The Best and Easiest Way to Learn Smokes, Flashes and Molotovs for the Current Map Pool

Knowing how to use your utility in CS GO is one of the most important things to know. Whether you are playing in a team or just playing matchmaking, mastering them will improve your game by a lot. There are many ways to train them. Some guides use pictures to explain the process, some use videos. There is a way better and faster way that everyone should know. In this guide I will show you the best workshop map for each map (videos for Cobblestone and Train). The Maps are perfectly explained on the respective links and videos. They are really easy to use and they will make your training far easier than before.

You can find an easy tutorial on how to play workshop maps here: How to download and play a Workshop map by Dolmna

You will need a jumpthrow script for some smokes. It is not banable and used by almost every pro. (Note that it was recently banned by ESL)
You can find an explanation on how to use it here: Jumpthrow Script by sunb0w

Mirage Training by Dolnma
Mirage Training by Dolnma
Overpass Training by Dolnma
Overpass Training by Dolnma
Cache – Smoke Practice by crashz & P1g3oN
Cache - Smoke Practice
Dust 2 – Smoke Practice by crashz & P1g3oN
New Cobblestone 10 Smokes, 5 Flashes and 1 Molotov – Quick Version by Jamiew_
CS:GO Nade Spots Cobble
New Train 20 Smokes, 6 Flashes, 1 Grenade and 1 Molotov – Quick Version by Jamiew_
CS:GO Nade Spots Train
Inferno Training by Dolnma
Inferno Training by Dolnma

Try to train these smokes, flashes and molotovs at least once or twice a week so they will stay in your memory. When the game gets hectic you don’t want to have to think about how to use your utility. You have to be able to do it perfectly on the fly to get the most out of it.

Happy training!

credit goes to:

Dolnma –
crashz –
P1g3oN –
Jamiew –


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  1. badmeta says:

    thanks men

  2. chris says:

    Are these updated to the latest map versions?

  3. niscus says:

    Is there anyone here know maps in granny which is a horror game.

  4. For certain smokes, you’ll need a jumpthrow script. It is not illegal and practically all professionals use it.

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