2-RGBSennheiser GAME ZERODX Racer#1
olofmeisterFaZe400100061.7 / 1.2011024x768 / 4:3 / black barsBenQ XL2730Z144SteelSeries Rival 300Fnatic Gear Focus XLFnatic Gear Rush G1HyperX Cloud IIDXSeat#1
rainFaZe450100061.75 / 1011280x800 / 16:10 / stretchedBenQ XL2411Z144QPAD 8KXtrfy XGP1-L4Xtrfy XG1-RHyperX Cloud IINeedforSeat#1
karriganFaZe800100041.2 / 1011024x768 / 4:3 / stretchedBenQ XL2411Z144Logitech G Pro Gaming MouseSteelSeries QcK+ CS:GO EditionCorsair STRAFE RGBHyperX Cloud IIiBuyPower#1
JWFnatic400100062.4 / 0.9011024x768 / 4:3 / black barsBenQ XL2730Z144Zowie EC2-A [White]Fnatic Gear Focus XLXtrfy K2-RGBSteelSeries Arctis 7DXSeat#1
flushaFnatic400100061.6 / 0.87011280x960 / 5:4 / stretchedBenQ XL2540240Zowie EC1-A [White]Fnatic Gear Focus XLFnatic Gear Rush G1QPAD QH-90DXSeat#1
Lekr0Fnatic900100061 / 1011440x1080 / 4:3 / stretchedBenQ XL2411Z144QPAD DX-20SteelSeries QcK HeavyFnatic Gear Rush G1HyperX Cloud IIDXSeat#1
KRiMZFnatic400100061.8 / 1011024x768 / 4:3 / black barsBenQ XL2540240Zowie EC1-ASteelSeries QcK HeavyFnatic Gear Rush G1QPAD QH-90DXSeat#1
GoldenFnatic400100062 / 1011280x720 / 16:9ASUS VG248QE144Zowie ZA13Fnatic Gear Focus XLFnatic Gear Rush G1Fnatic Gear Duel#1
k0nfigNorth400100062.2 / 1011024x768 / 4:3 / black barsBenQ XL2420Z144Zowie EC2-ASteelSeries QcK HeavyZOWIE GEAR CeleritasHyperX Cloud IIAlienwareAK Racing#1
AizyNorth400100062.4 / 1011024×768 / 4:3 / black barsBenQ XL2420T144Zowie EC2-ACorsair Gaming MM200 XLCorsair K-70 RGB RedsHyperX Cloud IINeedforSeat#1
MSLNorth400100061.6 / 1011024x768 / 4:3 / black barsBenQ XL2430T144Zowie EC2-ASteelSeries QcK HeavyCorsair K-70 RGB RedsHyperX Cloud IIAlienwareAK Racing#1
valdeNorth160050060.8 / 1011024x768 / 4:3 / stretchedZowie EC1-A#1
cajunbNorth400100061.8 / 1001024x768 / 4:3 / black barsBenQ XL2420T144Zowie EC1-AZowie G-SRZOWIE GEAR CeleritasHyperX Cloud IIAlienware#1
ropzmousesports400100061.77 / 1011920x1080 / 16:9BenQ XL2540240Zowie EC2-AZowie G-SRZOWIE GEAR CeleritasSennheiser GAME ZERO#1
oskarmousesports40050063.5 / 0.8011024x768 / 4:3 / stretchedBenQ XL2540240Zowie EC2-AZowie G-SRCM Storm QuickFire Rapid-iSennheiser GAME ZERO#1
chrisJmousesports800100060.9 / 1001280x1024 / 5:4 / stretchedBenQ XL2540240Zowie FK1Zowie G-SRZOWIE GEAR CeleritasSennheiser GAME ZERO#1
STYKOmousesports400100062 / 0.8011440x1080 / 4:3 / stretchedBenQ XL2430T144Razer DeathAdder 2013Razer Goliathus SpeedROCCAT Ryos TKL ProROCCAT Kave XTD#1
suNnymousesports500100061.76 / 1011024x768 / 4:3 / black barsASUS VG248QE144SteelSeries Rival 100XTRFY XTP1-L4-ENCE-1XTRFY XG1-RASUS ROG Orion PRO#1
ZeusNatus Vincere1600100031.64 / 1001024x768 / 4:3 / black barsAOC G2460PQU144Zowie FK2Zowie G-SRRazer Blackwidow UltimateHyperX Cloud IIDX Racer#1
seizedNatus Vincere40050063 / 0.8011024x768 / 4:3 / black barsAOC G2460PQU144Zowie EC2-AZowie G-SRHyperX AlloyHyperX Cloud IIDX Racer#1
s1mpleNatus Vincere400100063.09 / 1011280x960 / 4:3 / stretchedASUS VG248QE144Zowie ZA13 [White]Zowie G-SRHyperX AlloyHyperX Cloud Revolver SAlienwareNeedforSeat#1
flamieNatus Vincere800100061.1 / 1011280x960 / 4:3 / black barsAOC G2460PQU144Zowie EC2-AZowie G-SRHyperX AlloyHyperX Cloud IIHyperX Cloud IIDX Racer#1
EdwardNatus Vincere40050061.9 / 1011024x768 / 4:3 / stretchedAOC G2460PQU144Zowie EC2-ASteelSeries QcK+HyperX AlloyHyperX Cloud IIHyperX Cloud IIDX Racer#1
NeoVirtus Pro40050061.81 / 0.85001024x768 / 4:3 / black barsBenQ XL2420T144Zowie EC2-AZowie G-SRSteelSeries Apex M500SteelSeries Siberia 650#1
SnaxVirtus Pro400100062.06 / 0.9100800×600 / 4:3 / black barsBenQ XL2420T144Zowie FK2SteelSeries QcK+SteelSeries Apex M500SteelSeries Siberia 200#1
pashaVirtus Pro40050062.2 / 1011280x960 / 4:3 / stretchedBenQ XL2420T144SteelSeries Rival 100SteelSeries QcK HeavySteelSeries 6Gv2QPAD QH-90#1
TazVirtus Pro40050062.1 / 1011024x768 / 4:3 / black barsBenQ XL2420T144Zowie FK2SteelSeries QcK HeavySteelSeries Apex M500Sennheiser G4ME ONE#1
byaliVirtus Pro40050061.7 / 1001680x1050 / 16:10 / stretchedBenQ XL2540240Logitech G Pro Gaming MouseSteelSeries QcK+Razer BlackWidow X ChromaSennheiser GAME ZERO#1
HObbitGambit Gaming400100063 / 0.75011024x768 / 4:3 / stretchedASUS VG248QE144Zowie EC2-ASteelSeries QcK HeavyHyperX AlloyHyperX Cloud Revolver#1
mouGambit Gaming400100063 / 1001024x768 / 4:3 / black barsASUS VG248QE144Zowie ZA13Zowie G-SRASUS EchelonSteelSeries Siberia v2#1
AdreNGambit Gaming40050062 / 0.85011024x768 / 4:3 / black barsBenQ XL2420T144Zowie FK2Everglide TITANASUS EchelonHyperX Cloud II#1
DosiaGambit Gaming40050062.5 / 1011024x768 / 4:3 / black barsASUS VG248QE144SteelSeries Kana v2Everglide TITANASUS EchelonASUS ROG Orion#1
boltzImmortals40050063 / 1011440×1080 / 4:3 / stretchedBenQ XL2420Z144SteelSeries SenseiSteelSeries QcK MassFnatic Gear Rush G1HyperX Cloud II#1
steelImmortals40012562.9 / 0.65011280x720 / 16:9BenQ XL2420T144Zowie FK2Razer Goliathus SpeedZOWIE GEAR CeleritasHyperX Cloud II#1
HEN1Immortals400100042.5 / 1111024x768 / 4:3 / black barsBenQ XL2420Z144SteelSeries Rival 300HyperX FURY ProRazer BlackWidow ChromaHyperX Cloud II#1
LUCAS1Immortals400100061.7 / 1001024x768 / 4:3 / black barsBenQ XL2420Z144Razer DeathAdder 2013Razer Goliathus SpeedRazer BlackWidow ChromaRazer Kraken 7.1 Chroma#1
kNgImmortals400100062.5 / 0.9011024x768 / 4:3 / black barsHyperX Cloud I#1
tabsenBIG400100061.28 / 1011024x768 / 4:3 / stretchedEIZO FG 2421144Logitech G403 WirelessLioncast esport ONE BIGLioncast LK300HyperX Cloud II#1
keevBIG400100062.8 / 0.9011280x720 / 16:9 BenQ XL2540240Zowie EC2-A [White]Zowie G-SRHyperX AlloyHyperX Cloud II#1
NexBIG800100061.15 / 1001024×768 / 4:3 / stretchedASUS VG248QE144Zowie EC2-AZowie G-SRZOWIE GEAR CeleritasSennheiser GAME ZERO#1
gob bBIG800100061 / 1011280x960 / 4:3 / stretchedBenQ XL2411Z120Logitech G403 WirelessLioncast esport ONE BIGLioncast LK300Sennheiser GAME ZERO#1
LEGIJABIG800100061 / 1011024x768 / 4:3 / black barsBenQ XL2420T144Zowie FK1Lioncast esport ONE BIGLioncast LK300HyperX Cloud II#1
HSPENTA400100062.4 / 1011600x900 / 16:9BenQ XL2420Z144Zowie FK2SteelSeries QcK HeavyQPAD MK-90SteelSeries Siberia 350#1
zehNPENTA800100051.5 / 1011024x768 / 4:3 / black barsASUS VG248QE144Finalmouse 2016 - Classic ErgoXTRFY XTP1 F0REST EDITIONLogitech G710+HyperX Cloud II#1
kRYSTALPENTA1000100061.6 / 1001920x1080 / 16:9BenQ XL2420T144SteelSeries Rival 100SteelSeries QcK HeavyQPAD MK-80Sennheiser PC 360#1
innocentPENTA40050061.5 / 1011280×960 / 4:3 / stretchedBenQ XL2411T144SteelSeries Rival 300Zowie G-SRXtrfy K2 RGBSennheiser GAME ZERO#1
B1ad3FlipSid3 Tactics4005002.3 / 0.77011280x720 / 16:9 BenQ XL2411Z144Zowie FK1Razer Goliathus SpeedZOWIE GEAR CeleritasSennheiser PC 363D#1
markeloffFlipSid3 Tactics40050062 / 0.85001024x768 / 4:3 / black barsBenQ XL2420T144Zowie ZA12Zowie G-SRZOWIE GEAR CeleritasSennheiser GAME ZERO#1
electronicFlipSid3 Tactics400100062.7 / 1011024x768 / 4:3 / black barsBenQ XL2540240Zowie EC2-A [White]SteelSeries QcK+bRazer BlackWidow Tournament EditionHyperX Cloud II#1
WorldEditFlipSid3 Tactics40050061.84 / 1011600x900 / 16:9BenQ XL2411Z144Zowie ZA12Zowie G-SRZOWIE GEAR CeleritasSennheiser G4ME ONE#1
wayLanderFlipSid3 Tactics180050060.26 / 0.42011024x768 / 4:3 / black barsBenQ XL2411Z144Razer DeathAdder ChromaZowie G-SRZOWIE GEAR CeleritasSennheiser GAME ZERO#1
REZNinjas in Pyjamas400100062.7 / 1011024x768 / 4:3 / black barsBenQ XL2430T144Zowie ZA12XTRFY XGP1-L4Xtrfy K2-RGBXtrfy H1#1
GeT_RiGhTNinjas in Pyjamas400100062.9 / 1001024x768 / 4:3 / stretchedBenQ XL2411T144Logitech G303Xtrfy XTP1-L4-GT-1Xtrfy K2-RGBXtrfy H1DX Racer#1
XiztNinjas in Pyjamas40050063 / 1001024x768 / 4:3 / black barsEIZO Foris 2421144SteelSeries IkariSteelSeries QcK HeavyXtrfy K2-RGBXtrfy H1DX Racer#1
f0restNinjas in Pyjamas40050063.5 / 1001280x960 / 4:3 / black barsBenQ XL2411T144Zowie EC2-AXtrfy XTP1-L4-NiP-ITXtrfy K2-RGBXtrfy H1DX Racer#1
drakenNinjas in Pyjamas700100061.2011024x768 / 4:3 / black barsBenQ XL2430T144Razer DeathAdder ChromaRazer Goliathus ControlRazer Blackwidow UltimateXtrfy H1#1
TwistzzTeam Liquid400100061.8 / 1011280x960 / 4:3 / stretchedBenQ XL2430T144Razer DeathAdder EliteLogitech G640Logitech G810Logitech G633 Artemis SpectrumAlienwareNeedforSeat
EliGETeam Liquid1600100060.82 / 0.6011680x1050 / 16:10 / stretchedBenQ XL2420T144Razer DeathAdder EliteRazer GigantusRazer BlackWidow X ChromaHyperX Cloud IIAlienwareNeedforSeat#1
stanislawTeam Liquid400100063.5 / 1011024x768 / 4:3 / stretchedBenQ XL2411Z144Razer DeathAdder EliteRazer GigantusRazer BlackWidow Chroma V2Turtle Beach Elite ProiBuyPowerNeedforSeat#1
jdm64Team Liquid400100062.75 / 1001024x768 / 4:3 / black barsBenQ XL2420T144Razer DeathAdder 2013Razer Goliathus SpeedSteelSeries 6Gv2HyperX Cloud IIiBuyPowerNeedforSeat#1

nitr0Team Liquid40050062.5 / 0.85011024x768 / 4:3 / stretchedASUS VG248QE144Razer DeathAdder ChromaRazer Goliathus SpeedRazer BlackWidow ChromaHyperX Cloud IIAlienwareNeedforSeat#1
HappyEnVyUs450100052.6 / 1011024x768 / 4:3 / black barsBenQ XL2411T144Zowie EC2 eVoSteelSeries QcK HeavyCM Storm QuickfireHyperX Cloud IIDX Racer#1
sixeREnVyUs40050062 / 1011280x960 / 4:3 / black barsBenQ XL2411T144Zowie ZA12Zowie G-SRSteelSeries 6Gv2HyperX Cloud II#1
RpKEnVyUs40050062 / 1011280x960 / 4:3 / streched144SteelSeries RivalRazer Goliathus SpeedRazer BlackWidow ChromaSennheiser GAME ZERO#1
ScreaMEnVyUs400100052.5 / 101800x600 / 4:3 / black barsBenQ XL2411Z144FinalMouse ScreamOneSteelSeries QcK HeavySteelSeries 6Gv2HyperX Cloud II#1
xmsEnVyUs1280x800 / 16:10 / stretchedBenQ XL2411Z144Razer DeathAdder ChromaZowie G-SRTesoro ExcaliburHyperX Cloud I#1
twistGODSENT400100062 / 1011600x900 / 16:9BenQ XL2411Z144Zowie ZA12SteelSeries QcK HeavyFnatic Gear Rush G1HyperX Cloud IIDXSeat#1
disco doplanGODSENT1850100060.4 / 1011280x800 / 16:10 / StretchedViewSonic XG2401144Razer DeathAdder ChromaRazer Goliathus SpeedCM Storm QuickfireHyperX Cloud RevolverDXSeat#1
dennisGODSENT400100062 / 1011280x800 / 16:10 / stretchedBenQ XL2420T144Zowie EC2-ASteelSeries QcK HeavyFnatic Gear Rush G1HyperX Cloud IIDXSeat#1
znajder GODSENT40050063 / 1011280x720 / 16:9 BenQ XL2411Z144Zowie EC1-AXtrfy XGP1Xtrfy K2 RGBCorsair Gaming H1500#1
pronaxGODSENT (bench)400100062.5 / 1011024x768 / 4:3 / black barsBenQ XL2420T144Zowie EC2-AXtrfy XGP1Xtrfy K2 RGBQPAD QH-90#1
JkaemTeam Dignitas40050061.52 / 1011024x768 / 4:3 / black barsBenQ XL2411Z144Zowie EC2-AXtrfy XGP1-L4Xtrfy XG1-RSennheiser PC 363DNeedforSeat#1
foxTeam Dignitas45064.6 / 1001024x768 / 4:3 / black barsBenQ XL2420T144Zowie AM-GSXtrfy XGP1-L4Ozone Strike ProSennheiser GAME ZERONeedforSeat#1
RUBINOTeam Dignitas40050062.25 / 1001280x1024 / 4:3 / black barsBenQ XL2420T144Zowie EC2-A [White]Xtrfy XGP1-L4Corsair K-70 RGB RedsCorsair Gaming VOIDAlienwareAK Racing#1
tenzkiTeam Dignitas40050061.7 / 1011280×960 / 4:3 / stretchedBenQ XL2420T144SteelSeries RivalSteelSeries QcK HeavyCorsair K-70 RGB RedsCorsair Gaming H1500AlienwareAK Racing#1
ZeroHellRaisers400100062.1 / 1011920x1080 / 16:9BenQ XL2411T144Zowie EC2-AZowie G-SRROCCAT Ryos TKL ProSteelSeries Siberia v2#1
ANGE1HellRaisers400100062.21 / 1Zowie ZA12Razer Goliathus SpeedASUS EchelonASUS ROG Orion PRO#1
DeadFoxHellRaisers40062.5 / 1011024x768 / 4:3 / black barsBenQ XL2411Z144Zowie EC2-AZowie G-SRCorsair Vengeance K65HyperX Cloud II#1
bondikHellRaisers1800100032.5 / 1001024x768 / 4:3 / black barsBenQ XL2410T144Razer DeathAdder ChromaSteelSeries QcK HeavyZOWIE GEAR CeleritasHyperX Cloud II#1
MODDIIHeroic40050062.2 / 101800x600 / 4:3 / black barsBenQ XL2430T144Zowie EC1-ASteelSeries QcK HeavyXtrfy K2-RGBSteelSeries 9H#1
JUGiHeroic70050060.8 / 1011024x768 / 4:3 / black barsBenQ XL2430T144Razer DeathAdder ChromaSteelSeries QcK+SteelSeries Apex M500HyperX Cloud II
SnappiHeroic40050062.5 / 0.7011280x960 / 4:3 / stretchedBenQ XL2420T144Zowie EC2-ASteelSeries QcK+MIONIX ZIBAL 60HyperX Cloud I#1
NikoHeroic40061.55 / 1011920x1080 / 16:9#1
NAFOpTic Gaming1800100060.9 / 1001024x768 / 4:3 / black barsBenQ XL2411Z144Razer DeathAdder ChromaSteelSeries QcK HeavySteelSeries 6Gv2Turtle Beach Elite Pro#1
mixwellOpTic Gaming400100062.2 / 1001024x768 / 4:3 / black barsBenQ XL2420T144Razer DeathAdder ChromaZowie G-SRZOWIE GEAR CeleritasSennheiser G4ME ONE#1
HazedOpTic Gaming400100063.3 / 1.25011024x768 / 4:3 / black barsBenQ XL2430T144Razer DeathAdder ChromaRazer Goliathus SpeedRazer BlackWidow ChromaHyperX Cloud IIiBuyPowerNeedforSeat#1
reltuCCounter Logic Gaming80050061.65 / 1011280x960 / 4:3 / stretchedBenQ XL2430T144Zowie FK1Razer Goliathus SpeedHyperX Cloud IIiBuyPowerNeedforSeat#1
koostaCounter Logic Gaming400100062.4 / 1011280x960 / 4:3 / black barsBenQ XL2411Z144Logitech G400sSteelSeries QcK HeavyCorsair K-70 RGB RedsSennheiser PC350SEAlienwareNeedforSeat#1
FNSCounter Logic Gaming400100061.75 / 1011024x768 / 4:3 / stretchedASUS VG248QE144Razer DeathAdder 2013SteelSeries QcK HeavyiBuyPowerNeedforSeat#1
NahtECounter Logic Gaming400100062.2 / 1011280x1024 / 5:4 / stretchedASUS VG248QE144Logitech G303SteelSeries QcK+Corsair K-70 RGB RedsLogitech G430AlienwareNeedforSeat#1
XANTARESSpace Soldiers400100062 / 1 1.0511024x768 / 4:3 / stretchedBenQ XL2420T144Zowie FK1SteelSeries QcK+ CS:GO EditionOzone Strike ProSennheiser GAME ZERO#1
CalyxSpace Soldiers800100051.1 / 1011280x960 / 4:3BenQ XL2430T144SteelSeries Rival 300SteelSeries QcK HeavyOzone Strike ProHyperX Cloud I#1
ngiNSpace Soldiers400100062.5 / 1011024x768 / 4:3 / black bars144Razer DeathAdder ChromaRazer Goliathus SpeedRazer BlackWidow TournamentLogitech G35
FugLyNRG eSports45050061.7001920x1080 / 16:9ASUS VG248QE144Razer DeathAdder ChromaRazer Goliathus SpeedRazer BlackWidow ChromaHyperX Cloud IIiBuyPowerNeedforSeat#1
dapsNRG eSports40050062.12 / 1011280x720 / 16:9 / stretchedBenQ XL2420Z144Zowie EC1-ARazer Goliathus SpeedCM Storm Quickfire ProTurtle Beach Elite Pro#1
rallenTeam Kinguin180050061.2 / 0.8011024x768 / 4:3 / stretchedBenQ XL2410T144QPAD 5KSteelSeries QcK Mass#1
MICHUTeam Kinguin800100060.47 / 1011280x960 / 4:3 / stretchedASUS VG248QE144Zowie EC2-ASteelSeries QcK HeavyROCCAT Ryos ProSennheiser GAME ZEROAK Racing#1
ShahZaMMisfits400100061.7 / 1011024x768 / 4:3 / black barsASUS VG248QE144Logitech G303Logitech G640Logitech G710+Logitech G430#1
sgaresMisfits800100061.2 / 1001280x960 / 4:3 / stretchedBenQ XL2420T144Zowie EC2-AHyperX FURY ProRazer BlackWidow ChromaHyperX Cloud Revolver#1
freddiebEpsilon40061.7011280x960 / 4:3 / stretchedViewSonic XG2401144Zowie EC1-AQPAD FX-50SteelSeries 6Gv2QPAD QH-90#1
BARBARREpsilonViewSonic XG2401144
MaikeleleRed Reserve40050052.6 / 0.9011024x768 / 4:3 / black barsASUS ROG SWIFT PG278Q144Zowie EC2-AXtrfy XGP1-L4Xtrfy XG1-RHyperX Cloud IINeedforSeat#1
BnTeTTyLoo81061.2 / 1001024x768 / 4:3 / black barsSteelSeries Sensei RawSteelSeries QcK HeavySteelSeries Apex M500SteelSeries 9H#1
MachinegunThe MongolZViewSonic XG2401144
SHOOWTiMELuminosity150012560.5 / 1011280x960 / 4:3 / stretchedBenQ XL2420Z144SteelSeries SenseiSteelSeries QcK HeavyFnatic Gear Rush G1HyperX Cloud II#1
rocaSplyce1800100060.5 / 1011920x1080 / 16:9BenQ XL2411Z144Razer DeathAdder ChromaRazer Goliathus ControlDucky Mechanical KeyboardCreative Sound BlasterX H5#1
DAVEYeUnited400100062 / 1011920x1080 / 16:9ViewSonic XG2401144Razer DeathAdder ChromaCorsair MM200 XLCorsair K-70 RGB RedsCorsair Gaming VOID#1
LeXMythic Reborn180050060.6 / 101800x600 / 4:3 / black barsBenQ XL2420Z144Razer DeathAdder EliteGlorious XL HeavyMasterKeys Pro S TKL BrownSennheiser HD 598#1
summit1gMythic Reborn40050061.5 / 1011920x1080 / 16:9ASUS VG248QE144Zowie FK1Corsair Gaming MM200 XLCorsair K-70 RGB RedsAudio-Technica ATH-AG1XNeedforSeat Maxnomic#1
adreNMythic Reborn400100062.25 / 1011024x768 / 4:3 / black barsBenQ XL2411Z144Zowie ZA12Razer GigantusRazer Blackwidow UltimateHyperX Cloud IIAlienwareNeedforSeat#1
fl0mMythic Reborn400100063 / 1011920x1080 / 16:9ASUS VG248QE144SteelSeries Rival 700SteelSeries QcK HeavySteelSeries Apex M500SteelSeries Arctis 7#1
PolenMythic Reborn40063 / 1011600x1024 / StretchedBenQ XL2420Z144Logitech G303Corsair K-70 RGB RedsHyperX Cloud II#1
Magiskb0Yfree agent800100061.15 / 1001024x768 / 4:3 / stretchedBenQ XL2420T144Zowie EC2-ASteelSeries QcK+Corsair K-70 RGB RedsHyperX Cloud IIAlienwareAK Racing#1
swagfree agent400100061.1 / 1001920x1080 / 16:9BenQ XL2420T144Logitech G400sLogitech Cloud9 TileLogitech G810HyperX Cloud Revolver S#1
Dazedfree agent400100062 / 1611024x768 / 4:3 / black barsBenQ XL2411Z144Logitech G403HyperX FURY Pro XXLRazer BlackWidow Tournament StealthSennheiser GAME ZERO#1
steelfree agent40050061.5 / 1011920x1080 / 16:9BenQ XL2420Z144Finalmouse 2016 - Classic ErgoZowie G-SRZOWIE GEAR CeleritasSennheiser GAME #1
loWelfree agent400100062.4 / 1011024x768 / 4:3 / black barsBenQ XL2540240Razer DeathAdder ChromaRazer Goliathus ControlCorsair K-70 RGB RedsSennheiser GAME ZERO#1
allufree agent400100063.3 / 1011024x768 / 4:3 / black barsASUS VG248QE144Zowie EC1-AXtrfy XTP1-L4-NiP-LIXtrfy K2-RGBSennheiser GAME ZERO#1
pythfree agent400100062.6 / 1011024x768 / 4:3 / black barsBenQ XL2411T144Zowie EC2-AZowie G-SRXtrfy K2-RGBHyperX Cloud IIDX Racer#1
denisfree agent400100061.93 / 0.7011024x768 / 4:3 / black barsBenQ XL2540240Zowie ZA12Zowie G-SRZOWIE GEAR CeleritasSennheiser GAME ZERO#1
fREAKAZOiDfree agent400100061.8 / 0.8011024x768 / 4:3 / stretchedBenQ XL2430T144Razer DeathAdder ChromaRazer Goliathus SpeedSteelSeries 6Gv2HyperX Cloud IIAlienwareNeedforSeat#1
Spiidifree agent400100061.85 / 1011650x1050 / 16:10 / stretchedBenQ XL2420T144Zowie EC2-AZowie G-SRZOWIE GEAR CeleritasSennheiser PC 363D#1
ryxfree agent160050041 / 1001024x768 / 4:3 / black barsBenQ XL2430T144Razer DeathAdder 2013SteelSeries QcK HeavyCorsair K-70 RGB RedsHyperX Cloud II#1
peetfree agent160050060.475 / 0.9011024x768 / 4:3 / black bars144SteelSeries RivalSteelSeries QcK Heavy#1
DEVILfree agent400100051.43 / 1011024x768 / 4:3 / stretchedASUS VG248QE144SteelSeries SenseiRazer Goliathus SpeedLogitech G710+HyperX Cloud RevolverDX Racer#1
Fribergfree agent800100061.1 / 1001280x960 / 4:3 / stretchedBenQ XL2430T144Zowie EC1-AXtrfy XTP1-L4-NiP-ITXtrfy XG1-R LEDSennheiser GAME ZERODX Racer#1
Sharafree agent40012542 / 1Windows01024x768 / 4:3 / black barsBenQ XL2420T144Microsoft IntelliMouseSteelSeries QcK HeavyZalman ZM-K400GSennheiser GAME ZERO#1
Hikofree agent400100063.9 / 1011280x960 / 4:3 / stretchedAOC G2460PQU144Zowie EC2-AZowie G-SRRazer BlackWidow StealthHyperX Cloud IIAlienwareNeedforSeat#1
fnxfree agent40012561.77 / 1011280x960 / 4:3 / stretchedBenQ XL2430T144Zowie ZA12Mionix SARGAS 450 SKFnatic Gear Rush G1HyperX Cloud IICyberpowerPC#1
hoochfree agent45050062.3 / 1011024x768 / 4:3 / black barsBenQ XL2410T144Zowie ZA12SteelSeries QcK HeavyTt eSPORTS POSEIDONs
Sennheiser HD555#1
Subrozafree agent400100061.55 / 1011024x768 / 4:3 / black barsBenQ XL2420Z144Zowie FK2Zowie G-SRCorsair K-70 RGB RedsHyperX Cloud IIAlienwareNeedforSeat#1
GruByfree agent2.6 / 1011024x768 / 4:3 / black barsBenQ XL2411Z144SteelSeries RivalROCCAT TAITOCM Storm QuickfireQPAD QH-90#1
spazefree agent80050042.9 / 1001024x768 / 4:3 / black barsZowie G-SRASUS Echelon#1
woxicfree agent1620100063.2 / 1011024x768 / 4:3 / stretchedBenQ XL2430T144SteelSeries SenseiSteelSeries QcK+ CS:GO EditionRazer BlackWidow ChromaSteelSeries Siberia 350#1
Slemmyfree agent40050062.65 / 1011920x1080 / 16:9BenQ XL2430T144Logitech G303Logitech G440Logitech G810Logitech G633 Artemis SpectrumAlienwareNeedforSeat#1
Pimpfree agent500100062 / 1011650:1050 / 16:10 / black barsBenQ XL2420T144Razer DeathAdder ChromaRazer Goliathus SpeedRazer BlackWidow ChromaHyperX Cloud IIAlienwareNeedforSeat#1
aryafree agent40050031.5 / 1011024x768 / 4:3 / stretchedViewSonic XG2401144Zowie EC1-AZowie G-TF SpeedZOWIE GEAR CeleritasSteelSeries Siberia 350#1
wentonfree agent400100062.1 / 0.85011920x1080 / 16:9ASUS VG248QE144Logitech G302SteelSeries QcK HeavyFnatic Gear Rush G1HyperX Cloud IIDXSeat#1
Furlanfree agent900100061.4 / 1011920x1080 / 16:9BenQ XL2410T144Zowie EC1-ASteelSeries QcK+CM Storm QuickfireSteelSeries Siberia v2#1
AcilioNfree agent800100061.3 / 1011920x1080 / 16:9ViewSonic XG2401144Zowie FK1Mionix SARGAS 450 SKMIONIX ZIBAL 60HyperX Cloud I#1
Friisfree agent40050062.5 / 1011024x768 / 4:3 / black barsBenQ XL2410T144MIONIX AVIOR SKMionix SARGAS 450 SKMIONIX ZIBAL 60HyperX Cloud I#1
CRUC1ALfree agent50050062.5011024x768 / 4:3 / stretchedViewSonic XG2401144SteelSeries Rival 100SteelSeries QcK HeavyLogitech G19Sennheiser PC350SE#1


My mom said my eyes would turn into rectangles from playing too much PC. Joke's on her though, they are in glorious 16:9 now.

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651 Responses

  1. RPJ says:

    Xizt’s monitor HZ is incorrect

  2. aficio says:

    Happy’s source is on an hltv page saying 3.2 sens

  3. Aaron Ang says:

    I think FNC dennis is using the EC2A as can be seen in the starladder tournament

  4. sfektsz says:

    karrigan is using the World of Tanks Deathadder (6400 DPI)

  5. asdf says:

    Resolution of Krimz is right? I thought it was 1600×900

    • Max says:

      He is changing his resolution a lot. He is using 1024×768 right now. Before that he used 16:10 black bars. He might have used 1600×900 aswell at some point.

  6. Aaron says:

    Everyone is switching to zowie after dreamhack lol but it’s hard to tell specifically which mice they are using

  7. Pliscin7 says:

    Sorry im fairly new to the game so I dont understand what you mean with sens/ z-sens. I get that sens i just your normal sensitivity but what is z-sens and how can i change it? thanks a lot great list! hope it keeps getting updated!

  8. ProTech says:

    can you add config for HEN1 ?
    thank you

  9. Derick says:

    Nbk is not using a Razer DA,
    He swapped to steelseries mouse(rival 300), keyboard (6gv2) couple months ago.

    And he showed he got some new zowe mouse, mousepads on twitter couple days ago

  10. aaron says:

    mousesports team all using zowie EC2As

  11. Daschten says:

    Does TACO really play with black bars, because on major I saw him play without them

  12. kreyzeN says:

    Kio goes FaZe Clan 😀

  13. jure says:

    Fallen isnt using razer DA choma he switched to zowie ec2/1 a (i think u should check it out)

  14. Alex says:

    Scream uses 1024×768 BB And is using the scream on mouse 1000Hz also the keyboard is wrong its pike the steelseries keyboard 6v something.

  15. Steven says:

    Didnt envy and navi and nip and lots of people were using hyperx cloud 2 at dreamkhack 2016?

  16. Steven says:

    Watch envyus hyperx gaming house tour. They switched to hyperx cloud revolver?

  17. lolo says:

    what s mean 1.9 / 1 on sensitivity that 1 ?

  18. Bruh says:

    What do you think the best csgo mouse is currently? I use a 2013 Razer DA and idk whether to try zowie or go to da chroma or stay with what I got

    • Max says:

      Stay with the deathadder. It has a flawless sensor and as long as the shape suits you its perfectly fine. 🙂

    • AsianFork says:

      I’m fairly sure you probably got a new mouse by now, but for further research for yourself; if you use the claw grip you could go for the zowie fk1, many razer products tend to malfunction fairly easily unless you’re lucky. But if you like the feel of the DA then stay with it I guess.

  19. Mew says:

    I’m looking into buying a gaming mouse specifically for cs:go. Which do you think is better?

    Razer Deathadder Chroma or Steelseries Rival

  20. Steven says:

    Didnt team envyus switch to hyperx revolver? Watch the envyus gaming house on youtube

  21. skw says:

    KennyS use a zowie mouse now.

  22. goldy says:

    shox mouse, s1mple mouse, and I’m lazy to read it all again and tell you the other things xDDD

  23. Ap says:

    Is windows sensitivity of fallen 11/11? I think it is 6/11. And thankyou, this page helped me alot.

  24. aloe says:

    Dupreeh rival 100, 500dpi

  25. Leo says:

    Tarik uses blackwidow chroma

  26. Blackiee says:

    Hen1 is playing 1280 960 Blackbars isnt he?

    and since when is KennyS playing a Zowie EC1-A it was the razer deathadder 2013

    or I’m wrong?

    • Max says:

      Hen1 is playing 1280×1024 Black bars and KennyS switched to the Zowie EC1-A. You are talking about the settings they used before that. 🙂

  27. Virus says:

    ScreaM switched to 1280×720, he showed during his stream. Just telling your so you can update.

  28. tim says:

    Anyone has a suggestion what dpi runs best at Razor Abyssus 2014 ?
    Im using it and recently heard there are some laser issues?!

  29. naryn says:

    ScreaM using FinalMouse.Not DA 2013.

  30. souperfuqboi says:

    On fREAKAZOiD’s twitch https://www.twitch.tv/freakazoid_tv hes using a deathadder chroma not the 2013 and the hyper x cloud II’s instead the the g933

  31. Danka says:

    Shroud’s sensitivity is wrong! On his twitch page it says 2.0 sensitivity not 2.1

  32. WildRage88 says:

    I want to choose a mousepad between Zowie g-sr and Steelseries qck heavy/+.
    I also have a Zowie EC1-A
    What do you think i should take?

  33. Oskar says:

    i saw byali playing some stretched resolution on ELEAGUE matches with Envyus but im not sure what kind of resolution it is can you like search for this maybe and fix it? thanks 🙂

  34. Leo says:

    adreN use zowie ec2-a and a zowie mouse pad he showed on his gear review video in youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nIvno0QH6yM

  35. Anonymous says:

    As of July 1st Fallen’s team are no longer playing for luminosity but they are playing for SK Gaming

  36. ? says:

    Dude great list!
    Really helped me see what pros use

  37. Muhammed Narin says:

    Mou is using ozone strike battle at esl one cologne 2016

  38. Gus says:

    In FalleN’s vlogs, they were shown being given HyperX Cloud Revolvers by SK.

  39. Gus says:

    Virtus.Pro recently got a SteelSeries sponsorship, so they have changed their gear to SteelSeries stuff.

    Byali using Sensei Raw, QcK+ Fnatic Edition, Siberia 350, Apex M400
    Snax using Rival 100 Sakura Purple, Apex M400, Zowie Gear G-SR, Sennheiser G4ME ZERO
    TaZ using Rival 300 CS:GO Fade edition, QcK heavy, Siberia v2, Apex M400
    Pasha using Rival 300, QcK heavy, Siberia v2, SS 6Gv2
    NEO using Rival 300, QcK heavy, 6Gv2, Siberia Elite Prism.

    Sorry about all these changes. This sponsorship must have been big, because they changed all this.

  40. Spencer says:

    Fnx uses 125 Hz m8

  41. Woop says:

    The SK Gaming team all use use either Zowie G-SR or Mionix 450 SK.

  42. Andre says:

    Which one is the best Zowie GSR or SS Qck Heavy? And I want to ask what is the diffrence beetwen Zowie GSR ad Zowie PSR?

    • Max says:

      The Zowie G-SR and the SteelSeries QcK Heavy are both great mousepads, so you should test them both and decide after. The difference between the Zowie G-SR and P-SR is the size.

  43. NBK has quite a different setup rn, https://www.twitch.tv/nbk, uses 800dpi 1.55 sense and a zowie ZA11 at 500hz

  44. Elijah says:

    adreN was using 1600×900 yesterday 🙂

  45. Gus says:

    Cloud9 are now all using the Logitech G810.

  46. Mark says:

    Stewie2k Uses a BenQ now btw check his newest video he goes through it (Its in his vlog

  47. Cesar says:

    Flusha 400 dpi 1000 hz

  48. pilas87 says:

    i see f0rest playing full window in eleague but im not sure if the resolution is streched or 16:9

  49. Dirod says:

    What about make an Edpi? Thats really accurate, since we dont need to find about the dpi and sens, like someone with 400dpi and 2 sens its the same as 1600dpi and 0.5 sens, since them effective dpi is 800 in both cases.

  50. Dirod says:

    Btw bodyy is playing 1024 stretched, and cold is playing 1280×1024 5:4

  51. Confileus says:

    adreN changed to 1024×768

  52. Dirod says:

    https://twitter.com/coldzera/status/746371041119866880 cold :). By the way edward is using 16:9 (saw monitor on eleague). Nex, flamie and Pasha are using 4:3 blackbars, I think 1024×768.

  53. VjPower says:

    Tarik uses the g400s. I asked him an stream and that’s what his chat admin told me.

  54. VjPower says:

    Dude Stewie2k changed his mouse to the logitech G900. Its on his twitter.

  55. Dirod says:

    S1mple just said he is playing 1280×960 stretched on stream today, no more black bars 😀

  56. Dirod says:

    s1mple is using steelseries 6gv2 keyboard, and niko is using zowie g-sr mousepad

  57. Dirod says:

    S1mple changes res pretty much everyday on stream, now he is using 800×600 stretchedx, however i dont know what you should write since he is always changing…

  58. insan1ty says:

    s1mple is using the zowie ZA13 🙂

  59. MVK says:

    ScreaM now plays 1024×768 BB

  60. Alex says:

    Scream doesnt play on 1280×720 he plays on 800×600 😛 dont listen to everybody

  61. Alex says:

    Scream also doesnt play on 1024×768 go to his latest stream there he says he plays on his old settings again and says he plays on 800×600

  62. Maeesh says:

    Both s1mple and Guardian are using zowie fk2 now. Just saw it on navi website

  63. Oliver says:

    I really like this list! 😀
    Keep it up! (like in the last 8 months before :D)

  64. Petar says:

    Hi there. Happy from EnvVyUs is now using the Zowie EC1-A/EC2-A.. He showed the mouse on his stream. 🙂 Here’s vod of the stream to check if you want to: https://www.twitch.tv/happycsgo/v/83179455 (check around 4 hour and 55 minutes)

  65. Slava says:

    Hi man! yesterday i visited a lan event in Moscow, where i met spaze from Gambit Gaming. I noticed he was using ZOWIE mousepad with his nickname. Unfortunately, i can’t remember anything.
    btw, seized is using ZOWIE mouspad w/ his nickname as well.

  66. donbrande says:

    On rival 100 u can’t use 400 dpi. You can choose 500dpi.
    Snax is using rival 100, so he’s not allowed to use 400 dpi. Last time, when he was on his friend stream, he told that he is using 500 dpi and 1.72 sens.

  67. Diogo Rodrigues says:

    twist uses 1024×768 stretched, not bb

  68. Игорь Ободенко says:

    NA’VI s1mple uses zowie za13 now. Fix it))

    • Max says:

      Na’Vi Webpsite says that he is using the FK2.

      • Игорь Ободенко says:

        Monitor Benq 144hz
        Zowie ZA13

        Settings: Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
        ╚►Crosshair size: 2 (thickness 0)(gap 0)(dot 0)
        ╚►Crosshair color: green
        ╚►In-Game Sensitivity: 3.09
        ╚►Zoom sensitivity ratio: 1
        ╚►Resolution: 800×600;1024×768
        ╚►Mouse accel: Off (-freq 144 -tickrate 128)
        ╚►Mouse DPI: 400
        ╚►Windows sensitivity: 6/11
        It’s from official s1mple’s page in vk.com. So I am not sure which is correct)
        Also he is playing with za13 on this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m4XN5p9kr-k
        Maybe he changed it to fk))

  69. Dirod says:

    Byali is using 1440×1080 stretched yes, but its 16:10, not 4:3. Btw twist uses 1024 black bars, not stretched as someone said, he streamed yesterday and said that.

  70. Dirod says:

    twist uses 1024 black bars

  71. Dirod says:

    cold using 1280×960 again, saw stream today

  72. Salman Kazi says:

    I believe n0thing, Skadoodle and shroud from C9 use the brand new Logitech G Pro mouse.
    I don’t have any sources for the claims but I’ve seen posts on /r/Logitech about them using the mice at esl cologne before the mouse had an official name.

  73. Salman Kazi says:

    The official blog post about the G Pro has Skadoodle talking about the mouse. So Skadoodle uses it for sure.

  74. Imma Seal says:

    Does anyone know what is Fallen’s sensitivity atm? Sources such as the google sheets one, liquipedia, and this site show different infos (either 2.6/2.3/2.2 all at 400 DPI)

  75. ilya says:

    Hallo, Max! I think you should add another column in this table – “cm/360”. Why? Because it is universal index, and it will be clearly seen whose sensitivity is larger whose smaller. No need trying to convert all stuff like different dpi’s etc every time. Plz answer what you think. Thx.

  76. CrypticManu says:

    Spiidi is using the Ec1-a / 1.8 sens and 1680 x 1050

  77. Patrick says:

    s1mple is using 800×600 bb right ?

  78. Fábio says:

    the SK team are using G.fallen Roboris Keyboard…. Fallen and Coldzera are using for sure (i saw it on one of the lastest video of youtube.com/falleninsider)

    G.fallen is a new peripherals brand from Fallen…. basically its a fallen company.

    tks dude keep the good work!

  79. EXTREM3 says:

    Niko is now using 1.42 sens and 1280×960 as it says on his twitch page.
    Keep up the awesome work

  80. Beaver Killer says:

    Isn’ t Shroud now using Logitech G PRO ?

  81. marcio moita says:

    what is z-sens?

  82. pjdc says:

    should update C9’s gear and roster
    Shroud Skadoodle and Autimatic is using Logitech G Pro now. n0thing and Stewie2K unchanges.
    Source:recent offline matches,the Northen Arena grand final can see it clearly.

  83. Sumana Soh says:

    Why does many website and spreadsheet says that olofmeister plays at 400 dpi and 1.7 sens but the source at his twitch says 450 dpi? Is twitch info outdated?

  84. Imma Seal says:

    is Olofmeister now using 400 DPI, 1.7 Sens, and 1.1 zoom sens?

  85. nanno says:

    get_right now using steelseries siberia 800 (wireless headset). Saw on streaming

  86. johnyboy says:

    Magiskboy is playing on 1.15 sens

  87. Sonny says:

    Isn’t apEX using 1600×900 same as happy???

  88. Salman Kazi says:

    Stewie using the G Pro: https://gyazo.com/e5e382478f446e6759c40be45a22f71e

    (Taken from livestream 28/9/2016 EST)

  89. SonnyBlackDX says:

    Btw Stanislaw is Optic instead of Daps and Showtime is not in Immortals anymore its zews now

  90. Dirod says:

    Dennis is playing black bars, not stretched anymore. Saw him in esl new york

  91. T-R-K says:

    s1mple is using a the zowie za13 white version.

  92. Dirod says:

    fnx is playing stretched, esl new york

  93. T-R-K says:

    new mousepad for byali and taz. they are using the one with csgo logo. https://clips.twitch.tv/esl_csgo/EnergeticGrasshopperKreygasm

  94. Cheng Chien says:

    I think I saw GeT_RiGhT using Hyper X Cloud II on stream yesterday. Might be the Cloud but not the SS Siberia

  95. T-R-K says:

    get_right is playing 144hz
    source: his stream says :”Launch options – -freq 144 -novid -console +exec autoexec -tickrate 128 +cl_updaterate 128 +cl_interp 0″

  96. PhillipA says:

    NiKo zoom sens is 0.9 not 0.8 and raw input 1

  97. Dirod says:

    Flusha and krimz, at least, are using the mousepad “fnatic gear focus”

  98. SoNN1 says:

    Fallen has 2.6 sens ingame and 6/11 it was on stream today

  99. Frederico Fernandes says:

    Rain and GeT_RiGhT 1000hz on mouse. Check the stream.
    GuardiaN mouse is kinzu v1 Sunden Attack, checked on hltv galleries in his last event.
    Colzera mouse i think is za 12 and not 11.

  100. Frederico Fernandes says:

    Lucas1 from immortals, ingame sens 1.7 e 1000 mouse hz. Checked on his stream today

  101. SoNN1 says:

    Happy is playing 800×600 bb check his stream he was streaming yesterday

  102. sk1p says:

    Tarik is using new G403 not g400

  103. zoey87 says:

    nip no longer use eizo. get_right use ss xai now. godsent members use xtrfy mousepad. xizt never use xtrfy pad actually, he’s stuck to qck heavy and still using his ss ikari. if i were not wrong 🙂

  104. Rodri says:

    s1mple is playing 1024×768 bb, he said on stream

  105. BlackDeathRoses says:

    GuardiaN is Still playing with Steelseries Kinzu v1 [sudden attack], and Zowie Mousepad i think.

  106. dirod says:

    rubino is not playing stretched anymore, black bars

  107. daB says:

    Can you add xantares config please?

  108. T-R-K says:

    They also play low resolution because on lan sometime you don t have great pc and you need a lot fps, like pasha he was playing 1280×720 then he switched to 1024×768 for better fps on lan

  109. wannabe says:

    Guardian is playing with special mousepad from DEV1S – Guardian Colection

  110. Jason Chien says:

    Not everyone on Team SK uses the Revolver. At least for sure fnx uses the Cloud II. This is the source I got it from, perhaps you can also spot out any more things that I missed worth updating https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K4a3VCvFLFg

  111. Anthony Castro says:

    Adren is now using the logitech g403. He even posted a video on it on his youtube page.

  112. Fernando! says:

    Fallen keyboard is wrong, he’s using his own keyboard brand. GFallen Roboris. Don’t know if the other players from SK are using.

  113. dirod says:

    rubino is still playing same res!! 16:10 but black bars, not stretched

  114. lel says:

    xantares is using 120 hz,not 144

  115. Bob says:

    Autimatic plays on 1280×960 stretched, 1.9 sensitivity and 1.01 mouse accel via Twitter.

  116. Cloudomon says:

    GeT_RiGhT plays 1280×960 black bars since yesterday

  117. T-R-K says:

    get right playing with 1600 dpi . proof https://clips.twitch.tv/eleaguetv/ThankfulBearPartyTime…. you can see the blue led that means 1600 dpi

  118. Virus says:

    n0thing uses 1.9 sens with 400 dpi (previously 1.7 sens with 400 dpi)

    source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aYMyYkFCnJs

  119. wannabe says:

    Hello again, s1mple was playing 800×600 bb, but because of bad “form” in FPL match he changed to 16:9 1600×900 – so you can write 800×600 bb and we will see until another stream if he changes it. Here you can see it: https://www.twitch.tv/s1mpleof/v/99526109 time 3:09:30 I think

  120. Alex says:

    n0thing does use 1.7 sensitivity lol. Check his twitch, the youtube source is old, but if you watch one of his recent streams he talks about his sens being lower than ever before at 1.7.

  121. Gilzer says:

    Where HObbit settings from Gambit? its 1024×768 / 4:3 / stretched ; 400dpi,1000 hz; 2.7 sensitivity – raw_input 1, mouse_acceleration 0

  122. EXTREM3 says:

    Hi again, k0nfig is using the zowie ZA12 as it is on his twitch

  123. dirod says:

    when will you do the eDpi thing i told you 3 months ago? 🙂

  124. Tanner Briggs says:

    How do these pros play on 3 sens and 400 dpi??

  125. 123 says:

    how i can make 1440×900 black bars ?

  126. T-R-K says:

    Get right playing 1024bb he said on twitter that he is playing with xizt’s cfg

  127. wannabe says:

    Styko playin 1440×1080 (showed on stream)

  128. Salman Kazi says:

    How come I can’t sort stuff by name anymore?

    I used to click on “mouse” and then it would order the mice in alphabetical order.

    Why can’t I do that anymore?

  129. Cloudomon says:

    Twist is playing 1600×900

  130. PapaShrood says:

    Shroud uses 2.5 sens now at 400 dpi. Check recent stream which came on 10 mins ago for me xD

  131. yeet yeet says:

    stewie and automatic use g610, not g810

  132. GILZER says:

    fnx is no longer in the team SK Gaming. There was a conflict and he left the team.

  133. Talha Sert says:

    Why do none of these pro gamers listed above not use g402 or g502. I actually am about to buy a new mouse, I really love and want to buy g502 or g402. But the situation that the 2 mice i want arent being used by any of the pros makes me think those are not good. Should i buy g502/g402 Max? What do you Think? (I play cs go as lem)

    • Guodlike says:

      Those aren’t reasons why you shouldn’t get them. ShahZam used to use the G402, so did Skadoodle. I also had one and loved it, but now i have G Pro. It’s a great mouse for the price point IMO. Planning to get a G403 though. Don’t really like the shape of the G Pro, but a great mouse nonetheless.

      • Talha Sert says:

        I have tried many gaming mice in a store yesterday, Despite I’m a big fan of Razer DA it didn’t fit my hand, made me unconfortable. G502 felt perfect, I wonder if g502’s sensor works as precise as da’s sensor. Because performance is more important than my comfort.

        By the way I didn’t know that shahZam and Skadoodle used to use g402, thank you for this information, I put it down as a reference.

        • sk1p says:

          Try g403, it is perfect mouse, I became global with g303 but always didn’t like the shape and then changed this mouse to g403, I had sometime Zowie ZA13 and could not play so good as with 3366 sensor, you can see my g303/403 frags there)) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wVd2fY-CVKU&t=212s

          • Talha Sert says:

            Nah, no mouse fits my hand like the way g502 does, it is so comfortable to me. I think imma get g502. G502’s sensor is Pixart PMW3366 which is also sensor of G Pro, G403, G303, G502, G900 so all of the mice i wrote has same performance same accuracy. Only difference between these mice is shape. (I didn’t count dpi, buttons, etc.) I mean only accuracy and sensor performance. Same sensor means same accuracy, same tracking. Am I right? So I’m gonna go with g502 cuz it fits perfect to my hand. And the pros are using mice with this sensor (tarik, shroud, Stewie2k, skadoodle etc.)

    • sk1p says:

      Of course sensor is the same, if shape g502 suitable for you use it, it’s self-preference, in my opinion it’s easier to aiming with not big mouses like g pro or g403,g303, but g502 is big.

  134. mondi says:

    Device exactly playing with the zoom sensitivity 1.2? not 1.0

  135. Gilzer says:

    Team “Echo Fox” is more present. They disbanded its composition.

  136. T-R-K says:

    ScreaM using the qck heavy (check his stream or liquipedia)

  137. emlit says:

    Dupreeh use the zowie fk2 now.

  138. emlit says:

    On EL qualifier, stewie2k use the logitech G PRO.

  139. Berfuter says:

    Yeah, Seangares and Shahzam to go to TSM. Its confirmed to be Twistzz, Sick, Relyks, Sgares and Shahzam as the new TSM roster. Rip Echofox :'(

  140. tRLss says:

    Hey guys, I got a little question. Do mousepads with decorations and paints such as QcK+ CS:GO Edition and Goliathuses reduce my tracking precision? Usually pros are using plain qck (Black, No decorations) I loved the new qck hyperbeast edition so much. I have plain qck too. Do I face any problem if I switch to hyperbeast?

  141. Vesta says:

    thought autimatic was using the G403 but the guys in C9 switch mice around so fast it’s hard to tell.

  142. Liquid s1mple says:

    daps is no longer a free agent. He’s going to play for NRG.

  143. emlit says:

    Neo uses rival 100 or rival 300?

  144. xD says:

    Simple uses the HyperX alloy. Do !keyboard on his stream

  145. dirod says:

    100% sure nbk not playing 800×600 bb, i think he might be playing 16:9, just dont know res (saw his monitor at eleague major qualifier)

  146. Cloudomon says:

    GeT_RiGhT is playing 1280×960 4:3 STRETCHED saw it in his stream today

  147. Cloudomon says:

    And GeT_RiGhT is playing 400dpi and 2.9 ig

  148. dirod says:

    i would recommend not changing s1mple res, just put 1024×768 black bars. he changes a lot, but he returns to this one everytime. 16:9 was literally for one day. 90% of time he uses 1024bb so yeah…

  149. harley s says:

    JW & Olof use benq 27″ not 24

  150. stewie2k's biggest fan says:

    byali’s headset says siberia 350 but links to sennheiser 350

  151. Helios1 says:

    autimatic uses 403 wireless and karrigan uses gpro source from the eleague major qualifier

  152. hugo says:

    Shroud changed back to g303, streamed yesterday.

  153. rawimage-iwnl- says:

    Get_right is using 1280×960 stretched and switched to Logitech G303 Daedalus Apex. I asked him on stream

  154. dirod says:

    sixer using 2 sens, stream info

  155. EliteMarine says:

    SmithZz is using Ducky Year of the Goat (keyboard) and Steelseries QcK Heavy (mousepad) Info: http://www.hltv.org/player/7170-smithzz

  156. GGnoRE says:

    Ryx plays for Splyce now

  157. Frederico Fernandes says:

    Magiskb0Y use 1000 mouse hertz and 144 monitor hz. I saw it on stream

  158. naryn says:

    jkaem is free, xantares is using ozone strike pro, hiko is using blackwidow stealth

  159. dirod says:

    something i have been wondering for a while. im 99% sure most of the players you have that you say play with 120hz play with 144 hz for sure bro, for real right now

  160. dirod says:

    mouse niko uses 1024 stretched, stream

  161. dirod says:

    can u add calix settings?

  162. dirod says:

    gonna try to find out if he uses bb or stretched, im interested myself too

  163. aSaP says:

    Heroic Snappi’s settings:
    400 dpi, 2.5 sens, 0.7 zoom sens, 500 mouse hz, 6/11windows, no accel and raw input 1.
    Res: 1280×960 stretched (4:3)
    Monitor: BenQ XL2420T, 144hz.
    Mouse: Razed Deathadder Chroma
    Keyboard: Mionix Zibal 60
    Headset: Hyperx Cloud
    Mousepad: Steelseries qck+

  164. Cloudomon says:

    Jw is playing 1280×960 black bars

  165. Hugo says:

    Stewie2k and Tarik both use g400s, (Twitter and stream)

  166. GILZER says:

    Bro, add turkish player “ngiN” – he playing for Space Soldiers.

    Resolution: 1024×768 (Black Bars)
    Sensivity: 2.5
    Sensivity Windows: 6/11
    DPI: 400

    Keyboard: Razer Blackwidow Tournament Edition
    Mouse: Razer Deathadder Chroma
    Mousepad: Razer Goliathus Large
    Headset : Logitech G35

  167. Gatu says:

    Jdm uses 1000 mouse polling rate

  168. Gillon says:

    koosta plays 1.75 with 1.05 mous accel rn

  169. xD says:

    All of envy use HyperX Cloud 2 Im pretty sure. Saw in WESG finals

  170. Fredynhu says:

    Get right usina ec1-a and 1024 blackbars
    Look ON stream

  171. Fredynhu says:

    Rez from epsilon using 1280×720 16:9
    Ec2-a and qck+

  172. Wix says:

    Device using ec1, konfig, magisk, msl, rubino using ec2a white version, waylander ec1, markelof ec1, stewie using g403 and shroud logitech g pro mouse

  173. dirod says:

    s1mple uses 800×600 blackbars

  174. Talha Sert says:

    Almost all of the pro players in the sheet play on 1.0 zoom sensitivity no matter what their dpi is.

    For example the player Skadoodle plays on 800 dpi and 1.0 in game zoom sensitivity and another player autimatic plays on 400 dpi and 1.0 in game zoom sensitivity.

    So if they scope in the game and do the same moving with their mice, Skadoodle’s scope would reach to a certain distance that is 2 times of the dictance that autimatic’s mouse would reach.

    Is this statement true?

    If it is true, then how do pros who have thier dpis on a amount more than 1500 and their in game zoom sens on 1.0 using scope that is amazingly hard to control. For example Fnatic disco doplan.

    • dirod says:

      that would be true if they had the same eDPI, for example skadoodle with 800dpi and 1 in game sens, and autimatic 400dpi and 2 in game sens. 1 zoom sens only means that your sens when zooming in will be the same as when you are not. If skadoodle has 800dpi and 1 in game for example, and autimatic had 400dpi and 4 in game, skad would have an eDPI of 800 (800×1), and auti would have 1600 eDPI(400×4). this means that auti zoom sens would be twice as fast as skad zoom sens.

      • Talha Sert says:

        ”1 zoom sens only means that your sens when zooming in will be the same as when you are not.” I didn’t know this. So if two players have same eDPIs and 1 zoom sensitivity, then their zoom sensitivities are same. Thank you.

  175. PzEz says:

    Scream on his most recent stream used 1024×768 bb

  176. Frederico Fernandes says:

    f0rest using rawinput 1 now, i saw on stream

  177. Fredynhu says:

    Scream 800×600 and 1000hz on mouse

  178. LFMM10 says:

    Hen1 is using 1024×768 black barbs, he told in his stream today(im brazilian)

  179. hugo says:

    Shroud is still using g303, has been using it since the end of last year, why change it to g pro lol. Check stream

  180. brett taylolr says:

    are you sure i think hes using the g pro

  181. sk1p says:

    On current major(Atlanta) Taz is playing with G403 wired, Rubino with EC-2 white, Ange1 with Zowie ZA12(12 I think)

  182. redneck says:

    Snax is using zowie fk2 silver one (at Atlanta)

  183. dirod says:

    flamie is using stretched res

  184. dirod says:

    kjaerbye is using 1024×768 4:3 black bars on atlanta

  185. Am4z1nG says:

    Pasha is playing some 4:3 stretched resolution. I saw it on Atlanta Major after the match vs North. Could u fix this? Thx 🙂

  186. ^_^ says:

    Could you add in the ear buds these players are using for the majors

  187. naryn says:

    add space soldiers players pls. xantares and hiko using zowie fk1

  188. hugo says:

    Neo is using the ec2-a at the E-League Atlanta major 🙂

  189. Gillon says:

    Lol koosta went back to no mouse accel. And he now uses 2.4 sens with no mouse accel.

  190. 1odo says:

    get_right using 1440x1080stretched, rubino 1280×1024 black bars

  191. naryn says:

    hiko is using fk2i, chrisj is using fk1, 1280×1024 stretched

  192. hunortamas says:

    Hello dude, Niko going to Faze and KennyS use NeedforSeat, not DX Racer.

  193. tuvz says:

    Taz is playing
    Resolution : 800/600 (4:3 – BlackBars!)

  194. sk1p says:

    I have posted before, but message is not appeared. Hobbit now is using 2.7 sens with Black bars, Mou 500hz, 2,8 sens, Dosia is using 500Hz. Information from Gambit’s VK group.

  195. Pilbots says:

    Is it possible to add their players new config in a seperate column

  196. naryn says:

    neo is using fk1 white, hiko is using ec2-a or ec1-a

  197. naryn says:

    kazakh adren is using fk series

  198. 1odo says:

    Virtus pro completely changed their resolutions! Byali is playing either 4:3 or 16:10, taz same as byali, snax is the only one with 800x600bb. Neo is using 16:9 it seems. Pasha stretched. Please try to find out more if you can

  199. 1odo says:

    lowel is using 1024×768 blackbars

  200. naryn says:

    stewie and skadoodle is using g pro

  201. 1odo says:

    pasha is using stretched 4:3

  202. Dain Adams says:

    NEO uses 800×600 black bars along with snax, think he’s been using that since 1.6 so dunno why he would change

  203. You got the keyboards for Get_Right,f0rest and pyth. All 3 of them use the Xtrfy K2-RGB keyboards

  204. golombeh says:

    Isnt Shroud playing at fullHD?

  205. Loop says:

    Summit plays for Mythic reborn now so hes no longer a “free agent”

  206. leex1s says:

    stanislaw is using the Razer Deathadder Elite, Razer Blackwidow V2, and Razer Gigantus (Team Razer Edition) Proof on his twitter

  207. naryn says:

    krimz is using g403

  208. naryn says:

    jw is using steelseries’s new headset(floms headset) krimz is using qpad headset

  209. 1odo says:

    krimz is using black bars 4:3, dennis playing stretched.

  210. 1odo says:

    kjaerbye is playing 16:10 again

    flamie is playing blackbars

  211. leex1s says:

    elige is using deathadder elite, blackwidow x tournament edition, and gigantus black proof twitch

  212. CPhiTe says:

    Device is using 16:9

  213. Pilbots says:

    maikelele Sens changed to 2.6 and 400 DPI (source: updated botcommands)

  214. 1odo says:

    lucas plays 4:3 blackbars

  215. 1odo says:

    gla1ve uses 4:3 stretched

  216. 1odo says:

    for device https://imgur.com/a/o3W0A 4:3 stretched

  217. 1odo says:

    fallen “Nightbot : 1024:768 blackbars (stretched for stream)”

  218. Soheil says:

    Hey uh Device is 1280×960 Black bars acording to astralis website thats his settings pls fix btw really like this website

  219. Soheil says:

    s1mple is using 1280×960 black bars acording to twitch.tv

    Moobot: @xasicz
    1280×960 black bars

  220. 1odo says:

    neo and taz are playing 800×600 black bars. byali 1024 bb

  221. CPhiTe says:

    Seang@res is using a zowie EC series since Dreamhack Masters. Source: http://imgur.com/a/83TOh

  222. Brook says:

    simple is using 1280×960 Stretched now. he just confirmed it on stream and he wants to try and stick to it 😛

  223. Luka says:

    Kjaerbye’s sens doesn’t seem right. Astralis site states 1.8 and even if that’s outdated when you watch his demo it seems his sensitivity is still low

  224. Confileus says:

    Neo switch back his mousepad to Zowie G-SR
    source: https://www.instagram.com/p/BRqU8OpFq_Q/?taken-by=neo_fk

  225. 1odo says:

    https://www.instagram.com/p/BRqU8OpFq_Q/ seems like neo is playing 4:3 stretched

  226. maW says:

    Byali mouse is zowie za12 checkout on stream

  227. 97snake97 says:

    Stewie is on the G400s (though he changes mice very often so don’t bother) and Dazed is on the G403

  228. Cloudomon says:

    draken got 1.2 igs and 4:3 | 1024 x 768 Black Bars

  229. Virus says:

    Niko is on FaZe now

  230. Gillon Stewart says:

    Calyx is on Space Soldiers.

  231. d0man says:

    w0xic cannot have 1620 dpi with 3.2… Fix this pls.

  232. Grast says:

    Looks like freakazoid is with Optic gaming now replacing Hiko.
    Source: http://www.dexerto.com/news/2017/03/22/freakazoid-stands-optic-gaming-gets-two-wins/

  233. Soheil says:

    kennyS now uses Death Adder Elite ° Source is at https://twitter.com/G2kennyS/status/844194681936318464/photo/1 Fairly new still uses 2.2 sens 500 HZ 400 DPI update pls

  234. sk1p says:

    Felps settings http://prnt.sc/epqpj4 sensitivity is 2.2

  235. Helios1 says:

    GeT_RiGhT is using Logitech G303, source from SL i-League StarSeries Season 3 LAN

  236. Dylan says:

    Shroud plays 2.4 sens not 2.5

  237. Fallen uses 2.2 sensitivity, Aizy uses the EC2-a now with a Qck Heavy, shox uses a Zowie G-SR pre BenQ, flamie uses Zowie G-SR

  238. Magnus Paulsen says:

    S1mple used Hyperx Revolver S during stream the 17th april.

  239. Cloudomon says:

    Maikelele is playing 1024×768 / 4:3 / black bars

  240. Cloudomon says:

    Olof is playing 400 DPI 1.7 ingamesens Windows-Sensivity: 6/11m_rawinput “1”

  241. n3tz says:

    is possible to add column with sound card?

  242. maW says:

    Byali playing now 1680×1050 16;10

  243. JoNnY.K says:

    You know the configs cause you have contacts to them or only from stream ?

    • Max says:

      We have direct contact to a lot of pros and if not: Twitch, twitter, steam and all the helpful people you see in the comments. 🙂

  244. CPhiTe says:

    Seangares is using 800 dpi, his mouse wheel is purple on the zowie. He also appears to be using hyperx alloy keyboard (sorry for the sad photo): https://www.flickr.com/photos/dreamhack/34368411482/in/album-72157680754743062/

  245. Ethan says:

    Now the whole Cloud9 team uses the logitech g pro keyboard, as I saw in a pro league match

  246. Suss says:

    Device is using ec2-a, he’s streaming now and said

  247. HrZXv3 says:

    Since when fallen is playing black bars, it is stretched ask twitch bot.

  248. SilentSmash says:

    Byalli has logitech g pro gaming mouse just look https://clips.twitch.tv/ElegantHonestUdonPeteZaroll and playing now 16:10 res

    and monitor benq xl2540, he said on stream

  249. raqqa says:

    According to astralis official and dev1ce twitch , dev1ce now is using 2.5 sens

  250. Rene says:

    Kio is on the XL2546 now it seems. He posted it on an Instagram Story.

    • Max says:

      Fixed, thank you! 🙂

      • Rene says:

        Yeah BenQ/Zowie sent him one early before they hit the market. Basically a 2540 but with DyAc. Neo was also sent a Celeritas II from Zowie (along with a bunch of other stuff) before they even announced it was a thing. I saw it on one of his Instagram stories again, googled it, and not a single result at that time. I love how much these pros use Instagram now to let fans get an inside scoop. Pasha on the other hand just uses it to post videos of his dog. xD

  251. SixR says:

    KennyS playing not scaled, just saw his screen on ESL One Oo

  252. CPhiTe says:

    n0thing still using the G100s as usual not sure why it says G Pro here. Major: http://www.hltv.org/gallery/view/90827

  253. Cirocl says:

    Pasha what mouse do you use ?? I have the doubt if it is the Steelseries rival 100 or 300. In the transmissions of the MAYOR it seems that it is the 100 because it is not so great mmm…

  254. Dan Murray says:

    DaZeD is using the HyperX FURY XXL Extended Pro Gaming MousePad.

  255. PiP says:

    Taz now using Logitech G403 Mouse. Noticed it at ESL One Cologne and PGL Krakow Major

  256. wannabe says:

    Fallen playing 4:3 black bars (probably 1024) – watch SK vs Astralis before start, you can see their gaming cabine and Fallen monitor is with black bars

  257. SixR says:

    seized and GuardiaN are no longer in Na`Vi, I think.

  258. Kenny says:

    kennyS using 4:3 black bars scaled to fit screen not no scaling, that was an issue during cologne it was just that one time there are many means of proof https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N8TzxCjfndk 1:26 you can see clearly and there is more evidence too if u go look

  259. SixR says:

    Zeus is no longer in Gambit, seems like he is in Na`Vi again.

  260. Kenny says:

    kennyS uses Hyper X Cloud 2 go look at the G2 esports videos all of them kennyS is using Cloud 2 and during his old streams and the G2 esports site says he uses it.

  261. Kenny says:

    Allu isn’t kicked he was benched right now and add Brax or Swag to the list he was unbanned.

  262. Kenny says:

    Swag replaced Automatic on C9 Read the title on this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VYnO5p8p-nA
    =) or you can google it

  263. Lennster says:

    No, Swag is replacing him for this tourney, nothing on the C9 website about it being permanent.

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