Overwatch Pro Settings and Setups – An always updated list on the Settings and Setups used by Professional OW Players

Overwatch WallpaperOverwatch is an ever-growing phenomenon. It has become an international e-sport with over 25 million people playing. Several big organisations are joining the scene to prepare for the upcoming Overwatch League. Unsurprisingly, a lot of players are interested in the settings (like mouse DPI, mouse Hz, OW sensitivity / zoom – sensitivity, FOV, Resolution) and setups (mouse, monitor, mousepad, keyboard, headset, computer, chair) of professionals like Seagull, Shadder2k and Surefour.

We have tried to gather all the information for you in this sortable table. Using the sensitivity, mice, keyboards and other settings of professionals is always a good start for newer players. Adjust the settings to your liking and try different mice or keyboards until you feel comfortable.

It might also be interesting to note that most professionals use low-medium graphic settings. Forced bloom, refraction detail and similar lighthing settings can take quite the toll on your hardware and have to be set to low. However, adjust your overwatch settings to your personal liking. The most important thing is that you feel comfortable with them. You can find an in-depth guide on the perfect video settings here.

The settings and setups of Overwatch professionals can be incredibly hard to find. This list is a work in progress so please don’t hesitate to write us in the comments if you see anything that is wrong. We really appreciate your support to make this the best resource possible.

Not every Overwatch professional is using the perfect mouse though. To make sure you are buying a mouse with a ‘perfect’ or ‘superior’ sensor, check our List of Flawless Mice for reference.

We also recommend using an adapter to play Overwatch with a mouse and keyboard on your Xbox or PS4. You can find the excellent Xim 4 Keyboard and Mouse Adapter here.

Another great resource to check is ProSettings.net. The Overwatch Best Monitor and Gear Guide is a great way to find the best monitor or mouse for Overwatch.

PlayerTeamMouse DPIHz"cm" = 360°OW sens.OW zoom sens.FOVResolutionMonitor HzMouseMousepadKeyboardHeadsetComputerChairStream
AdamCloud980050028.8661031920x1080ASUS VG248QE144Logitech G Pro Gaming MouseLogitech G640Logitech G Pro Mechanical KeyboardLogitech G430AlienwareNeedforSeat#1
SurefourCloud990050027.995.550901920x1080BenQ XL2430T144Logitech G Pro Gaming MouseLogitech G640Logitech G Pro Mechanical KeyboardLogitech G633 Artemis SpectrumAlienwareNeedforSeat#1
GodsCloud9160050014.436381031920x1080BenQ XL2430T144Logitech G Pro Gaming MouseLogitech G Pro Mechanical KeyboardHyperX Cloud RevolverCyberpowerPCNeedforSeat#1
RoolfCloud9400100034.64101031920x1080144Logitech G Pro Gaming MouseLogitech G640Logitech G Pro Mechanical KeyboardLogitech G633 Artemis SpectrumAlienwareNeedforSeat
XepherCloud91031920x1080Logitech G Pro Gaming MouseLogitech G640Logitech G Pro Mechanical KeyboardLogitech G633 Artemis SpectrumAlienwareNeedforSeat
KAISERCloud9800100027.86.231031920x1080Logitech G900 Chaos SpectrumLogitech G640Logitech G Pro Mechanical KeyboardLogitech G633 Artemis SpectrumAlienwareNeedforSeat#1
Mendokusaii (sub)Cloud990050043.983.5301031920x1080144Logitech G403SteelSeries QcK+Logitech G Pro Mechanical KeyboardLogitech G633 Artemis SpectrumAlienwareNeedforSeat#1
SoOnRogue400100018.2319451031920x1080, 75 % RSBenQ XL2411T144Zowie FK2Zowie G-SRLogitech G Pro Mechanical KeyboardSennheiser GAME ZERO#1
aKmzzzRogue180050038.482341031920x1080BenQ XL2411Z144Logitech G Pro Gaming MouseOzone EVO XXLSteelSeries 6Gv2HyperX Cloud II
uNKOERogue800100014.4312401031920x1080BenQ XL2411Z144Logitech G Pro Gaming MouseZowie Rogue EditionSteelSeries 6Gv2Beyerdynamic MMX300DX Racer
winzRogue90050043.983.5391031920x1080BenQ XL2411T144Logitech G303Ozone Ground Level EvolutionMechanical Red SwitchesSennheiser HD 598#1
KnOxXxRogue80050019.2491031920x1080BenQ XL2411Z144Logitech G502 Proteus SpectrumLogitech G640Razer BlackWidow ChromaRazer Tiamat Over Ear 2.2
NiCORogue75043.364.26Logitech G300s#1
TaimouEnVyUs800100034.645351031920x1080BenQ XL2411Z144Zowie EC2-AZowie G-SRCorsair STRAFEHyperX Cloud RevolverDX Racer#1
harryhookEnVyUs800100028.8661031920x1080BenQ XL2430T144Zowie FK1Zowie G-SRCorsair STRAFEHyperX Cloud RevolverDX Racer#1
chipshajenEnVyUs800100034.645381031920x1080BenQ XL2411Z144Zowie FK1Zowie G-SRSteelSeries 7GHyperX Cloud RevolverDX Racer#1
EFFECTEnVyUs800100038.484.5401031920x1080BenQ XL2540240Zowie ZA12MIONIX SARGAS LargeXENICS STORMCHASERHyperX Cloud Revolver S#1
coccoEnVyUs1600 100021.6541031920x1080BenQ XL2430T144Zowie EC1-AHyperX Cloud RevolverDX Racer#1
MickieEnVyUs400100028.8612321031920x1080BenQ XL2411Z144Zowie EC2-AZowie G-SRHyperX Cloud Revolver#1
KyKy (coach)EnvyUs800100035.274.91351031920x1080BenQ XL2411Z144Logitech Gaming MouseLogitech G640Logitech G Pro Mechanical KeyboardLogitech G633 Artemis SpectrumAlienwareNeedforSeat#1
JoemeisterFaZe400100031.4911441031920x1080BenQ XL2420Z144Logitech G303SteelSeries QcK HeavyCorsair STRAFEHyperX Cloud II
ShaDowBurnFaZe100013.85101031920x1080BenQ XL2430T144Razer DeathAdder ChromaThermaltake esport PyrrhusROCCAT Isku IlluminatedLogitech G430#1
RawkusFaZe40032.2510.74301031920x1080Logitech G403Turtle Beach Elite Pro#1
SPREEFaZe80024.7471031366x768BenQ XL2411Z144Logitech G502 Proteus SpectrumDX Racer#1
zombs (sub)FaZe40040.758.5351031920x1080 75% RSBenQ XL2420Z144FinalMouse ScreamOneZowie G-SR BlueLogitech G Pro Mechanical KeyboardApple + Blue Snowball#1
BudsFNRGFE40034.6410401031366x768BenQ XL2430T144Finalmouse 2016 - Classic ErgoFnatic Gear Focus XLFnatic Gear Rush G1HyperX Cloud IIDXSeat#1
coolmatt69FNRGFE70050039.585401031920x1080BenQ XL2430T144Fnatic Gear FlickFnatic Gear Focus XLFnatic Gear Rush G1HyperX Cloud IIDXSeat
ClockworkFNRGFE160050024.053.61031920x1080BenQ XL2430T144Zowie EC2-ACM Storm QuickfireiBuyPower#1
HypedImmortals160028.863381031920x1080BenQ XL2540240FinalMouse ScreamOneZowie G-SRLogitech G410IKEA Markus#1
agilitiesImmortals160028.8631031920x1080ASUS VG248QE144Logitech G Pro Gaming MouseZowie G-SRLogitech G810HyperX Cloud IIDX Racer
VerboImmortals80030.125.751031920x1080BenQ XL2411Z144Zowie ZA12Zowie G-SRLogitech G410HyperX Cloud II#1
JAKELuminosity Evil80032.375.35401031920x1080HyperX Cloud II#1
trainLuminosity Evil320021.6521031920x1080Razer Naga 2015#1
VollLuminosity Evil55035.997301031920x1080ASUS VG248QE144Razer DeathAdder ChromaSteelSeries QcK+Razer BlackWidow Tournament EditionRazer Kraken 7.1 Chroma#1
superLuminosity Evil170016.351031920x1080#1
rob420Luminosity Evil1600100043.32301031600x900BenQ XL2420T144Logitech G303PureTrak TalentAzio Mk RetroSennheiser HD 598#1
AvastLuminosity Evil1600100056.122.7351031920x1080Monoprice144Logitech G Pro Gaming MouseSteelSeries QcK+Leopold FC660MSennheiser HD 201#1
EscALunatic Hai80034.6451920x1080FinalMouse ScreamOneSteelSeries QcK+ LimitedLogitech G Pro Mechanical Keyboard
ryujehongLunatic Hai160074.651.16381920x1080Logitech G502 Proteus SpectrumSteelSeries QcK HeavyLogitech G Pro Mechanical Keyboard
zunbaLunatic Hai160024.053.61031920x1080BenQ XL2430T144FinalMouse ScreamOneLogitech G640Logitech G Pro Mechanical KeyboardSennheiser PC 363D#1
MiroLunatic Hai104013.32101920x1080Logitech G502 Proteus SpectrumSteelSeries QcK HeavyLogitech G810
tobiLunatic Hai1920x1080Logitech G900 Chaos SpectrumSteelSeries QcK HeavyLogitech G Pro Mechanical Keyboard
WhoruLunatic Hai80021.927.91920x1080Logitech G Pro Gaming MouseSteelSeries QcK HeavyLogitech G Pro Mechanical Keyboard#1
PineLuxuryWatch Blue50018.4715351031920x1080BenQ XL2411Z144SteelSeries RivalRazer Goliathus Control MediumCorsair Vengeance K65HyperX Cloud Revolver#1
HaksalRunAway80010005.4631.7381031920x1080BenQ XL2540240Logitech G900 Chaos SpectrumZowie G-SRCorsair K-70 RGB RedsAudio-Technica ATH-PG1
aimbotcalvinGale Force eSports45038.488401031920x1080ASUS VG248QE144Logitech G403HyperX FURY ProCorsair K-70 RGB RedsHyperX Cloud II#1
TviqMisfits800100024.747361031920x1080BenQ XL2411Z144Zowie EC1-AZowie G-TF SpeedKBC Poker 3HyperX Cloud I#1
MannetenMisfits80050024.747441031920x1080BenQ XL2411Z144Zowie ZA13Zowie GTF-SSteelSeries 6Gv2HyperX Cloud Revolver#1
MineralMisfits27.0627.063.21031920x1080BenQ XL2420T144Zowie EC1-ACorsair Vengeance K65HyperX Cloud Stinger
ZebbosaiMisfits80012.9913.33301031920x1080144Zowie FK1Ducky Mechanical KeyboardSennheiser G4ME ONE#1
NevixMisfits120040.232.87SteelSeries Rival 700#1
Re1nforceMisfits800100043.44361031920x1080BenQ XL2411Z144Finalmouse 2016 - Classic ErgoZowie Rogue EditionSteelSeries 6Gv2HyperX Cloud II#1
LINkzrRest in Pyjamas80050031.495.5331031920x1080BenQ XL2411Z144ROCCAT KONE PURE OWL-EYEZowie G-SRCorsair Vengeance K65HyperX Cloud II#1
zappisRest in Pyjamas40050034.64101031920x1080BenQ XL2411Z144Zowie ZA12Ducky ZeroHyperX Cloud I#1
ZuppehwRest in Pyjamas800100028.866381031920x1080BenQ XL2411Z144Zowie EC1-AXTP1-L4-NiP-VOXG1-R LEDHyperX Cloud II#1
FragiRest in Pyjamas800100028.866351031920x1080BenQ XL2411Z144Zowie EC2-ASteelSeries QcK+SteelSeries 6Gv2Superlux HD-681 EVO
eureBringos400100031.611301031920x1080BenQ XL2420T144QPAD 5KLogitech G440SteelSeries 6Gv2Logitech Wireless Gaming Headset G930
liddanoBringos50050034.648401031920x1080ASUS VG248QE144Razer DeathAdder ChromaRazer Goliathus SpeedSteelSeries 6Gv2QPAD qh-1339
ShadezBringos105050021.996351031920x1080BenQ XL2411T144SteelSeries RivalSteelSeries QcK+Corsair Gaming K95SteelSeries H
MintBringos10005005.3326301031920x1080ASUS VG248QE144SteelSeries Rival 300SteelSeries QcK+Logitech G710+Logitech G633 Artemis Spectrum
zapheBringos40050031.4911351031366x768BenQ XL2411Z144SteelSeries RivalSteelSeries QcK HeavySteelSeries 6Gv2SteelSeries Siberia v2
iddqdNRG eSports400100049.487301031920x1080BenQ XL2430T144Razer DeathAdder ChromaLogitech G640Logitech G810HyperX Cloud IIDXSeat#1
harbleu NRG eSports160050034.642.5351031920x1080ASUS VG248QE144Logitech G303IcematRazer BlackWidow ChromaAKG K 240#1
Seagull (sub)NRG eSports160050028.8631031920x1080BenQ XL2540240Logitech G Pro Gaming MouseLogitech G640Logitech G410HyperX Cloud RevolverCyberpowerPC#1
KruiseeUnited80050034.645401031920x1080BenQ XL2430T144SteelSeries RivalSteelSeries QcK+Razer BlackWidow ChromaRazer Kraken 7.1 Chroma#1
uNFixedeUnited800100034.645371031920x1080BenQ XL2430T120Zowie EC2-ASteelSeries QcK+SteelSeries 6Gv2Sennheiser GAME ZERO#1
vallutajaeUnited80050043.441031920x1080BenQ XL2430T144Razer DeathAdder ChromaSteelSeries QcK HeavySteelSeries 6Gv2Sennheiser HD 598#1
MorteeUnited800100034.6451031920x1080BenQ XL2430T144Zowie EC1-AZowie G-SRSteelSeries 6Gv2SteelSeries 9H
MangachuRenegades80050034.645381031920x1080BenQ XL2411Z144Logitech G Pro Gaming MousePureTrak TalentCorsair STRAFEHyperX Cloud II#1
J3susRenegades80028.866301031920x1080ASUS VG248QE144LogitechG500Glorious XL HeavyCM Storm QuickfireHyperX Cloud II#1
shadder2kTeam Liquid800 100026.646.51031920x1080Razer DeathAdder EliteRazer Goliathus Speed CosmicRazer BlackWidow Chroma V2#1
id_Team Liquid8001031920x1080BenQ XL2430T144Razer DeathAdder ChromaRazer Goliathus SpeedRazer BlackWidow ChromaHyperX Cloud II#1
DaHanGTeam Liquid120032.993.5351031920x1080AOC G2460PQU144Razer DeathAdder EliteRazer Goliathus SpeedRazer BlackWidow ChromaHyperX Cloud IIAlienwareNeedforSeat#1
MESRTeam Liquid80050024.747251031920x1080BenQ XL2430T144Razer DeathAdder ChromaRazer Goliathus SpeedRazer BlackWidow ChromaHyperX Cloud IIAlienwareNeedforSeat#1
AZKTeam Liquid40034.64101031920x1080BenQ XL2430T144Zowie EC2-ARazer Goliathus SpeedRazer BlackWidow ChromaHyperX Cloud RevolverAlienwareNeedforSeat#1
INTERNETHULK (coach)Team Liquid1600100028.863341031920x1080BenQ XL2430T144Zowie FK1Zowie G-SRCODE 104-Key IlluminatedHyperX Cloud RevolverDX Racer#1
HidanIceblock80017.328.9301031280x1024BenQ XL2411T144Logitech G Pro Gaming MouseMousePad Roccat Taito + Qpad collectorOzone Gaming Strike BattleLogitech Wireless Gaming Headset G930DX Racer#1
KrywIceblock400100023.09151031920x1080BenQ XL2411Z144Zowie FK1SteelSeries QcK HeavySteelSeries 6Gv2QPAD qh-1339#1
moonL (coach)Iceblock1200100023.095301031920x1080BenQ XL2411T144Zowie FK2SteelSeries QcK HeavyZOWIE GEAR CeleritasHyperX Cloud II#1
FlippyIceblock1031920x1080BenQ XL2411Z144Logitech G Pro Gaming MouseRazer Goliathus ControlKBC Poker 3#1
skipjack (sub)Laser Kittenz1600100024.743.51031920x1080BenQ XL2411Z144QPAD 8k OpticalSteelSeries QcK+CHERRY MX-Board 3.0Beyerdynamic DT-990#1
KybLaser Kittenz80050028.8661031920x1080ASUS VG248QE144Logitech G403Corsair K-70 RGB RedsSennheiser GAME ZERO#1
hafficoolNinjas With Attitude80024.7471031920x1080BenQ XL2411Z144Fnatic Gear FlickFnatic Gear Focus XLFnatic Gear Rush G1HyperX Cloud IIDXSeat#1
evokjeNinjas With Attitude80023.897.251031920x1080#1
PYYYOUR (coach)MEGA Thunder80050024.7471031920x1080ViewSonic XG2401144Zowie ZA11Hayate Otsu MID L Japan Violet MousepadMK Disco RGB TKL KeyboardSennheiser HD 650#1
GracefulMEGA Thunder180028.512.71031920x1080ViewSonic XG2401144Razer DeathAdder 2013#1
babybayKungarna80034.6451031920x1080ViewSonic XG2401144Corsair HarpoonCorsair MM800Corsair K-95Corsair VOID Yellow Jacket#1
ShakeCounter Logic Gaming40050034.6410441031920x1080ASUS VG248QE144Logitech G303Zowie G-SRCM Storm QuickfireCreative Sound BlasterX H7#1
custaArc 6800100043.34401031920x1080BenQ XL2411Z144Fnatic Gear ClutchFnatic Gear Focus XLFnatic Gear Rush G1Audio Technica ATH-AD700XDXSeat#1
VeinelessTeam Expert80038.484.5381031920x1080BenQ XL2411Z144Zowie EC2-ARazer Goliathus ControlCorsair Vengeance K65SteelSeries Siberia v2#1
ZapreyCopenhagen Flames400100038.4891031920x1080BenQ XL2411Z144Zowie FK1Zowie G-SRLeopold FC660MSennheiser GAME NeedforSeat Maxnomic#1
TseiniEnVision eSports800100043.44441031920x1080BenQ XL2411T144Zowie EC1-AZowie GTF-xCM Storm QuickfireHyperX Cloud Revolver#1
mafufree agent80050038.34.5351031920x1080LG Flatron W2363D144Razer DeathAdder 2013SteelSeries QcK+Rosewill RK-9000V2 BRBeyerdynamic DT 880
Michael3Dfree agent40024.74141031920x1080BenQ XL2720T144Zowie AM-GSArtisan Hien MidCorsair K-70 RGB RedsSennheiser GAME ZEROClutch Chairz#1
ToxikeNfree agent80050034.6451031920x1080BenQ XL2430T144Zowie EC2-ASteelSeries QcK+Ozone Gaming Strike Battle
Sennheiser PC350SE#1
Bromasfree agent80050038.484.51031366x768BenQ XL2540240Zowie ZA13Razer GigantusCorsair Vengeance K65Corsair Gaming VOID#1
Nightyzfree agent800100015.7411351031920x1080ASUS VG248QE144Razer DeathAdder EliteSteelSeries QcK HeavyRazer BlackWidow ChromaRazer Kraken 7.1 Chroma#1
hymzifree agent80050024.747371031600x900Acer XB270HU144Zowie FK2SteelSeries QcK HeavyLogitech G710+Beyerdynamic MMX300DX Racer
KabaLfree agent80050034.645401031280x720BenQ XL2411Z144SteelSeries RivalSteelSeries QcK HeavySteelSeries 6Gv2Beyerdynamic MMX300Clevo P570MMaxnomic Titanus Black#1
KRYPfree agent800100038.484.5451031366x768BenQ XL2430T144Razer DeathAdder ChromaSteelSeries QcK HeavyCorsair K-70 RGB Redsozone rage z90#1
emonggfree agent40018.4718.751031920x1080ASUS VG248QE144Zowie FK1SteelSeries 9HDLogitech RGB G910ASTRO Gaming A40Clutch Chairz#1
dhaKfree agent160018.234.75501031920x1080BenQ XL2411Z144Zowie EC2-AArtisan Hien MidCorsair K65 TKLAudio Technica Open AirClutch Chairz#1
carpefree agent900100049.34 / 41.383.12 / 3.72301031920x1080Logitech G903Logitech G640Deck Hassium CBL 108#1
sinatraafree agent40023.09151031920x1080BenQ XL2540240Logitech G Pro Gaming MouseLogitech G640Logitech G810ASTRO Gaming A40Clutch Chairz#1
Juv3nilefree agent180025.663default1031920x1080BenQ XL2420T144Razer DeathAdderRazer Goliathus SpeedRazer BlackWidowSennheiser GAME ZERO#1
raphafree agent80050019.688.81031920x1080BenQ XL2430T144Razer DeathAdder ChromaRazer Goliathus SpeedRazer BlackWidow ChromaHyperX Cloud RevolverAlienwareNeedforSeat
kyynelfree agent750100026.397301650x1050Samsung 2233BW60Logitech G400sSteelSeries QcK+ASUS CerberusSennheiser PC 360
Vonethilfree agent800100034.645311031920x1080BenQ XL2430T144Fnatic Gear FlickFnatic Gear Focus XLFnatic Gear Rush G1HyperX Cloud IIDXSeat#1
Stoopfree agent800100031.495.5381031920x1080BenQ XL2430T144Fnatic Gear FlickFnatic Gear Focus XLFnatic Gear Rush G1Sennheiser G4ME ONEDXSeat#1
EISSFELDTfree agent40050041.238.4371001280x720LG Electronics Gaming 24GM77-B144Zowie ZA13Zowie G-SRNoppoo ® Choc MiniHyperX Cloud Revolver#1
Kresnikfree agent200025.37 / 55.422.73 / 1.25 1031920x1080BenQ XL2540240Razer DeathAdder EliteSteelSeries QcK+Ducky Mechanical KeyboardSennheiser GAME ZEROClutch Chairz#1
Twoeasyfree agent80050032.375.35331031920x1080BenQ XL2430T144Razer DeathAdder ChromaSteelSeries QcK HeavySteelSeries 6Gv2SteelSeries 9H#1
NicolasTJOfree agent80050034.645441031920x1080BenQ XL2411T144Logitech G303Mad Catz G.L.I.D.E.5Logitech G710+Creative Sound BlasterX H7DX Racer#1
Numlocked free agent160050012.377401031920x1080BenQ XL2411T144Zowie EC2-AZowie G-SRRazer BlackWidow Tournament Edition 2014 (green switches)Corsair Gaming VOIDZoostormNeedforSeat Maxnomic ESL Branding#1
torkTJOfree agent400100049.487441031920x1080BenQ XL2411Z144Logitech G303Logitech G640Corsair K-70 RGB RedsCreative Sound BlasterX H7
Winghavenfree agent80050027.276.35351031920x1080BenQ XL2430T144Finalmouse 2016 - Classic ErgoHyperX Cloud II
Draceusfree agent80050043.441031920x1080BenQ XL2430T120Zowie FK2SteelSeries QcK+SteelSeries 6Gv2Beyerdynamic DT 880#1
Talespinfree agent160050031.492.751031920x1080ASUS VG248QE144Zowie FK1Zowie G-SRCorsair K-70 RGB RedsHyperX Cloud RevolverDX Racer#1
COOLLERfree agent400100023.0915default1031920x1080BenQ XL2540240Zowie EC2-AZowie G-SRRazer BlackWidow Tournament StealthRed Square StoneKing#1
jkw free agent800100034.645401031920x1080BenQ XL2430T144Zowie EC1-ASteelSeries QcK+SteelSeries 6Gv2Sennheiser GAME ZERO
dummyfree agent40050028.8612381031920x1080HyperX Cloud RevolverCyberpowerPC#1
art1erfree agent400100028.86121031920x1080BenQ XL2420G144Zowie FK2SteelSeries QcK+Corsair K-70 RGB RedsBeyerdynamic DT 880#1
twidifree agent40050034.64101031920x1080ViewSonic XG2401144Zowie FK1SteelSeries QcK HeavySteelSeries 6Gv2SteelSeries Siberia v2
Ajaxfree agent80038.484.51031920x1080BenQ XL2430T144Logitech G Pro Gaming MouseLogitech G640Logitech G Pro Mechanical KeyboardLogitech G933#1
Oksiifree agent800100043.44451031920x1080BenQ XL2411T144Zowie EC1-ARazer Goliathus ControlSteelSeries 6Gv2Logitech 930
nomyfree agent160032.552.661031920x1080BenQ XL2720Z144Logitech G Pro Gaming MouseCM Storm QuickfireHyperX Cloud Revolver#1
rybfree agent1100100027.994.51031920x1080ASUS VG248QE144Logitech G403Logitech G640Logitech G Pro Mechanical KeyboardLogitech G933AlienwareNeedforSeat#1
deBettfree agent 1031920x1080BenQ XL2430T144Logitech Gaming MouseLogitech G640Logitech G810Logitech G430AlienwareNeedforSeat#1
free agent1600100034.642.5381031920x1080ASUS VG248QE144Logitech G Pro Gaming MouseLogitech G640Logitech G810Logitech G633 Artemis SpectrumAlienwareNeedforSeat#1
Sellyfree agent500100034.6481031920x1080Logitech G Pro Gaming MouseLogitech G640Logitech G Pro Mechanical KeyboardLogitech G633 Artemis SpectrumAlienwareNeedforSeat#1
Reaverfree agent400100043.4834981366x768BenQ XL2430T144Logitech G303Logitech G640Logitech G810Logitech G633 Artemis SpectrumAlienwareNeedforSeat#1
michrfree agent400100049.487381031920x1080BenQ XL2411Z144Zowie EC1-AZowie G-TFDucky Zero (Black switches)Kingston HyperX Cloud Core#1
Zavefree agent1920x1080BenQ XL2411Z144MIONIX AVIOR SKMIONIX SARGAS 450 SKMIONIX ZIBAL 60HyperX Cloud Revolver#1
ADETONIANfree agent450100023.6813441031920x1080ViewSonic XG2401144Zowie AM-GSArtisan Hien MidSteelSeries 6Gv2Audio-Technica ATH-M50x#1
Relaaafree agent50091031366x768144#1
milofree agentHyperX Cloud RevolverCyberpowerPC
Aythenfree agent800100042.244.1381031920x1080ASUS VG248QE144Zowie EC1-AZowie G-SRRazer BlackWidow Chroma TEBeyerdynamic DT-990#1
OLBAAfree agent810100028.516351031280x720BenQ XL2411T144SteelSeries SenseiSteelSeries QcK HeavyLogitech G105SteelSeries Siberia v2#1
DeGuNfree agent1710100027.013401031920x1080BenQ XL2411T144SteelSeries Sensei RawSteelSeries QcK HeavyCorsair K-70 RGB BluesSteelseries Siberia v3DX Racer#1
baudfree agent400100038.489501031920x1080BenQ XL2420T144Logitech G400sRazer Goliathus SpeedSteelSeries 6Gv2QPAD HQ-90#1
EnigmaOWfree agent800100028.866351031920x1080BenQ XL2430T144Finalmouse 2016 - Classic ErgoZowie G-SRLeopold FC750 (Browns)HyperX Cloud RevolverCyberpowerPC
flamefree agent800100028.8661031920x1080BenQ XL2411Z144Razer DeathAdder ChromaRazer Goliathus SpeedRazer BlackWidow ChromaSennheiser HD 598#1
Wolffree agent40069.275301031920x1080ASUS VG248QE144SteelSeries RivalRazer Goliathus SpeedRazer Blackwidow UltimateTurtle Beach - Ear Force PX22#1
PapaSmurffree agent450100038.4881031920x1080BenQ XL2411T144Zowie EC1-ASteelSeries QcK HeavySteelSeries 6Gv2Sennheiser HD 650#1
Cozenfree agent40050034.6410301031920x1080BenQ XL2411T144Corsair Gaming SabreCorsair Gaming MM300 MediumCorsair STRAFECorsair Gaming VOID
Cypherfree agent40034.645351031920x1080Zowie FK1Razer Goliathus SpeedRazer DeathStalkerSteelseries#1
steelfree agent80050034.6451031920x1080BenQ XL2420Z144Finalmouse 2016 - Classic ErgoZowie G-SRZOWIE GEAR CeleritasSennheiser GAME #1
G0DFREDfree agent160026.643.25301031920x1080BenQ XL2430T144Zowie EC2-AOzone Gaming Strike BattleIKEA#1
DSPStankyStreamer180015.3951031920x1080144Razer DeathAdder ChromaSteelSeries Apex M500#1
KephriiStreamer40043.48351031920x1080ASUS ROG PG248Q180ASUS ROG GladiusASUS ROG SheathASUS ROG ClaymoreASUS ROG CenturionDX Racer Iron#1
pokelawlzStreamer80024.746381031920x1080144Logitech G403 WirelessRazer Goliathus Extended Speed OWRazer BlackWidow Chroma OWSennheiser HD 598#1
k1llsenStreamer400100040.758.5301031920x1080BenQ XL2411Z144Logitech G303Razer Goliathus SpeedLogitech G810Sennheiser CX 980#1
TimTheTatmanStreamer800100025.256.861031920x1080BenQ XL2420T144Razer MambaRazer Goliathus Extended Speed OWRazer BlackWidow StealthAudio-Technica ATH-AG1X
AlphacastAlphacast Streamer160014.436default1031920x1080BenQ XL2411Z144Logitech G502 Proteus SpectrumCorsair Gaming MM300 ExtendedCorsair STRAFECorsair Gaming VOIDNeedforSeat Maxnomic#1
TromaAlphacast Streamer105013.1910default1032560x1440ASUS ROG SWIFT PG279Q144Logitech G Pro Gaming MouseRazer Goliathus Extended Speed OWCorsair K-70 RGB RedsHyperX Cloud IIDX Racer Formula#1
YobAlphacast Streamer800100050.793.41default1031280x1024144SteelSeries Rival 300CM Storm Control RXCherry MX Board 6.0Turtle Beach Elite ProNeedforSeat Maxnomic Pro Chief TBE#1
KrapoPlayAlphacast Streamer750100028.426.5default1031920x1080144Logitech G502 Proteus SpectrumNOVA KILLER 2Logitech RGB G910BoseDXSeat#1
ManaberryAlphacast Streamer880100048.443.25default1031280x1024ASUS VG248QE144SteelSeries Sensei RawSteelSeries DeXCorsair K-70 RGB RedsAKG K 240 MK IIIKEA#1 & #2


I like to play competitive video games.

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591 Responses

  1. Revelataen says:

    Lovely list, man. Keep it up! 🙂

  2. Eric says:

    Overwatch uses raw sensitivity so using windows won’t effect anything and even if it did this is the worst way to adjust sensivity.
    Thanks for this list!
    I wondering which sensitivity I should use if I’m at 400 DPI and use my wrist to aim. Using 8-12 feels way too low maybe those players are using arm not wrist?

    • Max says:

      This is true, I actually had the windows sensitivity in the list before. But as Eric said it does not affect anything in game. Just up your sensitivity until you feel comfortable 🙂

    • Noel Bilbro says:

      No serious gamer uses wrist aim. I mean, they do for “micro corrections” but most of the aiming is with the arm. You should do the same.

  3. Tom says:

    Talespin has 800 DPI and 6 in game sens

  4. Carn says:

    Why the low settings? I bet not all of them don’t have a pc that can’t make 150/200 fps even on Ultra, so what’s the reason behind it?

    • Max says:

      Competitive Players dont care about looks. Most fps is always the goal.

      • Carn says:

        So there’s no point besides that? I mean originally they must have used low ones for a purpose. For example in csgo you do that because even with 100 fps imho it’s unplayable, so you HAVE to go for 200 or something, thus low settings. But in here I don’t know, it feels so smooth that I wouldn’t really feel the need for it, gameplay wise I mean.

        • Max says:

          For a competitive player there are no positives for playing on higher quality, it only lowers your fps. Also as said above: “Due to the forced bloom, refraction detail and lighthing settings have to be on low.

      • Joe says:

        Yh i play lowest settings just so I can make the most of my 144 hz monitor

  5. Brian says:

    Would be awesome if you could collect in/cm per 360 as well!

  6. FFrogger says:

    ViralxTV uses 800dpi and in game 13

    not sure what team he is currently on but maybe just put him as unlisted for now?

    Awesome list btw!

  7. markus says:

    is there a difference between 1080p and 1440p (27″) when it comes to dpi setting? im using 800 x 7 right now and it feels a little slow . Mouse im using is Xtrfy xg-m2

    • Max says:

      There is no difference between 1080p and 1440p. Just up it a little bit. 🙂

    • JY_ says:

      I think you will have to move your hand abit more, since there are more pixels between the edges. Some pro gamers also lower their resolution, or use different aspect ratios too, so their feeling will be different at these settings.
      Would be nice if you can also add the resolution these players are playing at.

  8. Kira says:

    Thanks for the list. Seagull recently slightly lowered his sensitivity to 800dpi x 7, may want to update that. You can probably verify it on his stream.

  9. Swarna says:

    C9 Grego plays 5 sens, 800 DPI, 38 zoom according to his stream bot.

    • Max says:

      Added, thank you! 🙂

    • Reaven says:

      How actually can play these settings? I have the same mouse (g400s) and i tried these settings, but its too slow, while im trying to aiming, i already killed..

      • Max says:

        Everyone is different. Just play what you’re comfortable with.

      • all-four-inches says:

        Its because they have HUGE mousepads so a low sensitivity can work because they use their whole arm to move the mouse across and wrist action for fine aim. This is one of the reasons these pros have such good aim and a lot of average or normal players do not realise this, you need to be using a large mousepad and lower your sensitivity.

  10. Nothing says:

    Moonmoon has 5 Sens 1600 DPI.

  11. BullHorn says:

    Why so many use the BenQ? Isn’t the Asus far superior?

  12. Markus says:

    Seagull is lowering his resolution to 1366×768 for tournaments, atleast thats what he said in his stream

  13. jasonipip says:

    Shadez has sens 6 ingame , 1050 dpi

  14. yea says:

    Surefour is on G400s with 90 fov and 1366×768 resolution. His zoom sens is 50 also.

    Reaver is on 98 fov with 1366×768 resolution.

    Talespin is using the FK1.

    Taimou is using the EC2-A and 103 fov.

    Gods is using the Finalmouse 2016 Ergonomic.

  15. Atreus says:

    Seagull uses a BenQ XL2411Z he said it on stream.

  16. jasonipip says:

    Tviq now is using 1920×1080 , in his twitch info said

  17. Elysi says:

    Great list. From team Nubris iddqd uses 450 DPI and 7 sens, and coolmatt69 uses 650 DPI and 5 sens.

  18. fluf says:

    Why are some of the pro’s using 1366×768 resolution? Are they playing on potatos or is there some benefit in using a lower resolution?

    • Vingles says:

      The only reason that I can think of is for streaming. Other than that, I have no idea.
      So come out, Max, tell us your thoughts on this one 😉

      • Max says:

        All I can think of is that they are used to low resolutions from games they played before Overwatch. I don’t think that it has anything to do with their PC since they are sponsored by Alienware. 🙂

        • Vingles says:

          Yeah Max. But when I said for Streaming, what I actually mean is, stremaing in higher res requires highter streaming bit-rate, which sometimes can cause lower streaming quality due to limited network environment. 🙂

          • BullHorn says:

            That’s irrelevant because you can stream at a lower resolution than the one you’re playing at.

    • BullHorn says:

      Surprisingly, 1366×768 looks wonderful on 1080p monitors even though it’s not a native resolution. Also, it requires the GPU to send half the amount of pixels (1mil instead of 2mil), obviously improving the performance drastically. It’s difficult to hit stable 144fps+ even with a GTX980 unless you really turn down your graphics settings.

      • fluf says:

        Wouldn’t a better option to increase fps be to just reduce the render scale, that way atleast the UI would render sharp. Granted I don’t think Surefour and Reaver are playing on lower resolutions to just increase their fps.

  19. Greg says:

    Idk how these guys play at such low sensitivity..I go like 7 or 8 in game and like 40,000 dpi…it’s smooth as hell and I can stay on point..I also play max epic graphics with 980ti with skylake intel…gsync monitor

  20. Dima says:

    TwoEasy was kicked from REUNITED and have already created new team – WEUNITED – with Shadowburn and Forsaken. And he using new mouse, but I’m not sure witch one

  21. Ben says:

    Uh…I really appreciate the information about who uses what in-game sense and mouse dpi, but is it possible to know the ratio between settings?
    I mean, does 900 dpi and 6 sensitivity move faster than 400 dpi and 10 sense? If it does, how faster is it? Do you just multiply the sensitivity with the dpi and compare it?

  22. Demonik says:

    Anyway to put if these are using mouse acceleration or not?

    • Max says:

      Overwatch uses raw-input, which means that Overwatch ignores your windows mouse settings. Since there is no option to turn it on ingame, no one is playing with mouse acceleration. 🙂

  23. Whz says:

    maybe is a stupid question but… what is the sensibility of their windows? it affects in the game?

    • Max says:

      It is definitely not a stupid question. 🙂 Overwatch uses raw-input, which means that Overwatch ignores your windows mouse settings.

  24. Oliver says:

    Don’t have any additions to make but jesus, great job. Super helpful.

  25. 123123 says:

    id_ from Fnatic uses Flick G1 Gaming Mouse

  26. jasonipip says:

    Seagull change ingame sensitivity to be 6.5 , his twitch chat room commend said.

  27. Winterfall says:

    envyus coco – 2 in-game, 1600dpi, double for character that doesn’t require aiming.
    (his twitch chat room commed said.)

  28. Winterfall says:

    Envyus InternetHulk – according to his twitch, he’s using 800dpi, 6 overwatch sens

  29. H Harris says:

    May I ask how you got this info? I don’t see any source so not sure how I can trust this

  30. Hello World says:

    Seagull has changed his sensitivity to 800 DPI / 6.5 sens.
    Surefour has reduced his zoom sensitivity from 50 to 45.

  31. Kuri says:

    Zoom Sensivity is only for widowmaker?

  32. Dankest Memes says:

    Here is what I’m curious about: Did you determine the cm/360 yourself, or from the gamers? For me a sensi of 800 DPI and 6 equals 35cm/360, where you have it as 28cm/360. I’m kinda confused about that and curious what is more important in that case, the sensi the other players use or the cm/360. I don’t know if it’s just me or if the cm/360 are different for other people for whatever reason (obviously I’m talking about 1080p, 103 FOV).

    • Max says:

      I calculated them myself. It does not matter what whether you use cm=360 or dpi/sensitivity to compare. It’s just easier to compare with cm=360.

  33. Caldwell says:

    Can you make it so the blue bar at the top scrolls with the page? That way we don’t have to scroll back up or memorize the columns 🙂 Otherwise awesome list, I use it all the time to see what the pros are up to 🙂

    • Max says:

      Hey Caldwell!

      I am glad you like the list. Thanks for the suggestion. I’ll see what I can do about that! 🙂

      • Caldwell says:

        Thanks man! Also, many pros are using 1600 dpi and an in game sensitivity of 4 or less, due to a frame skipping issue I guess? I don’t know if there are plans to fix it but this is the link to the new DPI calculator https://pyrolistical.github.io/overwatch-dpi-tool/ This is what I’ve heard from being in Taimou’s stream, I know there are others doing the same thing, not sure how this will pan out if Blizzard has a fix for it in the future or not, or tbh the legitimacy of the claim. Just passing along the infos! 🙂

        • Steve says:

          A demonstration of Pixel Skipping is on Taimou’s youtube channel as well: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TcjfPKftJBQ

          • Caldwell says:

            Didn’t even think to look there, thanks Steve! 🙂

          • Caldwell says:

            What he’s describing is in the first example you can see each pixel movement, imo I don’t think it’s pixel “skipping” but the high dpi lower sense just means it’s a smooth movement, rather than seeing each individual pixel when you move the mouse. You can see the center of his reticle seems to move 1 pixel at a time. As a ridiculously casual gamer, this probably won’t affect me, as I generally suck anyway lol 😀 Just thought I’d clear this up a little bit, as far as I can decipher it.

  34. Jitterbug says:

    Taimou has changed his sensitivity to 1600 DPI and 2.5 in game sens. His reasoning was a video, which came out a while ago, which showed how sensitivities over 4 (so 4.1 and up) produced pixel skipping in the game. They still do. You can clearly see the crosshair jitter, if you move it as slow as possible. If your sensitivity is 4 or below 4, then the pixel skipping doesn’t occur and your crosshair moves smoothly.

    Other players might switch in the following days / weeks as well. We’ll see.

  35. hi says:

    Surefour rwcently changed his mouse to the logitich g pro.
    Keep up the good work 😀

  36. Tenqidi says:

    Seagull just said that he is using 1600 dpi 3.3sens

  37. Tenqidi says:

    InternetHulk – 1600dpi 3 sens 34 scope

  38. Jitterbug says:

    Someone above said that Seagull is now using 3.3 at 1600, but it’s actually 3.25 at 1600.
    Also it looks like Gods went down from 800 DPI and 6 sens to 800 DPI and 4 sens.
    For some reason (trollololo-nonsense) Surefour plays with 6.01 sens at 900 DPI now.

  39. Jitterbug says:

    Here is some information on ShaDowBurn, who is in the list as well, but without any setup:

    Monitor: Samsung BX2350 60hz
    Keyboard: ROCCAT Isku – Illuminated
    Headphones: Logitech G430
    Mouse: DeathAdder 2015 Chroma
    Mousepad: Tt esports – Pyrrhus

    DPI and Sensitivity: 1000 DPI, 10 Sensitivity

    Stream: https://www.twitch.tv/sdburn

  40. Mononoke says:

    Taimou changed his DPi back to 800 and sens on 5 according to twitch, seems like the whole pixel skipping myth is busted.

    Here you go: https://www.twitch.tv/taimoutv

  41. tony says:

    surefour is using 90 fov

  42. tony says:

    do you keep updating datas ?

  43. Eregon says:

    Pine (Lw Red) you can read here: https://www.twitch.tv/tf2pine

  44. toni says:

    seagull Working height of the mouse is low or default

  45. tony says:

    i am not sure that surefour is using 90fov right now…so can somebody check plz

  46. Robobot says:

    Hey man, the filter buttons don’t work on Firefox, but work on Chrome/Edge/IE. Thanks for all your hard work 🙂

  47. Milkman says:

    Just wanna say, IDDQD actually has 1000Hz. Just checked his Twitch, and it shows his specs, and it’s all the same with DPI and In-Game sens., but his polling rate is 1000Hz.

  48. Goatgarien says:

    Sourfour’s new sensitivity is 1600 dpi and 3.37 in game.
    I watch his streams

  49. tony says:

    is that correct that surefours using 103fov and 1920.1080 resol!???

  50. tony says:

    im wondering why does so many pros use 800or 1600dpi … and what is the difference between these two dpis..!??

  51. calci says:

    Nevix: SS rival 700, 1200 dpi et 2.87 ig

  52. Caldwell says:

    Zombs from Faze started streaming, here are his stats:
    Monitor: BENQ XL2420Z
    Headphones: Turtle Beach Elite Pro
    Mic: Blue Snowball
    Keyboard: Turtle Beach Impact 500
    Mouse: Logitech G Pro Mouse
    Mousepad: Steelseries QCK Heavy

    OW Settings:
    Resolution: 1366×768
    Sensitivity: 400 dpi , 6 in-game , 35 zoom
    Video: All low 75% render scale

    I just copy/pasted, use whatever you need for your site! 🙂

  53. Ken says:

    There is a big difference been being helpful and being a douche, keeping gaming friendly for all, remember, we are all on the same team and sites like this aren’t free to make. Can’t wait to PWN you online.

  54. mooon says:

    Shadder2k using Steelseries Rival 300

  55. memes says:

    I was trying to find Relaaa in this list. His settings:

    500 dpi on mouse (he says he never use the same mouse twice or something like that, so no certain model)
    9 sens ingame,
    1366*768 resolution,
    103 fov,
    144 Hz monitor,

    according for his last stream from here: https://www.twitch.tv/relaaa .

    He is not in any overwatch team afaik, but he is definitely notable for his sick aim bf competitive player.

  56. Eregon says:

    So again: Pine from LW Red
    BenQ XL2411 ;144Hz
    SteelSeries Rival 100 Optical
    RAZER Goliathus Medium Control
    Corsair Vengeance K65
    HyperX Cloud revolver

    DPI : 800
    Sensitivity : 9.4 (Genji : 9 )
    Zoom Sensitivity : 35
    Resolution : 1920*1080

  57. Lucridius says:

    According to “!sens” on Seagulls twitch his sensitivity is 800DPI with 6.5 ingame / 10inches(25cm) per 360. Now I don’t know how accurate this is (maybe the bots out of date) but just though I’d let you know

  58. Moon says:

    Lunatic-Hai (Korea)

    – EscA

    Logitech G900
    SteelSeries QcK Heavy
    Resolution : 1920*1080
    DPI : 400
    Sensitivity : 7.05

    – ryujehong

    Logitech G402
    SteelSeries QcK Heavy
    Resolution : 1920*1080
    DPI : 400
    Sensitivity : 4.69

    – Dean

    Logitech G900
    SteelSeries QcK Heavy
    Resolution : 1920*1080

    – Miro

    Logitech G402
    SteelSeries QcK Heavy
    Resolution : 1920*1080
    DPI : 1040
    Sensitivity : 10

    – tobi

    Logitech G900
    SteelSeries QcK Heavy
    Resolution : 1920*1080

    – Leetaejun

    Logitech G402
    SteelSeries QcK Heavy
    Resolution : 1920*1080
    DPI : 400
    Sensitivity : 10

  59. Jimmie says:

    Rogue AKM uses G pro with Ozone EVO XXL. Seen @ APAC and APEX league.

  60. ALLEN says:

    Seagull changes to 800*10? Really?

  61. dxdx says:

    In BlizzCon 2016 Overwatch World Cup – Group B Match 1: USA vs Chile, Seagull was using G410 + G640 + G Pro, according to http://www.twitch.tv/blizzard/v/97874982 at around 10:30.

  62. PappaGamer says:

    Can someone please explain to me what is meant by “OW Zoom Sens”? Is it an in game option?

  63. Andrew says:

    Thanks for the information. Hmm…I am curious. ESCA chages to 800 * 7.05 Really? he used 400 dpi * 7.05 before. and Pine used RIVAL 100.

  64. yarr says:

    Esca on lunatic hai uses 400dpi and 7.05, not 800dpi. he answered me on youtube about it.

  65. Drake says:

    Surefour is using 900 dpi and 6.50 in game according to his stream yesterday 🙂

  66. cryingsouls says:

    Linkzr changed his sens alot, his current based on his bot (updated 1~3 days ago) “DPI: 1600, Ingame: 3 and Widowmaker´s scoped sensitivity is 35, genji sens 3.50, numbers can change >D”

  67. Surefour is wrong, by calculations he should have 25 cm/360 with those stats, i guess in game sens is 2.37 instead of 3.37

  68. Enjoy2K says:

    Misfits Hidan change to Logitech G Pro Gaming (like SoOn and aKm) :p

  69. Ninju says:

    Flame uses 800DPI and 6 in game sens

  70. Artemiis says:

    Custa’s Twitch says “Sensitivity: 5.00 incgame, 800 DPI, MHZ 1000”

  71. Caboose says:

    The player “uFreaky” is not playing for a professional Overwatch team yet but he was a professional player in older FPS games.
    He stated that he is playing Overwatch since beta but not that frequently but he is planning to fully switch to playing Overwatch pretty soon and I am almost certainly sure that he will get picked up by a pro team after he does. I think he is even sponsored by SteelSeries (I am not sure tho).

    According to his profile his setup is:

    Mouse DPI = 1600
    OW sens. = 3
    FOV = 103
    Resolution = 1920×1080
    Monitor = BenQ XL2430T
    Hz = 144
    Mouse = SteelSeries Rival
    Mousepad = SteelSeries QcK Heavy
    Keyboard = SteelSeries 6Gv2
    Headset = SteelSeries Siberia v2
    Chair = DX Racer

  72. Akuma says:

    When will this list get updated?
    Team Splyce is using Viewsonic?

  73. voxel says:

    Great job guys,
    I think it will be really interresting to add a row called “global sensitivity” that multiply “Mouse DPI” by “OW sens”, so we can compare easily all the sensitivities.

  74. Vein says:

    Hey !
    He is not a proplayer but he was the french team captain during the OW World Cup :
    Alphacast talked about his setup in a recent stream :

    OW Sens. = 7.10
    Mouse Dpi = 1600
    Resolution = 1920×1080
    Monitor : BenQ XL2411
    Hz = 144
    Mouse = Corsair Gaming M65 RGB Laser Gaming Mouse
    Keyboard : Corsair STRAFE RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard — Cherry MX Silent
    Headset = Corsair VOID RGB Wireless Dolby 7.1 Gaming Headset

    His stream : https://www.twitch.tv/esl_alphacast

  75. Goatgarien says:

    Surefour keeps changing his sensitivity!
    His new sense is
    Dpi: 900
    Sens: 6.5

    He says he increased it because he’s a wrist player.
    Source: his stream

  76. Enjoy2K says:

    For Ryujehong, Mouse: Logitech G402 DPI: 1600, In-game: 1.16 ZOOM: 38

  77. ALLEN says:

    Hey,a mistake

    You’ve updated Surefour’s new sens on Seagull’s

  78. Jose says:

    Im trying to test those pros sens but it feels slow in comparison to their videos when moving the mouse i see my mouse have to go further than theirs, does it change if im playing in a 55 inch smart tv with 120 Hz vs their pros normal size 24 inches?

  79. knave says:

    Pine(LW red) use Steelseries Rival 100
    And dpi 500, sense is 15(widowmaker zoom sense 35)

  80. Dreas says:

    quick question… how do you change your cm/360, or am I just being dumb and don’t know what it is haha Thanks!

  81. AmperX says:

    I think will be good info add render scale parameter too.

  82. asd123 says:

    I know unkoe use logitech g pro gaming mouse not sensei raw

  83. Raar says:

    grimreality from immortals uses 800 dpi / 3.25 sens = 53,30 cm (maybe different for tracking heroes (3.40 = 51,00 cm / 3.50 sens = 49,50 cm))

    agilitiess from immortals uses 1600 dpi / 3.00 sens = 28.87 cm

    shadder2k from rng uses (probably) 800 dpi / 6.00 sens = 28.87 cm (in his nightbot (twitch) there are at least two other senses (newest one = 800 dpi / 6.90 sens = 25.1 cm) (i still believe he plays all heroes with 28,87 cm (it “looks” like it))

    seagul from nrg uses 800 dpi / 6.50 sens (as written) = 26,64 cm (not 25,00 cm (as written) (it’s also wrong in his nightbot (twitch))

    surefour from c9 uses 900 dpi / 6.00 sens = 25.66 cm (= new sens)

    pokelawlz (canadian player) uses 800 dpi / 7.00 sens = 24,74 cm (same as tviq (misfits) but around 31,.. cm for tracking heroes (maybe all but genji)) and 35 scope sens

    cypher (belarus / quake live / ex-anox) uses 400 dpi / 15.00 sens = 23,09 cm (like cooller ex-anox, ex-misfits) and 35 scope sens

    k1llsen (k1llgasm) (german player / quake live) uses 400 dpi / 9.50 sens = 36,46 cm

    rapha from liquid gaming uses something like 34,60 cm (afaik)

  84. Artemiis says:

    Talespin is no longer on Envyus.. Mickie may be a replacement but it is still unsure

  85. Drake says:

    Seagull changed his sense to 1600dpi 3 in game. Source* his stream “!sens” command.

  86. PiP says:

    Cooller now using Benq XL2540 with 240Hz. There his post on VK where he’s bought this monitor

  87. succ says:

    Taimou changed to 1600dpi and 2.5 sens

  88. biggg says:

    Someone find out Zebbosai’s sens! =)

  89. Anon says:

    Why can’t I no longer sort the table by DPI, cm/360, etc. like before?

  90. I threw in all the cm/360 into a mean, median, and mode calculator if anyone’s curious:

    Count: 100
    Sum: 3266.68
    Mean: 32.6668
    Median: 34.3
    Mode: 34.6

    And here’s all the numbers I used:
    74.65 69.2 62.1 58.1 49.3 49.3 49.13 43.9 43.9 43.4 43.4 43.4 43.4 43.4 43.4 43.4 43.4 41.4 40.4 39.6 38.7 38.3 38.3 38.3 38.3 38.3 38 35.3 34.64 34.64 34.6 34.6 34.6 34.6 34.6 34.6 34.6 34.6 34.6 34.6 34.6 34.6 34.6 34.6 34.6 34.6 34.6 34.6 34.6 34.6 34 32.55 32.37 31.6 31.6 31.6 30 28.86 28.86 28.8 28.8 28.8 28.8 28.8 28.8 28.8 28.8 28.8 28.8 28.8 28.6 27.9 27.3 27.1 26.7 26.5 25.66 24.7 24.7 24.7 24.7 24.7 24.7 23.8 23.7 23.1 23.1 23.09 22 22 19.3 19.24 18.47 14.43 13.8 13.3 13.19 11 8.7 5.3

  91. KaSyX says:

    Is Ow in inches or cm ?

  92. Cris says:

    I have the Acer XB270HU which has a native 2560×1440 resolution. Will lowering my resolution to 1920x1080p have any negative effect, since it’s not native?

  93. PiP says:

    Ryujehong from Lunatic-Hai now using Logitech G900 Chaos Spectrum and Miro changed his G402 to Logitech G502 Proteus Spectrum. Noticed it on finals of Intel Extreme Masters Gyeonggi.

  94. asd123 says:

    I know winz is using g100s on IEM

  95. trc2535 says:

    Eh… And how the hell do they aim with sensitivity that high? I have 700 dpi 2 sens, else is going way to over when flicking…

  96. nsbs says:

    both Taimou and Harryhook have 800 dpi and 5 game sens, please update.

  97. niseyç says:

    Has SoOn changed to ZA13? His stream info says Logitech G Pro.

  98. Shadow says:

    Why does Shadowburn play on a high dpi (i am also a genji main idk if its genji)?

    • Max says:

      Probably because of Genji.

    • notshadow says:

      no that’s is not true In tf 2 he has the same settings
      shadow have talent it’s the same for pro gamers

      i mean in football (soccer)

      no matter what messi gonna wear. he will be pro player


      and practice make miracles happens

      hope you will not practice in competitive mode though

  99. Mega Dimastic says:

    Im using 1600 dpi and around 35 sens because I have a very small mousepad. What do you think of that?

    • nsbs says:

      anything works as long as you can aim where you want when you want it. That’s how it worked for them.

    • Max says:

      Way too high, buy a bigger mousepad. 😀

    • Koupally says:

      I used to play at 3500 dpi and 15 in game sensitivity. I decided to give lower sensitivity a shot, noticed a positive difference. So I got a bigger mat, an optical mouse, and kept at it while gradually lowering my dpi over time. I’m now at 800 dpi with 5-6 in game sensitivity and it is finally comfortable while also improving my aim by a good amount.

  100. Dogma says:

    Rapha mentioned on one of his streams that he uses 8.8 sense at 800 dpi with 500hz mouse polling rate.

  101. asd123 says:

    uNKOE changed his sensitivity? How do you know that?

  102. Bob says:

    Why is taimou and harryhook using 800 DPI and 5 ingame? Won’t that be pixelskipping?

  103. Michael says:

    Seagull mentioned getting a 240hz monitor. Probably the benQ one.

  104. XLR8 says:

    Shadder2k has a 1000hz polling rate
    Source: Rival 300 (has a 1ms response time)

  105. gerard says:

    ryujehong’s mouse is a g402

  106. Steve says:

    Would it be better if the history of their sensitivity or the devices they have used before are added within the parentheses?

  107. nochill says:

    im gonna honest. im new to gaming. ive been playing w 2500 dpi on mouse until i saw this list. turn it down to 800 and 6 in game. it feels so slow though, is that normal?

    • nochill says:

      im so confuse. some of them even play at 400 dpi

    • Max says:

      Just practise. It feels slow at first but it will improve your accuracy and consistency. 🙂

    • Noel Bilbro says:

      You are probably wrist aiming. You need to aim with your whole arm. Low sens is much more precise. Just like anything faster. Its harder to control. You can get used to high dpi though. Dpi isn’t everything. 1600 dpi with 4 sens is the same as 400 dpi with 16 sens.

  108. AmperX says:


  109. Thiago says:

    Isn’t Mickie in Envyus?

  110. kkkkkddddda says:

    Lunatic hai Esca changed his sensi. 800dpi in-game sensi 6~7

  111. Eregon says:

    hm i guess theres a mistake in hidans cm/360 or dpi, does he have 400 dpi instead of 800 maybe? that would get him 38.7cm/360 with 8,9 ingame sens
    love ur list btw great work!

    • Max says:

      Hello Eregon, I made a mistake with the cm/360. I know that he is using 800 DPI since he told me directly via twitter. Thank you! 🙂

  112. Hi says:

    Fl0w3r (Nanohana) LW Blue
    10 sens (8 on Tracer)
    SteelSeries Sensei RAW
    ROCCAT ALUMIC Mousepad
    LEOPOLD FC900R blue switch
    1600×900 50% render scale
    BenQ XL2420Z ;144Hz

    font: https://beta.nightbot.tv/t/fl0w3rikka/commands

  113. PiP says:

    EnvyUs Mickie settings:
    In-game sens 11.
    Zoom sens 28.
    DPI 400.
    Mouse: Logitech G403.
    Mousepad: Logitech G640.
    Headset: Kingston HyperX Cloud Revolver.

  114. Ciaran says:

    Soon now uses 400 dpi with 18 sens and plays 1920 1080 with 75% render everything else is the same, oh and great list 🙂

  115. Vomeister says:

    EnVyUs’ Cocco is using the Zowie EC1-A. He uses 1600 DPI and 4 in-game sens.

    Source: Cocco’s twitch Nightbot

  116. DOOM says:

    iddqd switched to Razer Deathadder Chroma these days. Sometimes he put a “hand cam” on his stream so you can see. And on his twitch page he writes Razer DA Chroma there, instead of flick G1 anymore.

  117. Bryson Davis says:

    LiNkzr’s nightbot says his sens is 800DPI and 5.2 In game with a 34 zoom sens. Thanks for all the work keeping this updated! 🙂

  118. Chris Kread says:

    This is the best thing since sliced bread!!! Thanks so much for putting the work in bruda.

  119. Chris Kread says:

    Grip style may also be a good addition to this. Some people starting out or maybe making the transition from console may find that very useful. It could also be a good tool for someone who already knows there grip but is looking to buy a more suitable FPS mouse using this list.

  120. Noel Bilbro says:

    Why would you use 500hz?

  121. Noel Bilbro says:

    No one uses my peripherals 🙁 Mouse:Deathadder Elite-Pad:Hayate Otsu Soft M-Keyboard:Cooler Master Masterkeys Pro L RGB-Headset:Logitech G230

  122. Noel Bilbro says:

    Switch type would be cool since its a pretty big variable. I know that wouldn’t be easy to figure out though.

  123. w.kleka@gmail.com says:

    clockwork 3.60 in game/1600 dpi

  124. KL says:

    Surefour 900 DPI / 5.5 sens -> https://www.twitch.tv/surefour
    Esca new 800 DPI/ 6.3 sens -> https://www.twitch.tv/qkfhzhal
    Nanohana/Fl0w3R 450 DPI/ 10 Sens -> https://www.twitch.tv/fl0w3rikka
    Sayaplayer 1000 DPI / 5 sens -> https://www.twitch.tv/hjm3935

  125. AmperX says:

    Custa now uses 800dpi and 4 sens according his stream.

  126. KL says:

    * Surefour 900 DPI / 5.5 sens -> https://www.twitch.tv/surefour
    * AKM 1600 DPI / 2 Sens -> https://www.twitch.tv/akm_tv
    * Harryhook 800 DPI / 6 sens -> https://www.twitch.tv/harryhook

  127. Krusher99 says:

    Shadder2K switched to the Zowie EC2A. Source: his stream nightbot !mouse

  128. Bob says:

    Any recommendations for pro gaming headsets under £100

  129. DOOM says:

    Zunba(Lunatic Hai) in his stream today uses a Steelseries Sensei Raw(Black) and a QcK heavy. And ryujehong today still uses his G402 and Qck Heavy. These guys changes their gears quite frequently. Perhaps Zunba was just trying to test if Sensei Raw is viable.

  130. dannyhuythao says:

    reaver is currently using g303 mouse as of 14 feb

  131. Raar says:

    sources twitch / nightbots:

    surefour (cloud9)-> 900 dpi + sens 3 + scopesens 38 = 51,3 cm (no joke)

    gods (cloud9) -> 1600 dpi + sens 4 + scopesens 38 = 21,65 cm (double as fast now)

    winz (rogue) -> 900 dpi + sens 3.5 = 44 cm

    linkzr (dignitas) -> 800 dpi + sens 5.5 = 31,5 cm

    custa (fnatic) -> scopesens 40

    dahang (team liquid) -> 1200 dpi + sens 3.5 + scopesens 35 = 33 cm, AOC G2460PF (144hz, 1MS response time), Razer Deathadder Elite, Razer Goliathus Speed, Razer Blackwidow Chroma, HyperX Cloud

    grimreality (immortals) -> 800 dpi + sens 3.25 + scopesens 38 = 53,3 cm

    agilities (immortals) -> 1600 dpi + sens 3 = 28.87 cm

    k1llsen (k1llgasm) (german player/quake live pro/top20 EU) -> 400 dpi + sens 9.5 = 36,46 cm, Benq xl2411Z, Logitech g303, Razer Goliathus Speed XXL(Alpha), Logitech g810, in-ears Sennheiser CX 980

    pokelawlz (canadian player/twitch streamer) -> 800 dpi + sens 8 + scopesens 38 = 21,65 cm + sens 9 for genji = 19,24 cm, Logitech G403 – Wireless, Overwatch Razer Goliathus Speed, Overwatch Razer BlackWidow Chroma, Sennheiser hd 598 SE (black)

  132. Typherion says:

    Firstly I would like to say this list is amazing , thank you for maintaining it ! ,I can see from your responses to the comments that it takes a lot of hard work and dedication ,anyways , i wanted to ask , i just got overwatch about a month ago and was playing at 2000 dpi with 15 in-game sensitivity , that is like 4.6cm/360 and all my friends told me my sensitivity was too high and I should play on a lower sensitivity for better aim , to keep a benchmark on my aim i am using hanzo and mecree , heroes with very little weapon spread (unless you fan the hammer from a distance) i used to average around 35% accuracy on the mecree , and in my best game it was around 65% ( too many tanks on the enemy team lol ) , on hanzo my worst game in recent memory is like 20% accuracy , and best is like 47% , i average around 37-38% accuracy with him , is this accurate enough ? I tried lowering the settings like my friends said because i felt i couldn’t do flickshots or quickscope shots well, or hit fast targets like tracer on my high settings , because i took a second or so to set my aim, probably because of bad tracking , and i think i have gotten a little better now at 10 in-game sensitivity , same dpi which equals 6.9 cm/360 , haven’t seen much improvement in the accuracy rating yet though per game , i tried 6 in game sensitivity , which makes it 11.5cm/360 and it seemed doable , i had a lot more room to move my hand , but it was like i was hesitating too much and had to forcefully move my hand , it did not feel natural and imo it made the aiming thing take longer , my question is what is the optimum value i should go for ? Shall i slowly adjust myself and reduce to lower settings ? If so how low should i go ? Should i invest my time getting used to and perfecting my arm movements at this sensitivity for perfect aim or will doing the same on a lower sensitivity get me better results ? ( I’m sorry for the essay my fears and apprehensions have become , and thank you for reading through this to the end ! )

    • Max says:

      Hello Typherion, I am glad that you like the list! First of all, how big is your mousepad? If it is a small one try to get a large one as soon as possible. I assume that you are mainly a DPS player. The average EDPI of Pro DPS players is 4531. In your case this would be 2000 DPI and 2.27 sensitivity. Just take your time and get used to something around that and your game will improve greatly. If you have any further questions don’t hesitate to ask! 🙂

    • Kiiddo says:

      that is WAYYYYY too high! Most people start off on 800 dpi and 5 or 6 sens and move from there.. With that high of DPI your tracking will probably be shit. For heroes like Reinhard you could have a higher dpi/sense since you don’t need a ton of aim.. But for heroes like Hanzo and McCree, you need to go A LOT lower. That being said if you’re comfortable with where you’re at use it, but if you’re stuck in Silver I can understand why from your settings. Look above at all the pros settings, basically nobody has 11.5cm/360. Most fall between 25-45cm/360.

  133. Spinny says:

    !mouse>Zowie EC2-A
    !sens>Sensitivity: 800 DPI, 6.5

  134. Praveen says:

    mousepad -> HyperX Fury Pro Extended

  135. hibiki says:

    Surefour 900 DPI / 4 sens -> https://www.twitch.tv/surefour

  136. Pryzma says:

    Dont you want to add Kephrii on to the list?

  137. AmperX says:

    Really want to see Zebbosai settings.Nothing is known about this?

  138. DM says:

    Cooller uses 1000 mhz poll rate

  139. sickboy says:

    just in case, surefour is using 900 dpi 3 ingame sens for mccree and 5 ingame for tracer, soldier, etc

  140. Jameson says:

    Hey just wondering im a console player moving to pc soon so will you be able to Help to find the pros desktop pc I’m afraid that my pc won’t be able to run the game

  141. Johny says:

    I think there is mistake about Taimou sens. I think that he is actually using 1600 dpi and 2.75 sens, cuz I am pretty sure he was playing 5 sens 800 dpi before. There is no way he reduced his sens so much in short time.
    IMO he changed DPI to 1600 and sens to 2.75. Can someone confirm this?
    btw keep the good work up..this info is godlike ! cheers

  142. Raar says:

    k1llsen (Streamer) – 1000 Hz – 40,75 cm – 8.5 sens – 30 scopesens (cm and sens are switched in your chart)

    aimbotcalvin (Gale Force Esports) – 400 dpi – 41,98 cm – 8.25 sens – 40 scopesens – ASUS VG248QE – Razer DeathAdder Elite – HyperX FURY Pro LARGE – Corsair K70 – HyperX Cloud II – https://www.twitch.tv/aimbotcalvin

    j3sus (Detroit Renegades) – 30 scopesens

    Mangachu (Detroit Renegades) – 30 scopesens (source: Nightbot)

    LiNkzr (Team Dignitas) – scopesens 33

    buds (FNATIC) – https://www.twitch.tv/buds

    Whoru (Lunatic-Hai) – https://www.twitch.tv/ninjas992

    zunba (Lunatic-Hai) – 1800 dpi – 24,05 cm – 3.2 sens – BenQ XL2430T – 144 – (Logitech G403 – Logitech G640 = source: his twitch site) – Logitech G810 – Sennheiser PC363D – https://www.twitch.tv/wg1646

    • Max says:

      Thanks again Raar for taking your time to write all of this down. I added and updated everything except Mangachus zoom sensitivity since he told me yesterday that he is using 38. 🙂

  143. PiP says:

    IDDQD now using Logitech G810 Keyboard(he updated it in description on his channel)

  144. GoodaimNoBRAIN says:

    Dafran isn’t here can you plz find his settings out 🙂

  145. Berd says:

    There isn’t window mouse sensitivity in overwatch section?

  146. Chris Wells says:

    Spree in-game sensitivity lowered from 9 to 7 per his twitter feed March 2nd.

  147. reyk says:

    AZK is 10 sens @400 dpi as per his stream

  148. Kiiddo says:

    Harbleu is on NRG now, still sponsored by Complexity though

  149. AmperX says:

    Does Linkzr really use Corsair devices instead of the above or its invalid info?

  150. Slade says:

    what is surefours current fov/sens? you have two sensitivitys up there and im mainly wondering what is used on what hero. and the fov thing has been said to be 90 then 103 then 90 so im just gettin it straight

  151. Iggy says:

    Any chance at adding some more of the players from up and coming Korean Teams? Meta Athena, Kongdoo Panth & Uncia, Afreeca etc!?

  152. Ivan Here says:

    hei the headphone Hyper X Cloud Revolver, is it better then the Cloud Revolver S version? Some sites say the S version is the newer updated 7.1 version.
    Does the pros recommend this or still stick with the non S version due to some reason ..

  153. Ralph Ayap says:

    There’s no Window Sensitivity, but there’s Window sensitivity in the website descriptions. I need the window sensitivity of thhe pro players, thanks.

  154. zhyphirus says:

    Can you put DSPStanky ?

  155. KL says:

    max, why r u not verifying my post and removing some of them???i spent alot of time on it , i thought my thing helps you

    • Max says:

      Hello KL! If your comments do not go through immediately this is due to our spam protection. The spam protection gets triggered if you have too many links in your comment. However, we do get to see these comments any way. Please take a look at the list before posting, in your latest comment you posted a lot of settings that we already have on the list. Thanks for taking your time to research and post your findings here. It is much appreciated! 🙂

      • KL says:

        hi Max, I do realize u have alot of them but some of them changed!…please check.. thank you

        • Max says:

          Please send the information that is not added to the list yet. Also note that we only add players that we know the gear and the settings of. Only Sens/DPI is not enough unfortunately. Thanks in advance! 🙂

  156. wwww says:

    i’d love if you could find out dafran’s settings, dude is a beast

  157. steel rarely plays now, but he uses 800/5
    tim uses 800/6.86

  158. Ralph Ayap says:

    Do GrimReality uses 800dpi and 3.25 sens or 1600 dpi and 3 sens? “I saw the 1600 dpi and 3 sens in other pro players settings, it might not be updated” please answer max!!! I kinda need it thanks!!

  159. Jameson says:

    Can u explain cm 360 please and is there any way to change our cm 360?

    • Max says:

      It’s just how many cm you have to swipe your mouse to make a full 360°. You can’t change your cm/360° directly. You have to change your DPI or your sensitivity.

  160. Slade says:

    Any chance you can tell me evermores sensitivity from kongdoo panthera?

  161. AmperX says:

    Dafran uses Zowie-EC2A and 450 dpi. Is it possible?

  162. Kara says:

    Do you happen to know what reavers sens was before he left c9? Scope/hipfire/dpi

  163. Raar says:

    Had these for some time, but updated it just now:

    Luminosity Gaming Loyal and Evil are sponsored by Zowie (mice) and DX-Racer (gamerseat) and HyperX (headset)

    jake – Luminosity Gaming Evil – 800 dpi – 33 cm – 5.25 sens – 40 scopesens – Zowie FK1 – jake_overwatch (twitch)

    train – Luminosity Gaming Evil – 3200 dpi – 21.65 cm – 2 sens – Razer Naga 2015 – trainuh (twitch)

    super – Luminosity Gaming Evil – 1700 dpi – 16.3 cm – 5 sens – supertf (twitch)

    voll – Luminosity Gaming Evil – hot_voll (twitch)

    avast – Luminosity Gaming Evil – 1600 dpi – 36.08 cm – 2.4 sens – Logitech G Pro – Steelseries Arctis 5 – avasto (twitch)

    rob420 – Luminosity Gaming Evil – 1600 dpi – 43.3 cm – 2 sens – robfourtwenty (twitch)

    Ube – Luminosity Gaming Loyal – ubeow (twitch)

    Mineral – Luminosity Gaming Loyal – 1600 dpi – 27.06 cm – 3.2 sens – BenQ XL6148 – Zowie EC1-A – Corsair K65 – HyperX Stinger – mineralow (twitch)

    Flippy – Luminosity Gaming Loyal – BENQ Zowie XL2411 – Logitech G Pro – Razer Goliathus Control – POK3r RGB – flippydoggydogg (twitch)

    nicogdh – Rogue – 750 dpi – 43.36 cm – 4.26 sens – nicogdh (twitch)

    Kyb – Laser Kittenz – 800 – 28.87 cm – 6 sens – Logitech G403 Prodigy – Corsair K70 RGB RGB Rapid Fire – Sennheiser GAME ZERO – source: he showed his settings on twitch (his twitch settings under his stream are wrong)

    pokelawls – 800 – 24.74 cm – 7 sens – Logitech G403 Wireless

    Cypher – ex-ROX (and quake live legend) – 400 – 34.64 cm – 10 sens – 35 scopesens – Zowie FK1 – Razer Goliathus (speed or control..?) – Razer Deathstalker – SS (Steelseries? headset) – cypheronline (twitch)

    babybay – splyce (former Kungarna) – 800 – 34.64 cm – 5 sens – Corsair Harpoon RGB – Corsair MM800 RGB – Corsair K95 RGB Platinum – Corsair Void Wireless Yellowjacket – a_babybay (twitch)

    zuppehw – ninjas in pyjamas – 800 – 28.87 – 6 – 38 scopesens – BenQ XL2411Z – 144 hz – Zowie EC1-A – XTP1_L4-NiP-VO (mousepad) – XG1-R LED (keyboard) – HyperX Cloud II

    rawkus – faze – 400 – 32.25 cm – 10.74 – 30 – Logitech g403 – Turtle Beach Elite Pro

  164. Eric says:

    Hi I was wondering if you could help me figure out if my sens is too low for a Dps. I use 6 In game with 400 DPI is my edpi too low?

  165. Bryson Davis says:

    So I’ve been around WhoRU’s streams a bit lately trying to figure out his sens. I don’t speak Korean at all, but this is the google translate.
    Dpi 800 Basic 7.9 Genji 9.1 Mac 5.5 Tre / Solver / Sight 5.74 Diva 6.1 Ana 6.5 – Hopefully you can make sense out of some of them 🙂

    Hope this helps! Thanks for all the work on this.

  166. Eregon says:

    according to his stream, nico uses the g300s logitech mouse

  167. wwww says:

    according to his twitch commands (dafrancsgo) dafran uses 400 cpi 8.5 ingame (so 40.75cm/360).

    also you have a lot of inconsistent cm/360 calculations for common ecpi values (eg 800/6 is listed as 28.8, 28.87 and 28.86). for future reference the correct cm/360 value can be found by


    it might be worth making these consistent 🙂

  168. realitree says:

    Hey guys.. maybe you can help me I got an issue with my Roccat Kone Pure Optical.. when i’m moving left and right, my cursor/corsshair is droping downwards by substantial amount.. even more so when i do fast 180° turns i almost always have a big offset even when i just make the flick once and not repeatedly…

    do you also have this issue? is this a mouse problem?
    i’m playing at 1600dpi at 2.5 sensitivity

    • Max says:

      Maybe your sensor is broken or your mousepad is dirty? Try cleaning your mousepad first and see if that changes anything.

    • octamed says:

      I had that. Run the Roccat settings (as admin, make a shortcut) and set the ‘advanced control/sensor alignment’ to 0, hit apply. If that didn’t work, set it to something else/apply, then back to 0/apply. Then fiddle with the angle if that’s still not right. I find I need mine at 4 degrees to remove any vertical movement from a swipe. Worked great. Keep in mind my settings sometimes revert for no reason! So I have to occasionally run the settings and apply the rotation again. Hope that helps.

  169. KM says:

    How do you know Tviq is using 500hz? Pretty sure he uses 1000

  170. Maximus says:

    Do you know GaleAdelade’s sensitivity, DPI and scoped sensitivity? Here is his Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/gale_adelade

  171. Vomeister says:


    I know his twitch page says differently but Tviq appears to be using the Zowie EC1-A according to his Nightbot commands (page 12)

  172. Unforgiven says:

    Shadder2k changed his Sensitivity with his new Razer Deathadder Elite.
    Dpi : 800
    Sens: 7

  173. AmperX says:

    Surefour changed his sens/dpi to 2.25/1600 info from his twitch channel.

  174. Vingles says:

    shadder2k sens: 800*6.5, says his stream profile

  175. Unforgiven says:

    He didn’t update it yet. He told bis new sensitivity on his last stream.

  176. JensLuL says:

    Does anyone know shadders screen? Is that g-sync? looks so smoth with combos.

  177. EK says:

    aimbotcalvin is using logitech g403 now

  178. Raar says:

    small changes:

    bromas – dignitas – 800 dpi – 38.48 cm – 4.5 sens – BenQ XL2540 – Zowie ZA-13 – Razer Gigantus – Corsair K65 RGB Keyboard (Cherry Red) – Corsair VOID RGB USB (source: his nighbot)

    sinatraa – selfless – 400 dpi – 40.75 cm – 8.5 sens (yes..)

    linkzr – dignitas – 800 dpi – 24.74 cm – 7 sens – 30 scopesens (source: his nightbot) (says he changes his sensitivity often)

    aimbotcalvin – 450 dpi – 38.48 cm – 8 sens – 40 scopesens

    surefour – cloud9 – 1600 dpi – 34.64 cm – 2.5 sens (source: his nightbot, not sure if true)

    mickie – envyus – 400 dpi – 28.86 cm – 12 sens – 32 scopesens – twitch.tv/mickiepp

    jake – luminosity evil – 32.37 cm – 5.35 sens

  179. Eregon says:

    Hey Max, i have new updates from Soon, he changed a lot according to his twitch channel https://www.twitch.tv/soonsm

    Souris / Mice : Zowie FK2

    Clavier / Keyboard : Logitech PRO Mechanical Keyboard

    Casque / Headset : Sennheiser GAME ZERO

    Tapis de souris /Mousepad : Zowie G-SR

    new sens increased by one 400 DPI / 19 sensitivity IG (45 zoom)

    and apparently he uses the default for his zowie mouse,1000 hz, he said he uses zowie so he has no choice and has to use 500 hz, but i think he just doesnt know that zowies default is 1k xD

  180. brownbat says:

    The SteelSeries 6Gv2 defaults to MX Cherry Blacks, but assume most players are using Reds… Should those entries be “6Gv2 Red Switch” (like SteelSeries has that model on their website)? Or it is not really clear which version each player uses?

  181. sparkieguest94@gmail.com says:

    How do you know that Surefour/Seagull are on 500hz polling rate? I’ve not seen that info anywhere

  182. Kevin says:

    Waiting for you to update the new envyus roster

  183. jeremy tan says:

    dude linkzr current settings are 1600 dpi 3,31sens in game scoped sens 31(subjected to change). source: twitch bot from a video on his twitch 2 days ago ‘struggling :> new !mouse, lets git gud ok’ . he uses Roccat Pure Owl at the moment all info taken from his bot.

  184. wth says:

    1. keprii’s keyboard and pad are reversed.
    2. ryejaehong has changed 403 to 502 mouse.
    3. add other famous player plz there is many new face pro player.

    • Max says:

      Fixed everything, thank you! 🙂 We always try to add more people to the list. Feel free to share players you want to see added. Preferably with their settings and gear.

  185. ALLEN says:

    Calvin’s stream title says he is using new mousepad, does anyone know what it is?

  186. Vomeister says:


    Surefour is currently using 900 DPI and 5.5 sens in-game, according to the !sens command and the info on the FAQ lower down on the page.

  187. memeboy says:

    surefour is using 3.5 sens and a hardpad now (probably the logitech g440), but i dont know if the dpi is the same

    source: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/147009147 03:14:55

  188. David says:

    Something you may consider, maybe you could add if the pro uses a claw/palm/finger grip with their mouse? I’m not sure if that information would be available for enough pros though. Also, can you get evermore (kongdoo panthera) and haksal (Runaway) on this list?

    • Tsukiyomi says:

      Haksal plays at 800 dpi 31.7 senes in game on genji 28.8/28.4 mcree and soldier tracer zayra at 34 at 200 fps 75 % rendering mouse logitech g303

    • Max says:

      Unfortunately this information would be too hard to gather since grips also depends on the mouse etc. We will try to get the information for evermore and haksal. If you have the information feel free to share and we will add them to the list. 🙂

  189. jeremy tan says:

    linkzr currently is using 800 dpi 5.5 sens 33 scoped sens, all taken from his twitch

  190. sinatra 500 dpi 11 sens atm

  191. taimou 400 dpi 5.5 sens zoom 35 atm

  192. where is movistar riders settings?

  193. jeremy tan says:

    do a quick search on youtube or khepri’s twitch, you can see he isnt using his razor headphones anymore. not too sure but i think its the corsairs headphones

    • Vomeister says:

      That post is from March when Gods was switched to tank role. He’s back on flex/dps now, should probably check his twitch page if anything.

  194. JayWood2010 says:

    Few questions.

    1. What is the real difference between 1600 dpi and 800?

    2. Arm aim. I have recently switched to arm aim which i was using only my arm to aim, but more recently I found out that you are only suppose to move with your arm, but still aim with your wrists. How do you all do this? With such low sensitivity, you dont have a wide range to track with your wrists. Any tips on this?

    • Vomeister says:

      1) 800 and 1600 DPI is kind of a personal preference but pixel skipping is more prevalent in Overwatch with a higher in-game sens which is why people will use a higher DPI and a lower in-game sens to decrease it as much as possible. Pixel skipping is pretty much what it sounds like, if your in game sens is too high you won’t be able to move your crosshair small distances precisely, it’s like the crosshair jumps or “skips” a distance (the best way to test this is put your in-game sens really high like at 50 to 100 and see how much the crosshair skips with the smallest movement). Honestly, unless your sens is ridiculously high, most people won’t notice the difference. Like 400 by 12, 800 by 6, and 1600 by 3 (all are the same effective DPI which is DPI multiplied by in-game sens) won’t feel drastically different. I’ve personally found that aiming feels a bit smoother with a higher DPI setting in Overwatch but it doesn’t affect my gameplay that much.

      2) Aim technique is also personal preference. I’m not sure what source you’re using but decreasing how much you move your wrist is much healthier for it. I use a mid speed sens (1000 DPI by 5 in-game, roughly a 30 cm/360deg when I measured it) and I barely move my wrist at all. I tend to use my forearm and elbow to aim and keep my wrist still except if I have to make a small adjustment. Naturally, your wrist will move at least a little bit when you’re moving your mouse around. It’ll depend on what aiming style you’re using too like tracking, flicking, projectile, etc. Basically, find what’s comfortable for you and be sure to take breaks regularly when you play.

      Hope I helped at least a bit, and have a good one man.

    • Max says:

      1. Easiest way to explain it is that 800 DPI and 10 Sensitivity is just as “fast” as 1600 DPI and 5 Sensitivity. Easiest way to compare is to DPI*Sensitivity = eDPI.

      2. You are not only supposed to move with your arm. You do big movements with your arm and small adjustments with your wrist. You can track with your arm as well not just with your wrist though.

  195. yaboiskr says:

    hey do you know what settings wraxu has?

  196. asdfasdasdasasdweaa says:

    esca uses G900

  197. asdfasdasdasasdweaa says:

    ryujehong uses g402

  198. memeboy says:

    surefour uses 1.5 sens for most hitscan heroes and 2.5 for most projectiles

    source: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/152431709 03:49:10

  199. Vomeister says:

    Lunatic Hai’s Zunba is using a Finalmouse ScreaM One


    Spotted at 3:49:07

  200. Hassan M says:

    can you add EnVyUs EFFECT tracer settings?

  201. jeremy tan says:

    400 dpi 5.5 sens 35 scoped
    source: twitch vods dated 6 days ago
    @hassan 3600edpi

  202. memeboy says:

    surefour have new sens for almost every hero, you can see everything here https://www.twitch.tv/videos/154504131 00:36:45

  203. PiP says:

    I’m in Korea right now and yesterday I’ve met Haksal from Runaway at OGN E-Stadium, before the match Lunatic-Hai vs LW Blue. And asked him a few questions(yeah, I know korean language 😀 ). And one of them was about his device setup and sensitivity settings 🙂
    His device setup:
    Mouse: Logitech G900 Chaos Spectrum
    Mouse Pad: Zowie G-SR
    Keyboard: Corsair K70 RGB RapidFire(Cherry MX Speed)
    His game settings:
    FOV: 103
    In-game sensitivity: 31.7
    Zoom sensitivity: 38
    Mouse DPI: 800
    Mouse Polling: 1000hz

  204. PiP says:

    All players of Lunatic-Hai(except Miro) Changed their keyboards to Logitech G Pro keyboards. Noticed it semi-final AF Blue vs. Lunatic-Hai.

  205. Owlfury says:

    IDDQD is playing at 400 dpi instead of 450 according to !sens command on his channel.

  206. PiP says:

    Some updates about Haksal setup:
    His monitor is BenQ XL2540. Saw it on his streams. And he plays at 240Hz refresh rate(he shown his setting on last few streams and in his video settings refresh rate was set to “display based” and in game he had 240 fps)
    And from yesterday he started using Audio-Technica ATH-PG1 Headphones.

  207. justin says:

    Sinatraa just showed on stream he uses 15 sens and said he uses 400dpi. stream called “DAY 8 | JULY MARATHON (RANK 1 TRACER XD)” map 3 of nepal is where he showed it.

  208. kobi says:

    just a question.. but by what i saw for aim mains pros the sens is very low is it also for tracking aim? let’s say seagull usually plays genji and zarya sometimes, would he have the same sens for both or each by the “preferred sens” on for aim and one for movment?

    btw i find it strange that DSPstanky has a 360 of 7cm. it don’t look like that on his streams.

  209. Slade says:

    do you know sters overwatch sens? his twitch command is confusing. he streams for luminosity

  210. Mike says:

    Anyone have Boombox’s sens?

  211. alx says:

    Taimou is back to using his old sens. source: updated his !sens commands @ twitch.tv/taimoutv

    800 DPI
    5 sens
    35 Zoom

  212. jeremy tan says:

    Resolution: 1920×1080 75%
    Sensitivity: 400 dpi , 8.5 in-game , 35 zoom
    Monitor: BENQ XL2420Z
    Headphones: Apple Headphones
    Mic: Blue Snowball
    Keyboard: Logitech G Pro Keyboard
    Mouse: Finalmouse Scream One
    Mousepad: Zowie GS-R Blue

    faze zombs

  213. Does shadowburn use 60hz or 144hz? ON this list it tells that it’s 60hz but on this other list on a website it states it’s 144hz.

  214. yan-bing ren says:

    iddqd is now using the G640 mousepad( taken from his stream).

  215. Brennan says:

    Can you check shadder2k’s dpi and sens for me? Something seems off with 800 dpi and 9 in game sens. 🙂

  216. GENGU says:

    900 DPI and right now 5.5 sens SUREFOUR

  217. Danilo Essu says:

    I’m using 3600 dpi with 2.35 sens and honestly i’m doing pretty good. (feels like old cs)
    There is any reason for not puttin raw 8000 dpi at my g pro and 1 in sens game?

  218. hello max i saw sinataraa on your webiste but u gote the dpi and sens wrong he has a 500 dpi and a 13 in game sens as it states on the selfless team website

  219. Raar says:

    fl0w3r/nanohana – lw blue – 450 dpi – 30.79 cm – 10 sens / 38.48 cm – 8 sens (tracer) – 1600*900 – BenQ XL2420Z – 144 Hz – Steelseries Sensei RAW – Roccat Alumic – Leopold FC900R – Etymotic Research ER-4S – twitch.tv/fl0w3rikka

    saebyeolbe – lw blue – 810 dpi – 21.27 cm – 8.04 sens (Steelseries Sensei RAW) / 500 dpi – 21.55 cm – 12.86 sens (Steelseries Rival 100) – Razer Goliathus Speed – Logitech G Pro – Sony h.ear on MDR-100AAP – twitch.tv/saebyeolbe

    sayaplayer – meta athena – 1000 dpi – 27.71 cm – 5 sens – 70 scopesens (all heroes) – 1920×1080 – BenQ XL2411 – Logitech G Pro – Logitech G640 – Leopold Fc750r – HyperX Cloud – twitch.tv/hjm3935

    libero – meta athena – 1000 dpi – 28.86 cm – 4.8 sens – 1600×900 – BenQ XL2411 – Logitech G403 – twitch.tv/liberot99 (his nightbot partially says otherwise.. but the info is probably older)

    rascal – kongdoo panthera – 800 dpi – 31.49 cm – 5.5 sens / 24.74 cm – 7.0 sens (pharah, reaper) / 21.65 cm – 8.0 sens (genji) – Finalmouse Scream One 2nd Edition – twitch.tv/teamkongdoo_rascal

    birdring – kongdoo panthera – between 43.30 cm & 27.71 cm – but 800 dpi – 17.32 cm – 10 sens (tracer/genji probably) – source: his nightbot – twitch.tv/teamkongdoo_birdring

    haksal – runaway – 800 dpi – 5.25 cm – 33 sens (all others) – 5.46 cm – 31.7 sens (genji & dva) – 5.59 cm – 31 sens (soldier) – 5.77 cm – 30 sens (tracer & zarya) – 6.14 cm – 28.2 sens (mccree) – 144 hz – ABKO HACKER K600 (keyboard) – twitch.tv/apzks1236

    esca – lunatic hai – twitch.tv/qkfhzhal

    bunny – BK Stars – 800 dpi – 28.86 cm – 6 sens – 40 scopesens – twitch.tv/cownsgur123

    carpe – (free agent) – 900 dpi – 1000 hz – 49.34 cm – 3.12 sens – 30 scopesens / 41.38 cm – 3.72 sens (genji) – Logitech G903 – Logitech G640 – Deck Hassium CBL 108 – twitch.tv/carpe_ow

    tviq – misfits – 40 scopesens – BenQ XL2411T – HyperX Cloud II Kingston

    nicogdh – rogue – 800 dpi – 36.08 cm – 4.8 sens / 1100 dpi – 26.24 cm – sens 4.8 (genji) – twitch.tv/nicogdh

    danteh – arc6 – 800 dpi – 28.87 cm – 6 sens – ASUS Monitor – Roccat Taito – Corsair Keyboard – Logitech G430 (source: twitter) – twitch.tv/dantehow

    graceful – mega – 1600 dpi – 34.64 cm – 2.5 sens – 30 scopesens

    spree – faze – 40 scopesens – 103 – 1920×1080 – spreeow/twitch.tv (not spreew)

    lui – faze – 1000 dpi – 23.09 cm – 6 sens – ASUS (monitor) – 144 hz – Razer DeathAdder 2013 Classic – Steelseries Apex M800 – Steelseries Siberia 350 – twitch.tv/luiow

    linkzr – team gigantii – 800 dpi – 28.87 cm – 6 sens – Sennheiser 373D

    davin – team gigantii – 400 dpi – 1000 hz – 8.66 sens – 35 scopesens – 1920×1080 – BenQ XL2411 – 144 hz – Logitech G403 – Logitech G640 – Logitech G810 – twitch.tv/davinow

    logix – movistar riders – 400 dpi – 38.48 cm – 9 sens – 35 scopesens – 1920×1080 – 144 hz – Zowie EC2-A – Steelseries QcK+ – Corsair Strafe – HyperX Cloud II – twitch.tv/logixow

    cwoosh – movistar riders – 800 dpi – 34.64 cm – 5 sens – 1920×1080 – ASUS MG248Q – Razer Deathadder Elite – Zowie G-SR – Razer Blackwidow Chroma – twitch.tv/cwoosh

    mistakes – team 123 – 1600 dpi – 32.07 cm – 2.7 sens – 38 scopesens – BenQ XL2411Z – Zowie ZA12 – Steelseries QcK+ – Steelseries 6Gv2 – Steelseries Siberia v2 Frost Blue – twitch.tv/mistakesow

    hydration – counter logic gaming – 750 dpi – 32.13 cm – 5.75 sens – Logitech G Pro – Corsair Gaming MM300 Medium – Corsair Gaming K70 – DXRacer Chair – twitch.tv/the_hydration

    • Raar says:

      k1llsen – 400 dpi – 43.3 cm – 8 sens – 1000 Hz – 30 scopesens (does not play anymore)

      rapha – 800 dpi – 19.68 cm – 8.8 sens – 500 Hz (does not play anymore)

      • Raar says:

        it doesn’t let me post the other half..

        • Raar says:

          carnifax – team epok – 1600 dpi – 31.49 cm – 2.75 sens – 41 scopesens – BenQ XL2411 – 144 hz – Zowie EC2-A – Zowie G-SR – Noppoo Choc Mini (reds) – HyperX Cloud II – twitch.tv/carnifexow

          kensi – bazooka puppiez – 800 dpi – 4.8 sens – BenQ XL2420T – Zowie EC1-A white – Razer Goliathus Speed – Razer Blackwidow 2013 – HyperX Cloud II Kingston – twitch.tv/kensitf2

          henzu – vivi’s adventure – 1600 dpi – 24.74 cm – 3.5 sens – twitch.tv/henzuyall

          jaru – envision – 1600 dpi – 28.86 cm – 3 sens / 21.65 cm – 4 sens (genji) – ASUS VG248QE – Logitech G703 – Steelseries QcK+ – Logitech G933 – twitch.tv/jaruow

          dogman – kungarna – 400 dpi – 43.3 cm – 8 sens – 38 scopesens – 1366×768 – ASUS VG248E – 144 hz – Logitech EC2-A or Logitech G Pro – Steelseries QcK+ – Logitech G Pro (keyboard) or Blackwidow Chroma – Logitech G430 – twitch.tv/dogmanow

          crnkz – team expert – 800 dpi – 28.86 cm – 6 sens – BenQ XL2411Z – Zowie ZA13 – Zowie G-SR – Corsair K65 Rapidfire – Logitech G533 – twitch.tv/crnkz

          neshh – hammer esports – 800 dpi – 1000 hz – 44.41 cm – 3.9 sens – 1920×1080 – 144 hz – Zowie EC2-A – Zowie G-SR – Razer Blackwidow Tournament Editon – HyperX Cloud II – twitch.tv/neshhtv

          kragie – singularity ninjas – 600 dpi – 46.18 cm – 5 sens – ASUS VG248QE – Razer Deathadder Chroma – Ozone Giants – Razer Blackwidow Tournament Edition – twitch.tv/kragiee

          dreamkazper – tempo storm (inactive roster) / (free agent) – 800 dpi – 34.64 cm – 5 sens – 44 scopesens – ASUS VG248QE – Logitech G403 (with weight) – HyperX Alloy – twitch.tv/dreamkazper

          aimbotcalvin – 45 scopesens – Logitech G Pro (keyboard)

          surefour – (cloud9 / free agent) – 900 dpi – 25.66 cm – 6 sens – 55 scopesens

          shadder2k – (free agent) – 800 dpi – 19.24 cm – 9 sens (at least for tracer.. / does not update his nightbot)

          sinatraa – (free agent) – 400 dpi – 24.74 cm – 14 sens – (tested Finalmouse Scream One.. source: himself / his nightbot says Logitech G Pro)

          twoeasy – (free agent) – 800 dpi – 34.64 cm – 5 sens – BenQ XL2430T – 144 hz – Zowie EC2-A – Turtle Beach Pro

          kayuun – (free agent) – 800 dpi – 26.64 cm – 6.5 sens – 44 scopesens – BenQ XL2430T – 144 hz – Logitech G403 – twitch.tv/kayuun

          xretzi – (free agent) – 800 dpi – 40.75 cm – 4.25 sens – 35 scopesens – BenQ XL2540 – 240 hz – Finalmouse Scream One 2nd Editon – Zowie G-SR Blue Editon – Logitech G Pro (keyboard) – Apple Earbuds – twitch.tv/xretzi

          pokelawlz – (streamer) – 7 sens

          wanted (streamer) – 3200 dpi – 33.3 cm – 1.3 sens – Logitech G502 – Roccat Taito Kingsize – Cooler Master MasterKeys Pro S (browns) (tenkeyless) – twitch.tv/wantedow

          ironaids – (streamer) – 1600 dpi – 31.49 cm – 2.75 sens – twitch.tv/ironaids

          wraxu – (streamer) – 800 dpi – 34.64 cm – 5 sens – 36 scopesens – Logitech G900 Chaos Spectrum wireless – Logitech G910 Orion Spark – twitch.tv/wraxu

          d1bz – (streamer) – 1000 dpi – 21.31 cm – 6.5 sens – 35 scopesens (tracer/genji) / 1000 dpi – 23.09 cm – 6 sens (snipers) – ASUS VG248QE – Logitech G602 – Corsair MM300 – Corsair K65 RGB – HyperX Cloud I – Markus Swivel Chair (IKEA) – twitch.tv/d1bz

          necros – (streamer) – 800 dpi – 17.32 cm – 10 sens – Zowie EC2-A – Zowie G-SR – Ducky Shine 5 (browns) – twitch.tv/necros_ow

          • Raar says:

            one more please…….. k a f eeeee – zen gaming – 1600 dpi – 32. 07 cm – 2. 7 sens – 36 scope sens – Logitech G 900 – twitch.tv/ zengaming _ ow

          • Max says:

            Wow Raar, that’s a lot of work. Well done! I’ll work through all of it as soon as possible. Thank you so much! I’ll update you once I am finished. 🙂

  220. asgdsg says:

    hey, dafran cant play in a pro team anymore, maybe you should delete him? And also, before the team Selfless get deleted, they replaced dafran by carpe. Could you add him?

    • Max says:

      Removed dafran and added carpe, thank you! 🙂

      • Carst3n says:

        Wait what? He’s still a professional player with tons of footage out there and some people might be interested in what settings he used. There’s even popular streamers on this list. No need to be part of the witch-hunt. Are there no other inactive pros on this list?

        • asgdsg says:

          It’s a pro overwatch player list or potentienaly pro player. But Dafran got banned so he can’t play in a pro team anymore. There’s no reason he should be there.

  221. jeremy tan says:

    surefour changed his sens again go check

  222. I saw in last LINkzr stream that he use sens 3 and zoom 33 not sure about dpi 🙁

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