The Best BenQ Monitor Settings used by Professional Players

Finding the best BenQ monitor settings can be quite hard and time consuming. That is why we have gathered these settings from Professional players. They don’t like cutting corners when it comes to their equipment and performance. It only makes sense that the pro players take great care to find out what the best BenQ monitor settings are.

Zowie by BenQ is by far the favorite monitor brand of most gamers. Pros like to have the best possible performance, so 99% of the professionals that we’ve analyzed are using a monitor capable of displaying 144 or 240 frames per second, i.e. a 144/240Hz monitor.

It goes without saying that getting a smoother image while playing can massively improve your performance. However, optimizing your color temperature, contrast, and so on are just as important. You want to make sure that you’re able to see your enemies in dark spots. That’s why you don’t want your brightness to be too low, for example, and on the other hand you don’t want to be blinded by bright light sources in the game.

Optimizing your monitor settings can help a lot with these sorts of situations. A lot of people don’t necessarily think about optimizing the settings of their monitor. Even if they do it can be quite a cumbersome and time consuming task to get it just the way you want it. That’s where we come in.

If you have ever wondered what BenQ Settings CS:GO pros use you have come to the right place. Since BenQ is by far the most popular brand when it comes to monitors we have decided to gather data on the settings that the professionals are using on their monitors, so you can have a baseline to work with and finetune in order to make it your own. You’ll be surprised at the difference this can make, so we wholeheartedly recommend taking a look at what the pros are using. It’s a great (and free) way to get yet another edge on your opponents.

TeamPlayerMonitorBrightnessContrastLow Blue LightBlack eQColor VibrancePicture ModeSharpnessBlur ReductionGammaRGB
FaZe ClanNiKoBenQ XL2540100500517Gamer 110Off100100100
FaZe ClanolofmeisterBenQ XL2540100500010Gamer 2Off100100100
MIBR coldzeraBenQ XL2546555001210FPS 17Off2100100100
MIBRferBenQ XL254698580155Off100100100
Team LiquidStewie2kBenQ XL254010065012109Off100100100
G2 EsportsshoxBenQ XL254010050107Off100100100
Natus Vinceres1mpleBenQ XL25401006001015Standard103100100100
Cloud9autimaticBenQ XL2420T10065010107Off100100100
Cloud9n0thingBenQ XL2430T10050012105Off100100100
Cloud9shroudBenQ XL2540555071510Gamer 27Off100100100
mousesportsSTYKOBenQ XL25461005001217Standard10Off3959595
mousesportsropz BenQ XL254660400014Standard5Off5959595
mousesportschrisJ BenQ XL2546100500018Standard10Off3100100100
HellRaisersoskar BenQ XL254690600420Gamer 17Off3100100100
mousesportssunny BenQ XL2546100500DefaultDefaultDefaultDefaultDefaultDefault100100100
BIGtabseNBenQ XL254010050107Off1939393
BIGXANTARESBenQ XL254080802010Standard8Off100100100
FnaticJWBenQ XL254010050010Gamer 17Off3100100100
Free AgentflushaBenQ XL254010050010StandardOff100100100
GamerLegionScreaMBenQ XL25401005901210Gamer 17Off100100100
SproutSpiidi BenQ XL254095500313Gamer 19Off4100100100
RenegadesAZRBenQ XL2430T10040010107Off100100100
RenegadesUSTILOBenQ XL2430T1005005105Off100100100
Lazarus EsportsswagBenQ XL254020FPS210Off100100100
FURIAksceratoBenQ XL25461007002020Gamer 27Off3100100100
StreamerD0cCBenQ XL2411Z1004005FPS110Off100100100


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150 Responses

  1. BIRD says:

    ScreaM! Some of the options aren’t, and did he have a low blue light?

    • Max says:

      These are all of ScreaM’s BenQ monitor settings that he has shared. He has his blue light on 0.

      He also shared some other settings that are not that important but here they are anyway:

      Brightness “100”
      Contrast “59”
      Low Blue Light “0”
      Black eQualizer “12”
      BlurReduction “OFF”
      ColorTemp User Mode
      Sharpness “7”
      PictureMode FPS1
      DynamicContrast “0”
      DisplayMode Full

  2. Happyhuy says:


  3. Ya says:

    Do u have electronic’s settings?

  4. drayi says:

    what is rgb? in right side

  5. 7y says:

    Are you sure their RGB is correct?
    How could it be all 100?

  6. 7y says:

    NIKO benq settings source?

  7. Dexters says:


  8. martin says:

    whats the source of ropz settings?

  9. JP player says:

    i want their AMA settings

  10. lunz says:

    DyAc setting?

  11. Ohzoj says:

    What exactly do you mean by blur reduction off on some of these monitors? Like on the benq xl2546 there is no “blur reduction” setting, it’s either dyac or AMA, so when you say “blur reduction off” do you mean they have dyac and ama off or what?

    • Max says:

      DyAc reduces blur. 🙂

    • Felicity says:

      If you hold down the third from the right (ie x y power, x being it) button while turning on the monitor, it gives access to a manufacturer’s menu that allows you to enable blur reduction. Not officially supported, but present and functioning and fine.

      Yes, the 2540 has a blur reduction option but they didn’t include it anywhere but it’s still accessible. Cool monitor.

  12. 16308 says:

    On the color vibrance you can put this to 10 for people you don’t know because that is the default any lower it goes black and white.

  13. Little-helper says:

    Coldzera uses fps1 and all default he said it back in 2016 on a tweet we heard nothing since then I can tell you all the default settings here you go black eq 12 color vibrance 10 brightness 55 contrast 50 sharpness 7 gamma 2 color temperature bluish ama high

  14. Macore says:

    New Ropz settings:
    Mode: Standard
    Brightness: 100
    Contrast: 50
    Low Blue Light: 0
    Blur Reduction: ON
    Color Temperature: Normal
    Sharpness: 5
    Gamma: 5
    ICC profile XL2720Z
    100% digital vibrance in NVIDIA Panel

  15. heloxD says:

    yo stewie2k picture mode

  16. The Suspect says:

    Do you have Asus settings?for Coldzera

  17. Vlad says:

    Wait how can I make those settings on gaming laptop asus rog, is intel settings will be good ?

  18. changsheng hu says:

    swag/brax can u tell me his settings ?

  19. Lukas says:

    So do all Pros with the XL2546 have DyAc turned off???? Or do they all have it on? and if so, do they have it on premium or high?

  20. CCP says:

    olofmeister’s setting can’t be right, could you fix it?

  21. tulio henrique xavier franco says:

    DEV1CE ??

  22. frdz says:

    whats the source of faze niko settings?

  23. Mitsuha says:

    S1mple’s Benq display has a standard color temperature or RGB is 100 (user-defined) – I found these two are completely different

    In other words, whether the color temperature Settings in the s1mple’s benq display are standard or user-defined

  24. Paulo says:


  25. changsheng hu says:

    ropz : Mode Standard // Color Vibrance 14 // Brightness 40 // Contrast 40 // Color Temperature 95 95 95 // Sharpness 5 // Gamma 5 // Digital Vibrance 100% from twitch
    is new?

  26. GimMe says:

    BlurReduction “OFF” > they mean the DyAc settings for this monitor ? Cuz why should you buy an XL2546 whit DyAc and put it off ? buy then the XL2540 its cheaper and have no DyAc options….

  27. csgo fans says:

    I can’t find s1mple share monitor settings video(i mean Standard version).

  28. zzzzzzz says:

    Do most pro players play with DyAc on? and what is the reason for turning it off?

    • Max says:

      It’s roughly 50/50 between the pros using and not using DyAc. Some pros think it causes input lag but that was already disproven. 🙂

  29. Nevermind says:

    Why on my monitor is darker than on coldzeras screen and i put your settings. I saw his last stream and i think he update his monitor settings. Myb im wrong?

  30. alfox says:


  31. Alex says:

    Are we sure shroud Black equalizer is 15 ? not 10

  32. LyNn says:

    This is s1mple’s BenQ monitor settings

    Brightness – 100
    Contrast – 80
    Sharpness – 10
    Gamma – 3
    Black Equalizer – 10
    Color Vibrance – 15

  33. Neo says:

    can you add AMA settings please ? it is very important

  34. Rolf Kristiansen says:

    Van sombody send me the best settings for benq xl2735. I’m playing bfv.

    From a old man

  35. CanYaRelax says:

    What pros use AMA High/Premium?

  36. Clarity says:

    What is shrouds gamma?

  37. LyNn says:

    This is s1mple’s BenQ monitor settings

    Brightness – 100
    Contrast – 60
    Sharpness – 7
    Gamma – 3
    Black Equalizer – 10
    Color Vibrance – 15
    low blue – 0

  38. 1mvm says:

    brax/swag uses FPS2 degfault but with

    Black Equalizer 20

    Sharpness 10

  39. 111 says:

    NIKO ?Gamma SETTING?

  40. 1mvm says:

    Not sure what mode but fer uses

    Brightness 98
    Contrast 58
    Vibrance 15
    Sharpness 5


    not sure if comment posted first time, might be a duplicate

  41. 1mvm says:

    ropz brightness on 30 on stream commands

  42. nelio says:


  43. Noname says:

    Low blue light – 7
    Brightness – 55

  44. fszzzzzzzz says:

    jasonr monitor setting plss

  45. 1mvm says:

    Shroud Black EQ 20

    fer uses Standard
    Black EQ 2
    Color Vibrance 14
    Low Blue Light 0
    Brightness 98
    Contrast 58
    Sharpness 5
    Gamma 3
    Color Mode Normal

  46. Brian says:

    am i crazy are does it seem none of them are using the display port? im using an older benq 1080/144mhz g-synce monitor (XL2420G). One of the first “g-sync 1080/144mhz monitors to come out i believe? Anyways i can not get some of these setting options when running off the display port. Options like ULMB,Color Temperature, and Gamma are all faded out for me, i can not tweak them. I have no “sharpness” setting at all. Im noticing some using the FPS1, and Gamer modes? When mine is in Gsync setting i dont have those “fps” and “gamer” modes to be able to select from. I do know that if i switched it from display port to hdmi that thats when i do see modes like “fps” to choose from. Which why im wondering/asking are they not using these monitor with display port? prob dumb question, i just cant wrap my brain around it.

    • rozil says:

      i’m using display port and i have all of those options but i have the benq xl2411p which is a somewhat newer version which is probably why i have these options and you don’t.

      • Buri says:

        which settings you have?
        I have also benq Xl2411p and have some problems with Fifa

        • rozil says:

          brightness 100, contrast 40,low blue light 0, black eq 10, blur reduction off, color temp R98 G93 B95, color vibrance 20, AMA Premium, instant mode ON, sharpness 10, gamma 2, Picture mode fps1

  47. Frdz says:

    Mibr fer benq settings on instagram story today, check pls

  48. 1mvm says:

    s1mple updated settings:

    Mode Standard
    Brightness 100
    Contrast 50
    Black EQ 12
    Color Vibrance 15
    Sharpness 5
    Color Temperature Normal
    Gamma 3


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